Fast food without a good dipping sauce does not feel right. The taste of the food gets better with just a little amount of dipping sauce. So, you want the fast food chain to provide some excellent good quality. 

When it comes to fast food we think about McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Each of the fats food chains has its dipping sauce with specialized formula. Today we are going to talk about who makes Wendy’s BBQ Sauce 

As there is so much dipping sauce available at Wendy’s we will also try to answer if you want to pick the BBQ sauce over other sauce.

About The Manufacturer

Wendy’s is one of the famous American international fast food chains that started its journey in 1969 by Dave Thomas. Initially, Wendy’s headquarters was in Columbus, Ohio but later they moved to Dublin in 2006. 

With around 6711 locations, of which 353 are owned by Wendy’s and the rest are franchised, Wendy’s quality has helped them gain enormous popularity and position itself as the third-largest hamburger fast food company in the world. In 2008, Wendy’s and Triarcs Companies Inc. combined.

Around 92 percent of Wendy’s operations are in the USA. Wendy’s is the one who fixes all the standards and recipes, even though the bulk of the locations are franchises. Some of the meals that made Wendy’s famous are fan favorites.

Additionally, they produce the ketchup and several dipping sauces used at Wendy’s. Let’s just focus on Wendy’s BBQ Sauce right now.

Is Wendy’s BBQ Sauce Good?

So Wendy has been serving some excellent fast food for a long time, now can you say the same about their dipping sauce? Let us try to answer this question and deep dive into everything Wendy’s is offering with the BBQ Sauce. 

🔹 Ingredients

Wendy’s BBQ Sauce ingredients according to the packaging are: 

👉🏿 Water, 
👉🏿 Sugar, 
👉🏿 Tomato Paste, 
👉🏿 Distilled Vinegar, 
👉🏿 Food-Starch Modified, 
👉🏿 Worcestershire Sauce (Distilled Vinegar,
👉🏿 Corn Syrup, and many more. 

🔹 Nutrition

We took data for Wendy’s BBQ Sauce nutrition from the packaging and according to that data it has 45 calories and almost all of that calories come from carbohydrates.

🔹 Is Wendy’s BBQ Sauce Gluten-Free

You need to be careful if you have some kind of allergies to gluten, you need to sacrifice a lot of food items and go for gluten-free alternatives. So what about Wendy’s BBQ Sauce? 

We have thoroughly checked Wendy’s BBQ Sauce ingredients and did not find any sign of gluten. So people with gluten allergies, you can have the best dipping sauce from Wendy’s without worrying about your health.

🔹 Is Wendy’s BBQ Sauce Dairy Free

People who are lactose sensitive must exercise caution and refrain from consuming any dairy products. Again, we carefully examined the ingredients, and the good news is that Wendy’s BBQ sauce does not contain any milk or milk derivatives.

🔹 Is Wendy’s BBQ Sauce Vegan?

You won’t find any honey, milk, or other goods derived from animals in the Wendy’s BBQ Sauce ingredients list. We conclude that Wendy’s BBQ Sauce is vegan.

So, Wendy’s BBQ dipping sauce is a great option for Vegan and people with lactose intolerance equally.

🔹 Does Wendy’s Sell Their BBQ Sauce?

You can get Wendy’s BBQ sauce from any of the outlets with the fast food you buy. Unfortunately, Wendy’s does not sell these sauces individually but if you want these sauces that bad then eBay can be a great place to visit. 

🔹 Changing The BBQ Sauce Controversy

Wendy’s changed its BBQ Sauce somewhat around 2019 and faced a huge backlash because of it. According to some customers, the new Wendy’s BBQ Sauce is more “sweet and runny”. People have shown their outrage on Twitter and Wendy’s has promised to fix the issue. 

There is also a petition for bringing back the old BBQ Sauce at Wendy’s on and About 7.8k has signed the petition.

Previous Wendy’s BBQ Sauce was spicier and most people prefer this version of sauce over the new sweet version.

🔹 Taste and Public Opinion

Chicken Nugget is one of the popular meals from Wendy’s and if you are waiting in a big line just to get some nuggets then you might be one of them who wants the BBQ dipping sauce with your meal.     

If you haven’t tried the BBQ sauce yet then you are missing out on something special. If you ask around about the best dipping sauce from Wendy’s then it should not surprise you that the BBQ Sauce is the most fan favorite. 

Despite changing the BBQ Sauce, Wendy’s BBQ is still the best dipping BBQ sauce for many consumers. Also, the smoky flavor from Wendy’s BBQ sauce will add some extra layers to your taste experience.

Wendy’s BBQ Sauce Recipe

Getting the original recipe of Wendy’s BBQ Sauce might not be possible, but the good news is some copycat BBQ sauces can be close to the experience you will get in Wendy’s. You can check some of the best copycat BBQ Recipes to prepare the best BBQ Sauce you can prepare.


Wendy’s has been one of the most popular fast food chains for a long time and many of us even have a sweet childhood memory at Wendy’s. In this long time of its business, Wendy’s has perfected its recipes and become popular. 

Wendy’s has also made its food accessible to every kind of person. No matter what you are, a vegan or someone suffering from allergies Wendy always has some kind of options for you. The BBQ Sauce is just one of Wendy’s pride.

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