If you are a gardener or have a big courtyard full of grass!, then you may have thought about buying a string trimmer. There are plenty of string trimmers available in the market. But choose the trimmer wisely because a good trimmer will save time and money in the future. 

Many people are confused about which trimmer they should buy on the basis of a brand’s manufacturer. So, we decided to create this article as Black Max is a highly popular brand in the string trimmer market.

This article will provide the most asked questions about black max trimmers including Who makes Black Max Trimmers? In this article focus will also be given to Black Max trimmers parts, Black Max trimmers attachment, customer reviews, etc.

What is the Black Max Trimmer?

When you hear about trimmers, it’s not always about beard trimmers. The machine for cropping your lawn is also called a trimmer but it’s a string trimmer specifically.

Black Max has been producing high quality string trimmers for years and serving people around the globe with their products. Customers get to choose a suitable trimmer based on their requirements due to the wide range of trimmers available.

Who Makes Black Max Trimmers?

Stanley Black & Decker Corporation is the manufacturer of Black Max Trimmers (and Black Max chainsaws) and this huge company owns a variety of different power tool brands like Porter+Cable, Craftsman, Dewalt, Irwin,

In addition to trimmers, Black Max has several other products including mowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, blowers, Black Max pressure washers, generators, and accessories. They also offer a long warranty period and after-sales services.

Are Black Max Trimmers Any Good?

Black Max trimmers are a good choice if durability is a concern(and when isn’t it!) Different options are available to customers so you can select the model that works for your needs and budget as Black Max has a wide range to choose from.

🔸 Durability

Black Max ensures product quality so longevity should give customers a hassle-free journey with their Black Max string trimmer.

🔸 Sizes

The available cutting radius sizes are 17 and 18 inches but this can be shortened if needed. The shaft can also be found in straight and curved forms. These trimmers are designed to be easy to use because of their different shaft size options.

🔸 Specifications

Engines also have separate specifications. 25cc and 26cc full crank engines ensure the longer lifespan of the machine. Less vibration makes them smoother even while running at high speed. Older people often struggle with high vibration on some power tools which can cause muscle aches and pain.

🔸 Convenience

As trimmers have both 2 and 4-cycle engine options available, the 4-stroke engine does not need any gas oil mix. The 4 cycle-engined variants have an oil tank and fuel tank separate. Ethanol-free fuel usage gives engines a longer life. Clearly, the 2 stroke variant will still need a gas/oil mixture. The 4 cycle motor is stated as providing 30% more power than the 2 cycle.

Attachment capability gives users the power to switch the trimmer for various uses. Attachments are also available at an affordable price making the trimmers future-proof.

🔸 Great Balance

Its center of balance is very good from analyzing reviews on these Black Max products.

🔸 Sturdy

Another advantage is that the trimmers are very lightweight and strong. Holding a heavy trimmer for minutes to cut down bushes is hard work and not a good product design, But Black Max has hit the ball outta the park on this aspect.

Black Max 4 cycle Trimmer Video Review

Black Max Hedge Trimmer Attachment

In a courtyard or garden, it’s not always just grass edgings that need attention but sometimes it’s the bigger plants and bushes which need cutting or pruning. So, how can we deal with the big stuff? Buying an extra hedge trimmer?

Also learn: Who Makes Black Max Weed Eater?

No, it’s not wise to buy an extra hedge trimmer for cutting or pruning bigger bushes and hedges while Black Max is offering you a better alternative. The Black Max trimmer offers a way to attach Black Max attachments which can transform the trimmer into a hedge cutting trimmer. 

The attachments are also very easy to assemble enabling you to accomplish this easily. This is a great plus point for people who are not technically that adept, especially older-generation gardeners who don’t want a battle to swap over attachments. The only tool you will need is a common screwdriver which can be found in every home.

Black Max Trimmer Parts

Black max has plenty of trimmers in their collection including different types for different needs. Parts are available from Black Max in case of repairs or servicing.

These include parts that are usually used in string trimmers like glass deflector, front assist handle, blower, brush cutter, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and a pole saw. Some of these items come as a package with the trimmers.

Are Black Max Trimmers Worth Buying then?

With all the latest features and technology included in the Black Max trimmers do we think they are a good buy here at whomakehub.com?
This article has already mentioned most of the technical features and attachments that make Black Max a fantastic choice for the home gardener. The fact they are made by Black and Decker is a great plus point as well.

Black Max is a widely known company for Garden Power Tools. In the world of string trimmer manufacturers, the company has been providing its appliances all across the globe for many years. It has gained a good reputation for its customer-oriented services. 

Black Max String Trimmer Review

Nowadays, we don’t need to personally ask people for a review of a specific product anymore. Just some clicks on a computer or smartphone and all the user opinions of a product are right there for us to read!

The benefits and issues are visible on many online websites and marketplaces. There are many websites that have a detailed review of these Black Max trimmers along with all technical features and user manuals (eg for black max 18 string trimmer, black max 17 string trimmer etc) and we have done the hard work and poured over them for you

The findings?

The users have on the whole expressed a good experience with Black Max trimmers. Users have said they had an easy time with the trimmers as they are powerful with the full crank engine, lightweight, easy attachments capability, no need for gas oil mix, and long-lasting use. Good Reliability was another popular finding from many users. Walmart shows an average 4.1 star rating (out of 5 stars) for a Black Max string trimmer with 132 reviews gathered which can be read here.

The company also provides 3 years of warranty for their string trimmers.

Black Max Trimmer FAQ

Where to buy Black Max attachments?

You can buy black max accessories direct from Black Max here

Is there a Black Max Edger attachment?

We cannot find one that is available as an addon item but it is available as a trimmer/edger combo pack.

Who Makes Black Max Trimmers?

Stanley Black & Decker Corporation make Black Max products including trimmers.

Black Decker V Black Max

A strange question to answer because Black and Decker is allegedly the manufacturer behind the Black Max Product. Which would make them equal winners!


From our research the Black Max trimmers are well regarded and good value for money. They seem to be a good purchase at this price point. Additionally, Black Max provides a 3 years warranty period which is always a good thing to have with any power tool.

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  1. Bought a black Mac gas weed eater. Used it for about fifteen minutes noticed my forearm felt uncomfortable. Turns out when handling the weed eater my forearm rested on the moter body and it burnt my arm. This happened twice

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