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Having a perfect vehicle is a great advantage. It helps us in many ways you can’t even imagine. Not only on the road, a great car also boosts your confidence. And how is it possible? If you buy a car and it turns out to be amazing, you gain confidence in your choice. 

But choosing the perfect car requires some knowledge. You should know all about them before you purchase. If you decide to buy an Infiniti Car, you need to know.

Who makes Infiniti Cars? and Are they reliable?

In this article, I will talk about the brand Infiniti, its manufacturer, selections, and reviews on some Infiniti cars. So you can choose which car is perfect for you and whether you should buy it.  

So, let’s not wait any longer. Read this article and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Infiniti Cars: Is it any Good?

Infiniti is a luxury brand and owned by Nissan Japanese Manufacturing Company of automobiles. Infiniti is a trendy brand. Infiniti cars are entirely durable and reliable, and with proper maintenance, it also lasts between 250,000-300,000 miles. 

Infiniti cars have such durability and quality, yet you will find them at a reasonable price. The brand has some stylish and top-notch vehicle models. They also provide standard safety features, incredible performances, and strong powertrains. 

Infiniti cars also offer seven years warranty which is more than others. They also have a better system, better technology, and superior engine specifications. 

Who Makes Infiniti Cars?

Nissan is a Japanese automotive manufacturing company who has been making Infiniti cars. Infiniti is a luxury brand and division of Nissan Motor Co. Infiniti provides luxury vehicles in the market. 

Infiniti became the official brand name of the Nissan luxury vehicle in 1987. However, Nissan officially launched the Infiniti brand in 1989. The logo of Infiniti represents the progress of the Nissan Motor Company. The logo is two straight lines stretching out towards the horizon.

Where are Infiniti Cars Made?

Nissan Motor is a Japanese Company and the owner of the Infiniti luxury brand. Thus, pretty much every product of Infiniti is manufactured in Japan. But along with Japan, Nissan has other manufacturing plants in Mexico, Tennessee, Canada, Europe, Britain, and the Middle East. Also, some of the specific models of Infiniti are produced for sale in the USA. 

About the Manufacturer

Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan Motor Company, a Japanese Company. Nissan officially launched the Infiniti brand in 1989, and since then, they have started to sell vehicles all over the world. The headquarter of Infiniti is Yokohama, Japan. 

Along with Infiniti, Nissan is also a parent organization of the Datsun brand. In 1999, Nissan made a partnership with Mitsubishi Motors of Japan. Nissan is one of the leading Japanese brands in China, Russia, and Mexico. 

Then Nissan became the most prominent automotive manufacturing company in North America because they found it more profitable when they exported expensive vehicles to North America. 

In 2018, Nissan transformed the Infiniti brand into an electric brand. As a result, all vehicles will be electric or hybrid. 

The Best Infiniti Cars

There are some vehicle models of the Infiniti brand which are the best. Here, I will describe every one of them shortly, and you will be able to decide which one to buy. 

1. 2017 Infiniti QX50

This model is exceptional because it has a powerful engine, terrific performance, handling, and advanced technology. It consistently ranked as a high-quality car. It is also affordable. 

This Infiniti model has quicker intuitive infotainment functions. These features balanced the advantages of its aging design, cramped cargo space, and low fuel economy. 

This model also offers high-tech gear, heated front seats, a longer wheelbase, and a standard power sunroof.

2. 2019 Infiniti Q70

This model is a luxury midsize car. It has a score of 7.1 out of 10, and its engine lineup provides a decent amount of power. In addition, the interior offers plenty of space. Infiniti Q70 has a comfortable cabin, and because of the supportive seats, passengers feel more relaxed. 

The stylish look of this model is more traditional than others. It offers advanced accident avoidance technology, strong powertrains, blind spot intervention, and more.

3. 2012 Infiniti EX35

This model is a popular Infiniti vehicle on the market. It is a luxury compact SUV. It comes with a very sensible cost. Infiniti EX35 has a powerful engine, stylish and comfortable interior, and standard features.


Are Infiniti cars better than Lexus?

Infiniti cars are better than Lexus. Both have high-quality luxury vehicles but when it comes to Infiniti they provide more advanced technology, horsepower, better fuel economy, torque, and better warranty.

Do Infiniti and Audi contain the same quality?

If you compare Infiniti with their rival Audi, then Infiniti beats Audi. Infiniti is more reliable than Audi.

How many miles an Infiniti car can go?

Infiniti cars last between 250,000-300,000 miles if you maintain and do your servicing properly.

Which is the fastest Infiniti car?

The fastest Infiniti car is Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 because it has a 3.0-liter V-6 twin-turbocharged engine that can go 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.


Long story short, Infiniti cars are very much reasonable and furthermore provide top-notch quality vehicles. Infiniti cars won’t give you many chances to complain. Their incredible performances will always amaze you. 

Now, did you get the answer to who makes Infiniti cars? I hope this article gave you the information that you were seeking. 

Thank you for giving your valuable time to us.

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