Mazda is a car company that creates passionate, moving experiences through inspired design, uncompromising innovation, and unrestrained performance. That is, only a minor part of their DNA. They’re dedicated to giving excellent customer service. They are fostering loyalty all around the world, not just among those who buy their cars, but also among people who live in their communities, by doing so.

Yes, their unique contributions have benefited the growth of the whole car industry. They never forget to give back, though. As a result, they strive to better people’s lives, contribute to environmental preservation, and donate to a range of charities.

You are here to learn about “Who Makes Mazda Cars?”. We’ve put together an article that will provide you with all of the information you need about Mazda vehicles. We hope this satisfies your desire to learn everything there is to know about Mazda automobiles. So take a seat and read this article.

Are Mazda Cars Any Good?

Mazda has long been known for producing dependable automobiles. So, in a nutshell, Mazda is quite dependable. Mazda was ranked 19th in reliability by MotorEasy in 2019. This number should be compared to others because it simply considers how many vehicles required repair, regardless of the severity or length of time the vehicle was off the road, which is something that other reliability ratings and customer reviews have included.

Mazda is really one of the top manufacturers in terms of reliability, according to various indices. Mazda has a very outstanding score of 65.00 on the Reliability Index charts (created with data from Warranty Direct), putting it in 5th place on their list. This puts it at the top of their 40-strong list of car manufacturers, with Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki.

Though there are a few areas where Mazda might improve, as we’ve stated in previous dependability reports, Reliability Index’s rankings range so wildly. The company’s position on the ‘braking system’ chart is an excellent illustration.

Mazda performs admirably, but with 14.49 percent of owners reporting a brake system malfunction, the business falls to 39th place on the list. However, for faults with the braking system, all manufacturers received a very low reporting score. While being ranked 39th may be alarming, being ranked 14.49 percent is far less. So, you are not going to regret it.

Who Makes Mazda Cars?

Mazda Motor Corporation was established in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan, to produce three-wheeled motorbikes known as “Auto Rickshaws.” These were the high points of Mazda-sponsored events in the 1930s, skyrocketing the popularity of motorized carts while also bringing the Mazda name to the forefront.

Mazda was once known only for its three-wheeled carts, but in 1940, the company developed its first passenger vehicle. As a result of this, and the increased demand for passenger vehicles, Mazda began developing small cars, trucks, and three-wheeled vehicles, which eventually led to the development of the iconic Mazda rotary engine.

About The Manufacturer

Mazda vehicles are produced at a number of sites in Japan and the United States. In Japan, there are now three production plants. Two of them are in Hiroshima, Japan, and one is in Hofu, Japan. There are numerous production sites in North America in addition to those in Japan. 

The Auto Alliance International factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, and the Kansas City assembly plant in Claycomo, Missouri, are responsible for the production of these vehicles. Check out our resource to learn more about where Mazda vehicles are made.

  • Mazda3 Models: Mazda3 vehicles are made in Yamaguchi, Japan, at the Japan plant at Hofu. The Hiroshima facilities handle the engine and gearbox production for these vehicles.
  • Mazda5 Minivan, Mazda CX-5, MX-5 Roadster, RX-8: These models are created in the Miyoshi district of Hiroshima. The majority of current Mazda performance vehicles may be found here.
  • Mazda6 Models: The manufacturing of this vehicle is split between two Ford-owned factories in North America. One is in Claycomo, Missouri, while the other is in Flat Rock, Michigan.
  • Mazda SUVs and Sedans: Mazda’s Japanese plants handle the rest of the range.

Best-Sellers Mazda Cars

🔷 2021 Mazda CX-30 – Subcompact Crossover

Despite being similar in size to the Mazda CX-3 SUV, the Mazda CX-30 is a more modern—and more desirable—model, earning it an Editors’ Choice award. It inherits the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback’s style, interior design, and motor, and adds a slightly raised suspension that gives it an SUV-like sensation (although barely) from behind the wheel.

🔷 2021 Mazda CX-3 – Subcompact Crossover

The CX-3 is Mazda’s smallest SUV, sharing space in the subcompact SUV market with the CX-30, which is somewhat bigger and just slightly more costly. However, the CX-3’s closeness to the CX-30 does not render it outdated. Its premium interior, fun-to-drive attitude, and sassy external style make it competitive with other compact crossovers.

🔷 2021 Mazda CX-5 – Compact crossover

Other brand alternatives can beat this specific model when it comes to cargo space, but Mazda CX-5 outperforms them in the style and interior design section. The CX-5’s base four-cylinder engine is also a special one because of its ride-and-handling balance. Although they are not highlighted because of its dynamic driving and optional turbocharged four.


Do Mazda Cars have any warranty?

Mazda cars have a 5 year warranty.

Is Mazda Japanese?

Mazda is owned by Mazda Motor Corporation. In the year 1920, they were formed in Hiroshima, Japan. Mazda gathered concepts for more compact automobiles, trucks, and three-wheeled vehicles as the world sought more cheap cars, resulting in the invention of the renowned Mazda rotary engine.

Is Mazda made by Ford?

Mazda rose to popularity in the United States throughout the 1970s thanks to the Wankel rotary engine and the popular RX-7 sports coupe. From 1974 until 2015, Mazda was a part of Ford Motor Company, but it is now independent. Mazda is the company’s primary brand, with North America being its major market.


Mazda is a famous car manufacturer known for its smooth driving, high-quality comfort, and high market value. Mazda is a luxury vehicle manufacturer. The vehicles are dependable, comfortable, and ride more smoothly than the competitors. Mazda cars are fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and have a high resale value. We hope you can learn all you need to know by reading this post.

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