There was a time when we needed to have plenty of time for pressure washing, spray painting, airbrushing, brad nailing, stapling, inflating tires, etc. Because of the lack of an automatic engine and advanced technology.

But it is an ancient story now. In the past hundred years, the world has seen a revolution in the machinery industry.

This is why we got pneumatic air compressors for the above works. Central pneumatic air compressors have been successfully dominating the market for a long time.

Now we need to know who makes central pneumatic air compressors. Since this is one of the most asked questions when it comes to central pneumatic air compressors.

Who Makes Central Pneumatic Air Compressors?

For nearly 40 years central pneumatic tools have been on the market. It earns peoples’ trustiness by supplying high-quality merchandise. The central pneumatic segment has some related accessories products also.

So this segment is a complete line with all necessary products and accessories. 

Now, the very important question that is asked around the internet is who makes central pneumatic air compressors.

Harbor Freight is the manufacturer of central pneumatic air compressors. The company first fetched its central pneumatic line in 1982. Their motivation has always been serving the best quality at the lowest price. 

Central Pneumatic Air Compressors Parts

If described technically or through engineering erudition, the writing can get obscure to common people. Therefore, relating air compressors to a real-life thing is the best way to make it coherent.

Pneumatic air compressors are made of electric motors, pumps, and receivers. The receivers can be vertical or horizontal and have different sizes and capacities. The compressor is powered by an electric motor.

Two belts connect the motor to a pulley, which helps transfer power from the motors to the pump pistons through a flywheel and crankshaft. The compressor pump is kept cool by the crankshaft fan.

How it works can be compared to the human lungs. Just Remember how we blow out birthday cake candles. We inhale air, create pressure inside, and then blow out. Air compressors work in the same module.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Replacement Parts

For repairing or future upgrade purposes, knowing about the central pneumatic air compressors replacement parts is very essential. Common replacement parts that can easily be found are pressure switches, gauges, regulators, PRV’s, and check valves.

Many of these parts are also similar to parts used on other manufacturers of air compressors. And another good and helpful thing is that the parts of a central pneumatic air compressor can often be used with other models of compressors of that brand.

How Much Do Central Pneumatic Air Compressors Cost?

There are plenty of different air compressors made by Harbor Freight. Along with the quality, they ensure an affordable price for their products. Compared to other reputed brands, central pneumatic air compressors’ price is exceptionally low.

Depending on its fuel tank, HP, PSI, and other variables, central pneumatic air compressors can cost between $50-$1670, which is pretty affordable compared to other brands.

Additionally, it’s possible to get a discount on the products on several occasions. Many e-commerce sites often offer a great deal.

Are Central Pneumatic Air Compressors Worth Buying?

Among the several reputed brands that make air compressors, Harbor Freight is a very well-known brand. For 40 years they have acquired the trust and reliance of the customers.

With the various products at reasonable prices, Central pneumatic air compressors are a very good pick and still worth buying in 2022. 

Pneumatic Central Air Compressors Review

More than dozens of central air compressors are on the market. It’s cumbersome to bring off all the product details in a single article. Thus, we choose three products for review.

🔷 3 Gallon 1/3 HP 100 PSI Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor

This compressor looks like a pancake in the outer design. So it did justice to its name. This is an oil-free compressor especially made for light use. It can be perfectly used for inflation, nailing, stapling and more works.

As this is an oil-free compressor so the maintenance is very low and best for home uses. The compressor of a 3-gallon fuel tank with a PSI of 100 runs at ⅓ horsepower which is very lightweight, portable friendly, and most importantly at a very low cost.

🔷 30 Gallon 420cc Truck Bed Air Compressor EPA III

The compressor is powered by two-stage gas and built with The ASME-certified heavy-duty iron. The cylinder is also made of iron cast. Having an oil level viewing and tank drain plug makes it easy for maintenance. 420cc engine that has electric start and recoil backup.

Features like easy-to-read pressure gauge, ASME certified tank pressure relief valve, shut off pressure switch and low oil engine shutdown for extra safety purposes make this compressor a great choice for industrial or workshop uses. It can also be mounted to the truck bed if needed.

🔷 Central Pneumatic 2.5 Horsepower, 21 Gallon, 125 PSI Cast Iron Vertical Air Compressor

If you are looking for the best air compressor at a reasonable price, this one is the best choice indeed. Its fuel tank capacity is 21 gallons and the product is made of high-quality cast iron that makes it very durable. Weight is only 96 lbs and it is easily portable.

This product is not the most costly one, but that doesn’t lessen its quality. Powered by 2.5 horsepower, it has a PSI of 125. The oil level indicator window is an extra feature in this price range.


By considering all aspects that make a good air compressor, it can be said that central pneumatic air compressors are very worth buying. They have a 90 days warranty for their products. The company is working to make its product affordable for the customers. 

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