Haven’t we all heard about the brand Lenovo? When it comes to laptops and other technologies, undoubtedly, Lenovo is a renowned and excellent brand. It is known for innovative laptops, mobile internet devices, smart televisions, smartphones, and more. 

Though everyone is familiar with this brand, do you know “who makes lenovo laptops?” If you are curious about the manufacturer of Lenovo laptops, then you have come to the right place. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Lenovo laptops and their manufacturer. So stay with us for a while and keep scrolling. 

Are Lenovo Laptops Any Good?

Since January 2021, Lenovo has become the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales. It is also the fourth largest smartphone company. Lenovo is a reliable brand for laptops. They offer high-performing laptops at a reasonable price.

Lenovo provides laptops for a wide range of users. They offer ThinkPad business laptops, sleek yoga notebooks, and budget-friendly IdeaPad laptops.

Lenovo has been ranked top of the industry for laptops because they have incredible hardware, high quality, and reliable battery life. 

Lenovo has become a top brand since 2019. The ThinkPad series and Lenovo series are impressive innovations of Lenovo.

Who Makes Lenovo Laptops?

Lenovo Group Limited is a multinational technology company. They started as Legend in 1984, and later on, Legend changed their name to Lenovo. Legend Holding owns 30.6 of Lenovo’s equity, which makes it the largest shareholder of Lenovo Group. 

Which Country Brand is Lenovo?

Lenovo is a Chinese Company. Most of the Lenovo Laptops are made in China and Mexico. There are also Lenovo factories in Japan, Brazil, and Germany. 

The company started to use the “Made in USA” label on laptops which are manufactured in North Carolina. The reason behind this decision is to increase the popularity of Lenovo in the US.

Details of the Manufacturer

Lenovo Group Limited is the world’s leading personal technology and computer manufacturing company. Liu Chuanzhi is the founder of Lenovo Company. The global headquarter of Lenovo is in Beijing, China. 

It was first founded in 1984 as Legend Holdings. Later on, it was incorporated in 1988 in Hong Kong, and then it was given the Lenovo name in 2004 by Legend. Since then, Lenovo has become the largest PC company in China. 

Legend Holdings is the largest shareholder of Lenovo as they own 30.6 of them. It is a Chinese investment holding company. Lenovo was first known as Legend Computer. Along with Lenovo, Legend’s significant assets are Legend Capital, Raymond, Digital China, and Holy Capital. 

In 2005, Lenovo made a partnership with the personal computer division of IBM. Now, Lenovo is one of the major research and manufacturing centers in the world. They have over 57,000 employees, and also they operate in more than 60 countries. Also, Lenovo sells their products in more than 160 countries. 

Best Lenovo Laptops Reviews

Lenovo Laptops are exceptionally well-engineered products. Here, I will go over some of the best Lenovo laptops. So keep reading to find out which laptop is best for you.

1. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

This Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the best laptops on the market. Though It is a business laptop, still students and regular users can use this. However, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a bit expensive because it delivers faster performance than others. 

This model has a more robust storage performance and a carbon-fiber-reinforced chassis. It is faster and has epic battery life that can stay all day long. It also passes reliability and durability tests in extreme environments. 

It is the most classic and fully-featured model, which also contains a durable design, the best keyboard, powerful quad speakers, and a 14-inch display. Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and stylish.

2. Lenovo Yoga 9i

This model is pretty unique and stylish. Lenovo Yoga 9i has a powerful 11th-gen processor, fast RAM, Iris Xe integrated graphics, fingerprint reader for easy login, and more than 1TB PCie SSD storage. 

Lenovo Yoga 9i is an outstanding option for consumers. It has a great battery life which can stay 11 hours a day. This model has some extraordinary features like the webcam cover and an Active Pen so that you can use the 2-in-1 design.  

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

If you have a low budget and want to buy a good quality laptop within your range, you can check out the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook. It is affordable and offers a great battery life that can stay for 22 hours a day. 

It provides decent performance and a colorful display. This 10.1-inch tablet comes with a kickstand along with the accompanying keyboard. You can’t find any other laptops at this cost which also contain excellent quality.

What Are The Problems With Lenovo Laptops?

Lenovo laptops have many pros, but still, they have some cons. The keyboard issue is the common problem of a Lenovo laptop. When you press any key, the keyboard is pushed inside. Sometimes it causes trouble when you are typing. 

Lenovo laptops have some heating issues. It can be heated very fast when you are using it. However, some of the Lenovo laptops are also a little bit slow.


Are Lenovo laptops expensive?

Lenovo laptops are much better than others when it comes to price. They provide laptops for all types of users. So if you want a budget-friendly laptop, Lenovo can provide it. They have products for all budget ranges, whether it is cheap or expensive.

Is Lenovo better than HP?

Lenovo is better than HP because it is significantly less expensive. HP laptops are also of high quality, but they cost too much. On the other hand, a great Lenovo laptop can be found at a sensible cost.

Which Lenovo Laptop is best?

Recently, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the best laptop in the market. It contains high performance, terrific features, and technology. Although it is a bit expensive, the money is well spent.


I hope this article was able to satisfy your curious mind and provide the answer you were seeking. “Who makes Lenovo laptops” is an important question. I am grateful for the opportunity to help you by writing this article. 

Thank you for your time. 

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