Since the invention of the computer, it has become a part of our life. Whether it is for personal or professional use we need a computer. The laptop has changed the game. Now you can take your personal computer anywhere and do your work properly. 

To do your work properly, you will need a laptop with a great configuration and from a great brand. In this case, you may want to get your next laptop from the MSI. Before you do so, let us find out who makes MSI laptops? Also, is it a good idea to get MSI as your next laptop? 

Also, if you want to buy MSI laptops we will talk about some of MSI’s great laptops on the market. Hope this will help you to choose a better laptop. 

About The Manufacturer

The company we know as MSI, its full name is the Micro-Star International (MSI; Chinese 微星科技股份有限公司). They are a Taiwanese Multinational multinational technology corporation. It has its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. 

MSI specializes in manufacturing and designing computer hardware, motherboards, graphic cards, all in one pc, and the product we are talking about, laptops. MSI started its journey on August 4, 1986.  Five-member started this company that we know and love today.   

MSI expanded its business to China and established a research facility there. They provide a warranty to its product globally. MSI was also a sponsor for many esports teams. They are also the host of one of the most important esports competitions the “MSI Beat IT”.

🔹 History

MSI’s five founding fathers Joseph Hsu, Jeans Huang, Frank Lin, Kenny Yu, and Henry Lu were working in the Sony Electronics company. In 1985, Sony downsized the company which brought them together to start something new. 

They already had the necessary experience while working for Sony, In 1986, they used what they learned and started the Micro-Star. MSI has been a go-to choice for many customers since then. 

🔹 Success Story

For pc building, MSI has provided one of the best products in the market. If you want to buy GPU then NVidia most probably is your first choice. MSI manufactures some powerful GPU. Not only for hardware but also for gaming laptops MSI is the number one choice in the market. 

MSI has done a lot to make the gaming experience better in many ways. In 2018 MSI joined forces with UbiSoft to create Ambient link synchronized game lighting for Assassins Creed Odessy and Tom Clancy’s Division 2.

Are MSI Laptops Good?

MSI is one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the market They are also one of the best in the market and no 1 choice for many gamers. 

Keep in mind those who are into competitive gaming, often need the most powerful hardware the market has to offer. It’s because they have to respond quickly at the moment. Most gamers love MSI products, they even use MSI devices in competitive gaming.   

This should summarize for you that MSI provides some of the best in the market. We will discuss why they are one of the best. To understand this properly, we’ll divide this section into parts.

🔹 User Review

Let us first check what users of the MSI think about their products. MSI often comes with some serious energy in its hardware field. If you check reviews from various e-commerce websites you will find positive reviews almost everywhere and everyone recommends MSI for gaming. 

Well, this is not surprising as most of their gaming laptop comes with very powerful NVidia GPUs. That allows MSI laptops to render their game easily. Some have complained about MSIs pricing. If you check Amazon or other shops you’ll find they are not cheap at all.

🔹 Design and Looks

MSI shows no compromise when it comes to the design. MSI laptops are easily the slickest and the coolest looking in the market. You imagine a cool-looking device with a lot of RGB when someone says a gaming device. MSI also provides aesthetics. 

Not only for gamers, but MSI provides some good-looking laptops for their office-going users. Those laptops are mostly lightweight with a simplistic design with an aluminum chassis. 

🔹 Support

This may not satisfy many of you but MSI is not the best when it’s to the customer services. If you go to their website you may have a hard time navigating through the site. It’s also hard to get in touch with them via social media. 

🔹 Innovation

MSI has offered something new to us over the year. The MSI GS66 Stealth 10SGS-031 offered something durable and lightweight. Also, that was the first 144Hz laptop globally. MSI was also the first company to introduce a mechanical keyboard in a laptop.

🔹 Durability

You bought a laptop with your hard-earned money, you want it to use for as long as you can. Now, how long MSI laptop lasts? According to previous users, one MSI laptop can last for about four to eight years which is usual for any laptop in the market.

🔹 Reliability

Are MSI laptops reliable? According to research conducted by a French Consumer Organization,  UFC-Que Choisir, MSI was the most reliable brand in the market. More reliable than other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple. 

MSI Laptop Review

If you have made up your mind to buy one MSI laptop for you then here’s our recommendation on the best MSI laptop on the market.

🔹 MSI GE76 Raider

To some people, this is the best MSI laptop on the market. This laptop offers a powerful processor, Intel Core i7-12900HK. As this is a gaming laptop you want the best GPU and the MSI GE76 offers NVidia’s latest RTX3080. 17-inch display to enjoy those amazing graphics. 

16 or 32GB ram is powering this machine. The design will give you a premium feeling for the product. So, if you want your laptop to be a powerful gaming machine and also good looking then you should not hesitate to get this laptop as your daily drive.


Micro-Star international become a household name with its amazing computer hardware since the dawn of computer popularity. They didn’t disappoint with its laptop section. With a great history of quality products, you can buy an MSI laptop and finish your work like magic.

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