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Everyone has some fascination with cars. It is the one thing that we need in our daily life. However, when you decide to buy a new car, so many countless things pop into your mind that you get confused. If You want the best car with the best features and at a reasonable price, then Genesis Car is the best option. 

Sometimes people want to know, “who makes Genesis cars?” It is important to know about the manufacturer before you purchase from the brand. In this article, I will provide you with some information about the manufacturer and the brand. 

So stay with us and read this full article. It will be worth your time.

Are Genesis Cars any Good?

The Hyundai Motor Group owned the Genesis cars or Genesis Motors. The Genesis brand is one of the luxury vehicle manufacturing divisions of Hyundai Motor Group. The Genesis brand is presently notable for its high-quality, affordable cars. 

Genesis offers a quiet and comfortable interior. They have top-notch features and materials. Their vehicles are very much well-balanced. Genesis cars are precisely known for their high-end models, which contain great technology, distinctive styling, and incredible performances. 

If you do your servicing and maintain your car well, then Genesis cars last longer than others. The Hyundai Genesis lasts more than 200,000 miles. Genesis cars are the best choice which also comes with a very reasonable price.

Who Makes Genesis Cars?

Hyundai Motor Group manufactures Genesis cars. They are the parent organization of the Genesis brand. It is the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai. Genesis brand is particularly dependable. Also, they provide accurate engineering and set a new standard for innovation.

Where are Genesis Cars Made?

The Hyundai Motor Group is a South Korean vehicle manufacturer company. Though it owns the Genesis brand, so Genesis cars are made and produced in Ulsan, South Korea.

Along with South Korea, Genesis models are also designed in Germany, Namyang (South Korea), and the United States. From these places, Genesis models are being supplied and sold all over the world.

Details of the Manufacturer  

Chung Ju-Yung is the establishing director of Hyundai. In 1947, he established the Hyundai Motor Company. Since then, Hyundai has become a reputed company. Though Hyundai has its ups and down, it still tries to get the best achievement. As of late, they get rewarded for Forbes’ World’s most valuable brands of 2019. 

They arrived at higher success when they launched Genesis- a new luxury brand. The Genesis brand first came into the market under Hyundai’s name. It began its journey in 2009 as Hyundai Sedan. In 2015, Hyundai Motor Company officially announced Genesis brand as an autonomous luxury brand. 

Genesis standalone model- Genesis G90 sedan first appeared in 2017. Since then, Genesis launched numerous other new models, which turned into a great success. The Hyundai Design Centre team designed these Genesis models exceptionally. They have some creative expertise who tries sincerely and manufactures high-quality and great performing vehicles for customers.

Several Types of Genesis Cars

Several types or models of Genesis cars are available. Each type carries different features. Let’s find out more about them, so it would be easy for you to choose.

Genesis G70 Sport Car

This model is best for sporty rides. Assuming you want a sports car, then this one is the ideal choice. It offers great performance, luxury, and comfort. Carbon fiber trim, Brembo brake pads, and PS4S tires are the features of this model.

Genesis GV80 SUV

It is the first SUV of the Genesis brand. This vehicle has a creative design that also contains comfort and luxury. It is well equipped and comes with an all-wheel-drive system which gives you a steady ride.

Genesis G90 Car

It provides you with the right level of comfort, luxury, and safety. It can be used as a sports car and also for regular use.

Genesis G80 Car

This model has some new technology that gives you an advanced ride. It has been created with dynamic design and furthermore offers safety and comfort.

The Best Available Genesis Cars

If you can’t figure out which Genesis vehicle model you want to buy, then quit stressing. Here, we will help you to choose the best one for you.

Genesis G90

Genesis G90 is probably the best model of the Genesis brand. It is an excellent car because it offers superb craftsmanship and comfort. So naturally, you would expect a comfortable ride from a large luxury car, and Genesis G90 will live up to that expectation. 

The all-new model G90 first launched in 2017. Since then, It adds more technology and new features every year. G90 provides standard LED headlights, rear-seat entertainment, incredible exterior design, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, reverse automatic emergency braking, safe exit, lane tracing assist, and highway driving assist. 

2021 Genesis G90 has all those features, but also they are included with new features like more improved voice recognition, navigation operation, and Rear Comfort drive mode setting. This Rear comfort driving mode makes the ride more comfortable for rear-seat passengers. 

G90 is a little costly, but this model is worth the money. At this price, You won’t find another well-rounded luxury sedan like G90, which is loaded up with countless standard features.

Genesis G80

If you want a luxury midsize car, the Genesis G80 model is the best choice. It contains a top-notch interior, comfy seating space, sizable trunk, and a simple infotainment system. When you are driving through a rough road, you won’t feel a thing since it’s very much relaxing and comfortable.

Genesis G90 comes with a 10 year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. It also has a 14.5-inch touch screen, navigation, blind-spot monitoring, and great cruise control. 

The new model 2021 Genesis G80 becomes the top of the luxury midsize car because of its quiet and comfy interior, high-end materials, features, and pleasant driving dynamics. 

Genesis G70

Genesis G70 model is the fastest car of Genesis brand. This model is likewise much affordable than others. It will clear 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and competes with the times for the Audi S4, Mercedes, and BMW 340i.

Genesis G70 is a small luxury car that offers a posh cabin, driver assistance features, and an intense V6 engine option. Moreover, it has agile handling, which is very much deserving of a sports sedan.


Does Genesis hold its value?

– Yes. If you maintain it well and do the servicing, then Genesis holds its value for quite a while.

Is Genesis G90 an expensive car?

– Genesis G90 does cost a lot of money. But it also offers high-quality vehicles, so if you buy it, you won’t be wasting money, that’s for sure.

When was the Genesis brand created?

– The Hyundai Motor Group officially announced Genesis as its new luxury car brand in 2015.


Undoubtedly Genesis cars will satisfy your expectations. They have incredible cars for modern days. Great styling, performances, and top-notch features make Genesis cars more unique. 

Did you find the answer to this question- “who makes Genesis cars?” I hope this article gave you the information about the manufacturer and the brand. 

Thank you for reading.

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