Like most modern technology garage door openers come into our lives to make it easier and with the addition of intelligent technologies operating a garage door is easier than ever. Many companies now improve the technology that Overhead Door pioneered.

Legacy is one of the companies that perfected the Garage Door Openers. Before you go and get yourself a Legacy Garage Door Opener, let us talk about who makes Legacy Garage Door Openers and what are they doing to stand out from the crowd.

About The Manufacturer

We all know about Henry Ford and how he popularized the horseless carriage system. In the same way, C.G. Johnson invented a much-needed garage door for us and founded the Overhead Door company which is still going strong today. 

This veteran company has manufactured many brands to diversify and produce different kinds of products, Legacy is just one of its finest brands that are in charge of producing garage door openers. In 1926 Johnson introduced was with the first electric garage door opener. 

Overhead Door has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas where it manufactures various garage doors and other accessories for home and professional uses. The quality of the Overhead Door has earned the trust and achieved them the place of one of the biggest manufacturers in the US. 

Sanwa Holding Corporation of Tokyo saw Overhead Door’s potential and acquired them in 1966. The combination of Sanwa Holding and Overhead Door has unlocked a new potential and taken its product to a whole new level. 

Are Legacy Garage Door Openers Good?

Legacy Garage Door Openers are made for consumers and are made to satisfy the consumer. To do that Overhead Door has to do many works to appeal to the customers. So, how successful Legacy garage door openers are in this matter? 

Why not dig deep into the world of Legacy Garage Door Openers and check out if they are worth your attention.

🔹 Easy to Handle Manual

Legacy Garage Door Openers Manuals are a very helpful guide for you so that you can have zero problems while installing and maintaining its product. 

All the products of Legacy Door come with such manuals and even if you lost them Overhead Door’s official website has the pdf edition for your convenience.

🔹 Programming and Reprogramming

Whether you just bought a new garage door opener from Legacy or you want to reprogram your existing garage door opener, it can be a bit chore for some. Legacy does offer help and the internet is full of guides on this matter. 

🔹 Compatibility

Losing a remote of a garage door opener or that remote having some issue is a very common thing and choosing the right remote if you do not find the original is kind of problematic. So, what garage door openers are compatible with Legacy? 

The great news is Overhead door has a detailed explanation of the compatibility issue. You can check depending on your model which one is compatible with your device.

If you want to look at the data and decide what you want to look at and visit their official website.

🔹 Type

By drive type you can divide a garage door opener into three types: 

👉🏾 Chain Type 
👉🏾 Belt Type 
👉🏾 Screw Type

In the case of Legacy garage door openers, most of their garage door openers are chain drive which can be a bit noisier than belt type or chain type. Although Legacy garage door openers are mostly chain type, it has other variations of garage door openers.   

Compared with other chain-type garage door openers Legacy is much more reliable and perfect as a double car garage door. 

🔹 Features

Depending on the model you will get a ⅓ HP engine or ½ HP engine in your Overhead Door. Legacy garage door opener will also provide a Delux wall console including a vacation lock and dedicated light control.  

If you have any specific requests then you can ask your local Legacy garage door dealer to do that for you. Yes, Legacy offers proper customization according to your choice. That customization also includes a digital keypad system.

The garage door opener is also compatible with the  HomeLink® system so that you can have the smartest experience in your home.  Don’t miss the chance to make your garage cooler with the help and excellent features of the Legacy Garage Door Openers.  

🔹 Warranty

Depending on the model, Legacy offers various warranty services for parts and motors, including a 5-year warranty for motors and a 3- to a 5-year warranty for parts.

🔹 Safety & Security

Every Legacy garage door opener comes with all the regular safety features from the Overhead Door. One of the notable safety features is the Safe-T-Beam® that reacts during interrupted operations by stopping and reversing the gear. 

The CodeDodger®, which offers security with rotating code remotes, is another safety feature. If necessary, you can also modify the electric force of your Legacy garage door opener. Security and safety won’t be a problem at all thanks to the manual emergency release and timed reverse mechanism.


The Legacy Door Reviews are mostly positive because of all the smart features and quality with excellent security. Overhead Door as a company has about a century-long legacy and the Legacy brand is just another form of it. 

With the Legacy Garage Door Opener, Overhead Door took that into account and made it possible in today’s world where everything is connected to the internet. Therefore, we heartily endorse Legacy’s amazing garage door opener.

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