Reese’s Pieces are like small pieces of heaven when it’s in the mouth of any candy lover. It can give you a mild, milky, and buttery taste at the same time a flaky texture. The combination of the creamy peanut butter and the crunchy shell will take you to another dimension of fantasy. 

These delicious bite-sized balls are still making us crazy for it, let alone our childhood. How excited we used to be while getting them!

But! Do you know the history behind these yummy sweets? Who makes these Resee’s Pieces? These really deserve to be answered, right? That’s why I am here to help you with this whole article. Yes, the article is all about our favorite candy, its history, and many more.

So, stay tuned to crack the rest.

Who Makes Resee’s Pieces?

The very first question that comes around is what company owns Resee’s Pieces?’. Let’s do some time travel to get the answers. In 1920 a man named Harry Burnett Reese opened a candy company by his name H.B Reese Candy Company. 

The company used to bring different types of delicious candy to the market. Once he decided to use peanut butter despite chocolate in most of the candy which became quite unique and famous at that time. He was marching ahead successfully with his new formula.

Unfortunately, his life ended in 1956 at the age of 75 leaving a lot of achievements behind. But the journey did not end. In 1963, his company was merged with the world-famous candy company “The Hershey Company”. 

This company introduced the Reeses pieces first in 1978 in the US market. After 2 years in 1980, candy got huge attention in the Canadian market. 

After that, no lagging behind. Within a short span, the whole world came to know about those colorful candies and became fans of them. The most interesting fact is this candy got a chance to be featured in the science fiction movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. 

The film became a blockbuster. Alongside, those colorful candies got untouchable fame as well. And for the respect of the late Reese the company, produced a lot of products under his name.

Are Resee’s Pieces Healthy?

While having these pieces one of the most common questions is are they any good?.  It’s because the candy contains an amount of fat and sugar and we all know about their nutritional value. 

But surprisingly the amount of sugar they are using is quite less compared to others which are only 8%. Still, it tastes so amazing. Besides, the peanut butter they’re using is considered good for your health.

However, the most surprising thing is it contains Zero cholesterol. Wasn’t that relieving? Tasty as well as healthy.

Resee’s Pieces Ingredients

Now let’s have a look at the ingredients from which the candy is made of. As it’s candy there is no doubt that it contains sugar. You will find creamy peanut butter which is the main source of fat in the candy.

And a certain amount of protein is also for boosting your strength. No vitamins are added while making it. Thanks to those minerals like Iron and Sodium that are making your favorite candy more delicious. 

That was quite all about Reese’s Pieces’ ingredients.

Resee’s Pieces Cookies

Do you like cookies? Obviously, who doesn’t? But have you ever tried Resee’s Pieces cookies? Yes, cookies with your special candy. Trust me they taste superb. It’s now very popular. Interestingly, they are quite easy to make as well. 

Just make the mixture by adding flour, butter, egg, soda, sugar, and salt. Now, put some Reese’s candies instead of chocolate chips. Get a plastic wrap, cover it up and let it chill for at least 2 hours. Then, bake and just have fun.

Customer’s satisfaction

If we talk about Resees pieces review, they are one of the fortunate and blessing snacks or candy that has been consumed and sustained by the people through the thick and thin over the decades. 

So, the product and the company Hershey have made a very good name for themselves. Honestly saying, this kind of success is quite rare where almost every new companies face a loss that is even bigger than their whole business margin. 

It happens due to loss-headed tactics and their low confidence regarding the product. On the contrary, this is transparent that the key factors of a very good product and great company tags are Reese’s Pieces and Hershey respectively. 

Good tags and appreciation are not given based on my thoughts but on the people who consume them. They consider this one of the greatest candies ever. 

Why The Orange is Predominant?

Have you noticed an interesting fact about Reese’s Pieces? When you are opening the box or the packet, you’re getting orange candies a bit more compared to brown and yellow. Because their color distribution goal is 50% for orange and 25% for both brown and yellow.

But we found no specific reason behind this partial color choice.

Final Words

Finally, the article came to an end. In summary, we tried to give a transparent view of the history of the famous Reese’s pieces throughout the whole writing. While researching who makes Reese’s pieces we’ve gathered some extra information for your better understanding.

Like, we’ve talked about its hygiene issues. It contains an amount of sugar and that’s why we recommend people who are dealing with diabetes not consume it more. But still, it has some other efficient nutritional values that are quite important for your health.

I hope, this article will provide you with enough information and meet your needs. Thanks for being with us.

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