To get the best care for your car engine, you should use synthetic oils. They provide the best care and performance for a car engine. Engines require a good quality oil to lubricate their internal working parts and prevent premature wear (or worse!) You can get the most from your car engine by using a good quality oil including of course extending it’s lifespan and keeping the motor running sweetly.

Kirkland Synthetic Oil makes a good choice as an affordable , quality oil. So, let us find out who makes Kirkland Synthetic Oil. We will also check what Kirkland is offering in their synthetic oil range. If you want to buy some for yourself, we hope this article is helpful in your decision making.

About Kirkland Signature Brand

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s private label brand. Costco uses this brand to sell various products of their own on their websites. Kirkland started their journey in 1992 and was named after the headquarters location, Kirkland, Washington. Later they moved on to Issaquah. 

Since the beginning of their journey, Kirkland has been a profitable brand for Costco. Costco’s one-third of its revenue comes from the Kirkland Signature Brand. Kirkland is growing faster than Costo sells. The growth is possible because of the quality Kirkland offers at a reasonable price. 

Most of the Kirkland products are manufactured by them. However, some of Kirkland’s products are manufactured by other manufacturing factories from different parts of the world. Costco started this brand so that they could provide brand-name quality products at discounted prices. 

Now, Who manufactures Kirkland Synthetic Oil? Warren Distribution has the right to manufacture Kirkland Signature Oil. Now, we will try to provide a short note about their company. 

About Warren Distribution

Warren Distribution started its journey about a century ago in 1992 by James Schlott. His grandson Rober ‘Bob’ Schlott is the company’s current Chairman and CEO. They are the largest lubricant manufacturer in North America.

Warren Distribution ships its product to 45+ countries. Some of their products are heavy-duty engine oil, passenger car motor oil, greases, and industrial oils. They also offer a wide variety of popular automotive chemicals.

Kirkland Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

Engine oils are like the heart and soul of your engine. They allow your engine to operate correctly. It protects the machine with less friction making your engine durable. Sometimes you have to change the oil, which can be a bit of a hassle. Mobil 1 and Kirkland can be your go-to choice.  

Mobil 1 is one of the leading synthetic oil manufacturers globally. So, it is expected that you want to check which is best for you.

So in this section, we will talk about Kirkland Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1. We hope this section will help you choose what you want in your engine. Also, Let’s find out if Kirkland Synthetic oil is as good as Mobil 1?

Kirkland Synthetic Oil

Kirkland Synthetic Oil has earned users love as a game-changing synthetic oil. According to user experience, Kirkland Synthetic Oil was able to increase the efficiency of an engine. It also prevents thermal breakdown and reduces wear and tear. 

You don’t have to worry about safety if you use the Kirkland Synthetic oil, as they are safe for all sorts of engines. Kirkland Synthetic oil cleans your engine, ensures the engine’s maximum efficiency, and reduces corrosion. 

The resistance to power-robbing shreds is unmatched for the Kirkland synthetic oil. Kirkland offers three kinds of synthetic oils. They are

  • SAE 5W-30
  • 5W30, and
  • OW-20.

Among the OW-20 is the best synthetic oil but on the costlier side. 

Features of the Kirkland Synthetic Oil

Kirkland can offer the best performance despite the temperature. No matter what engine you are using, you can get the best performance from them. Provides the best life span for your engine.


The Kirkland Signature oil prevents the low-speed pre-ignition in direct-injected motors and turbocharged engines. Provides temperature protection and controls grinding.


Kirkland Synthetic oil is costly but relatively cheaper than Mobil 1. It will be better not to use newer car engines. Some say the Kirkland Signature is not environment friendly if improperly damped.

We have talked about Kirkland Synthetic Oil. Is Kirkland Synthetic Oil any good? We hope our above discussion has helped you to find your answer.

Motor 1 Engine Oil

Motor 1 is here to make your car engine good as new. This oil has all the requirements of an industry-standard oil and can outperform all sorts of conventional oil. This oil is more dependable and high quality but costly. But the performance is worth every penny. 

This oil prevents your engine from unnecessary damage. Also, Mobil 1 is easy to change, so you don’t need any experts. 

Features of Motor 1

Mobil 1 has an advanced synthetic formula. They provide extraordinary oxidation and thermal stability. Motor 1 has made a big name in the synthetic oil industry with outstanding balance and active cleaning formula.


They are resistant to cold temperatures. Motor 1 provides faster flow rates. It gives a clean engine and makes your engine good as new.


Despite excellent performance in cold temperatures, Motor 1 somehow cannot withstand high temperatures. Motor 1 oils are also more expensive than other synthetic oils too.  

We have discussed some aspects of both Kirkland Signature oil and Mobil 1. Depending on your budget and need, this section will help you choose the better oil for your engine.

Kirkland Oil Review

Kirkland has much synthetic oil in its catalog. Here’s one of the best from the list and a short review.

Kirkland Synthetic 5W-30

One of the thickest synthetic oil, the 5W-30 provides the best performance in the budget segment. Users are sticking to this oil despite using it for a long time because of its excellent performance.


To provide premium quality at a great price, Costco has chosen the Warren Distribution as the manufacturer of Kirkland Synthetic Oil. With over a century’s experience, it is safe to say that they are successful in providing the best value for money.

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