To protect your home and make it more secure you want the best protection available. The garage is one of the most essential parts of your home that is often a weakpoint to a home (when attached) and also has valuable stuff in it.

So, what company should you trust with the security of your garage? Chamberlain garage doors is a great option. So, why not check out who makes Chamberlain Garage Door Openers? And we also answer some common queries about the Chamberlain garage door opener that you may want to know.

About The Manufacturer Chamberlain Group

Chamberlain Group (CGI) started its journey in 1954. Chamberlain Group has its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, US. 

So, who owns Chamberlain Garage door openers? They used to be a subsidiary of the Duchossois group that specializes in smart access solutions to the home and office. But in November 2021 Duchossis group sold the brand to Blackstone, who are now the owners of Chamberlain Door Openers.  

Some notable brands of Chamberlain Garage Doors are  LiftMaster®, Chamberlain®, Merlin®, and Grifco®. Chamberlain’s myQ® ecosystem provides smart access to move safely through different rooms, garages, communities, storage, etc. 

Chamberlain teamed up with Amazon to make an in-garage delivery system. This delivery system allows Amazon to conveniently and securely distribute its products and leave them safe in your garage. Eligible prime members in the USA with a recent Chamberlain garage door will have access to Amazon’s in-garage delivery system. 

Are Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Good?

Chamberlain has ensured safety and security with its products for many years. The garage door opener is no exception in Chamberlain’s product range (I actually own an older one and its been superb). So, lets talk about Chamberlain Door Openers and we will share our findings.

🔹 Who Needs Electric Garage door openers?

Before, we go into an in-depth analysis of the product. Let us address the elephant in the room, do you need a garage door opener? Now, to be honest, we humans are getting a bit lazier, and opening or closing the garage door can be a bit much effort!

Anyone with back pain or physical problems would be wise to get a Chamberlain electric garage door opener (or another brand) its a gamechanger as well to be able to press a keyfob from the comfort of a car and drive into the garage.

Another huge problem, in my experience at least, is if we leave the garage open,leaves and other items get blown in, not to mention offering a nice home to rodents.

The Chamberlain Garage Door offers you the ability to open and close your garage doors without touching it. You can also add the close garage door command in your Alexa or other smart home devices to open and close garage doors easily by voice command. 

So, if that is a comfort you are looking for, the garage door is the device you need. 

MyQ Hub and Smart Garage Door Openers

Now, another big question is, if you already have a garage door opener? Is it a good idea to replace and get a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener? Now, if you already own a garage door opener, changing it into a smart device will depend on your needs and budget.

But if you want to be in touch with the modern world with the latest technology and give your old garage a new life, then a smart technology like MyQ can be an interesting idea. 

Here, we have looked into both older and more modern Chamberlain garage door openers.

  • Replacing a Chamberlain Garage door openercosts $150-$300 for chain drive and $200-$400 for belt drive.
  • It depends on the type of garage door you have as to if an electric opener system will be compatible.
  • For a new smart garage door system you will need wifi or in some cases RJ45 can be used.

🔹 Alexa Integration

It is a nice touch if you can connect your Chamberlain garage door opener with the Alexa. You can just command from your room and your garage door is closed perfectly.

The bad news is, that the Chamberlain garage door opener does not offer a direct connection to Alexa. 

Although Chamberlain offers connectivity to Google assistant and IFTTT and if you want to connect with Alexa, you can use a third-party app like SimpleCommand as a way to connect Alexa and Chamberlain. You can find some great tutorials on SimpleCommand on the internet. 

🔹 MyQ App

Now, what makes a Chamberlain Garage Door opener different from other smart door openers is the fantastic MyQ App. MyQ App is like a veteran in the Smart device app world, and the developers at Chamberlain have made a cool app.

But you have to make sure there is a strong wifi connection to your garage. Otherwise, it is possible that your MyQ app will have a hard time connecting with your garage. 

🔹 Power Source

As an electric device, your garage door needs a source of power. Now the question is, Do Chamberlain Garage door openers have batteries? Yes, some Chamberlain products use a battery to power up the garage door, and you can change or recharge it to keep your device running.

🔹 Belt Drive

The later model of Chamberlain Garage door openers have a belt drive. The fantastic part is the belt drive in a Chamberlain Garage Door is amazingly quiet. So, whenever you use the door opener it doesnt sound like an industrial factory when the door opens! 


Hopefully this information on Chamberlain garage door openers will be of use in your bying decision.!

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