Anytime we get fast food for dinner, high-quality ketchup is a need. Additionally, because McDonald’s has been a part of our lives for a very long time, anytime someone mentions fast food, our minds automatically turn to them. McDonald’s ketchup is a fascinating subject to discuss.

McDonald’s has its regular sauce and for some special occasions, they release a brand new special edition sauce too. So let’s talk about who makes McDonald’s Ketchup? We will deep dive into this sauce and try to share some interesting facts with you.

About McDonald’s

I don’t think we have to tell you about McDonald’s and who they are. McDonald’s is the largest global fast-food chain. Richard and Murie McDonald started this company in the 40s as a hamburger stand. 

Later, the success and quality of McDonald’s helped them to expand their business and become the largest fast-food chain in the world. Whenever someone says McDonald’s our mind immediately pictures its famous double arch logo which was introduced in the 50s. 

McDonald’s has more than 69 million customers all over the world and its service can be found in more than 100 countries. Total McDonald’s outlet is more than 37,000. McDonald’s is also the second-largest employer in the world, providing jobs for about  1.6 million employees. 

So, who makes McDonald’s Ketchup? For about more than 4 decades Heinz has been the sole manufacturer of McDonald’s Ketchup until Heinz’s leadership changed. Now, Mcdonald’s makes their own ketchup

What is Fancy ketchup?

We don’t know if you ever noticed, but you will find McDonald’s fast food tastes a bit different from other fast-food chains. May Fancy Ketchup be the answer? McDonald’s also has its own fancy ketchup and you may ask, who makes McDonald’s fancy Ketchup?

Heinz used to be the main producer of McDonald’s fancy ketchup, now Mcdonald’s makes its ketchup formula itself. Back to the question, what is Fancy ketchup? In the 70s, Jack in the box started serving fancy ketchup. 

Different Industries have their fancy variation of this ketchup. Costco has Hunt’s fancy Ketchup and Sam’s Club has “Grade A fancy ketchup”. Department of Agriculture in the US has regulations about Ketchup dividing it into A, B, or C grades. Grade A ketchup is known as the fancy ketchup.

Is McDonald’s Ketchup Any Good?

McDonald’s has been serving us some excellent ketchup for many years. If you had a chance to compare its sauce with other brands that you can get from any departmental store, you will notice McDonald’s ketchup tastes different. 

So, what is the secret behind McDonald’s Ketchup? It is the fancy sauce we talked about in the previous section. In this section, we will deep dive into McDonald’s ketchup and try to answer some common questions about it.

🔹 Can You Buy It?

Let us talk about the most important stuff first, you had your happy meals and want that ketchup. Where will you find McDonald’s Ketchup? Unfortunately, McDonald’s only manufacture this product with their fast food. McDonald’s ketchup does not sell externally. 

You can do one thing actually, you can ask for extra ketchup from McDonald’s when you buy something. You will get a bit of extra ketchup with you but they won’t let you buy a specific bundle of fancy ketchup.

🔹 McDonald’s Fancy Ketchup Recipe

McDonald’s was relying on Heinze’s for its Fancy Ketchup. Now, McDonald’s came up with its own ketchup recipe. Ingredients inside a McDonald’s Fancy Ketchup Recipe are, tomato concentrates from red ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, etc.  

🔹 How Many Calories in a McDonald’s Ketchup Packet?

Let us talk about McDonald’s ketchup calories and other nutritional values. Per minipack of McDonald’s Ketchup has 10calories with 0 fat, 2 grams of carbohydrate, and zero protein. As an additive to food, we think McDonald’s offering in you a decent amount of calories. 

🔹 Gluten

If you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance your main concern while buying a McDonald’s is, is McDonald’s ketchup gluten-free? The good news for you is, yes McDonald’s ketchup is gluten-free. You can use McDonald’s ketchup with your other gluten-free meals. 

🔹 Dairy

If you have lactose intolerance or another lactose allergy, you cannot eat any dairy products. So, does McDonald’s ketchup not include dairy? The good news is that McDonald’s ketchup is free of any dairy ingredients.

🔹 Vegan

Now, we have to check whether McDonald’s uses anything from animals or not? If you are following a vegan lifestyle this might be a concern as ketchup is one of the most commonly consumed goods. 

Again the good news is here too, not only McDonald’s but also most kinds of ketchup in the market do not use any product from animals. 

🔹 Does McDonald’s Ketchup Expire?

When we say McDonald’s ketchup is expiring, we mean the ketchup is losing its taste over time. You have to store McDonald’s ketchup in a refrigerator to maintain its taste for a long time. In a McDonald’s big box we did not find any expiration date in it.  

If you have a lot of unopened McDonald’s ketchup, it is recommended to throw them out after six months. If you have opened the pack of McDonald’s ketchup, then store it in the refrigerator and try to use it within a day or weeks. 

🔹 Does McDonald’s Charge Extra For Ketchup?

Usually, in most McDonald’s outlets, they do not charge extra for ketchup but it can vary depending on the outlet you are buying. Usually, the outlet’s that charge extra for ketchup is outside the USA. 

McDonald’s also allows you to take more than a few packs of ketchup per order.


McDonald’s is a global phenomenon that has been a part of our life for a long time. Their fancy ketchup that has 33% solid has made its product vastly different from others. McDonald’s used to rely on Heinz or other brands for the ketchup but now they have made their ketchup better.

McDonald’s has prioritized making its ketchup accessible to every kind of person. You can enjoy a McDonald’s ketchup despite having some allergies. Check with McDonalds before trying it if you have a serious allergy to something.

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