After a good meal, a lot of us prefer to have a good dessert. If you survey your friends and family, a significant amount of participants will prefer ice cream as their dessert. Not only that, ice cream can be eaten as a snack too. 

And it is easy to get overwhelmed while shopping for ice cream because there are just too many brands selling ice cream. So in our quest to find the perfect ice cream let us talk about who makes Trader Joe’s Ice Cream and find out if this has everything you are looking for.  

About Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery chain based in California. There is about 500 Trader Joe’s shop all over the USA.  Trader Joe’s was introduced to the world in 1967 when it opened its first shop in Pasadena, California by Joe Coulombe.  

A common question on the internet is, is Trader Joe’s owned by a Chinese Company? No, a wealthy German named Theo Albrecht bought Trader Joe’s in 1979. Unfortunately, Theo passed away in 2010 and the ownership of this company was passed on to his descendants. 

Currently, Trader Joe’s is operating from its three offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and Monrovia but, they do not produce its products there. So the question is, Where is Trader Joe’s food manufactured? Most Trader Joe’s products are manufactured by third-party manufacturers. 

Trader Joe’s is not interested in talking about its manufacturer, they keep its deal with other companies a secret. Former VP of marketing and advertising consult Mark Gardiner uncovered that Trader’s Joe manufacture its product in collaboration with giants like PepsiCo and others.

Is Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Any Good?

In this section, we will discuss everything that you should know about Trader Joe’s Ice Cream. We will try to discuss the common questions about Trader Joe’s ice cream. We hope this section will help you in your buying decision for Trader Joe’s Ice Cream. 

Ingredients & Calories

First, let us address the elephant in the room and check out what is inside a Trader Joe’s Ice Cream. According to its packaging Trader Joe’s Ice cream ingredients are cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks, natural vanilla flavor, etc. 

Per serving Trader Joe’s Ice Cream has 260 calories with 16g of fat, 110mg of cholesterol, and 24g of Carbohydrates. To burn this amount of calories you have to walk at 3mph speed for 70 minutes. Now, make your decision on how much consumption is good for you. 

Is Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Gluten-Free and Vegan?

Now, is Trader Joe’s Ice cream gluten-free? Trader Joe’s Ice cream uses natural ingredients in its product. As a result, Trader Joe’s Ice cream is gluten-free. 

As for veganism, Trader Joe’s has a lot of dairy product which is not considered vegan but they do offer some vegan brand. So please do your research and check ingredients carefully before buying Trader Joe’s Ice Cream. 


Trader Joe’s offers tons of flavor as it has something for everyone. We will talk about some Trader Joe’s Ice cream flavors but if you are looking for all the flavors then we recommend visiting its official website.

Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Review

As we have noted before, Trader Joe’s ice cream flavors are versatile, so here we will discuss some of the finest according to us. We are hoping you will get the perfect dessert from this.

Trader Joe’s Mini Hold Cone Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cones

This fan-favorite ice cream is considered Trader Joe’s best ice cream ever. The little scoop and edible holder are easy to carry so you can just move around freely while eating one. The mini size allows you to finish it up before it melts. 

This cone ice cream also offers drip protection, so won’t get a messy hand while having a bite from them. Of course the extra dip of chocolate inside the cone, any human mind is craving for this portion. 

Trader Joe’s holds the cone mini ice cream comes with a great collection of flavors. So what flavor is the best you may ask. Well, the taste is a subjective matter, different people prefer different flavors. This particular ice cream also features a vegan edition. 

You can say the Trader Joe’s Mini hold cone ice cream has something for everyone.

Trader Joe’s Ube Ice Cream

This is another popular ice cream from Trader Joe’s. The Ube ice cream is a limited edition so consider yourself lucky if you can get a hold of it. The packaging has a calm and peaceful vibe to it with the purple hue and cute fonts. 

The flavor of the Ube ice cream is hands down one of the finest we have ever consumed. You pronounce the name as “oo-beh” it is a well-known word in Asian countries like the Philippines and recently it became famous in the USA. Ube means Asian purple yarn, just a quick trivia for you. 

This Ube ice cream contains natural ingredients like grape extract and beetle juice and these ingredients are responsible for that amazing purple look.

Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream

This is a spice biscuit cookie from Trader Joe’s and another fan favorite from their fantastic catalog. It’s a traditional food from Belgium and now people from all over the world enjoy this snack. 

Unlike Ube ice cream this is not a limited edition rather you can have them every day. So what are you waiting for, grab one for you right now.


Having a great and healthy dessert feels like a basic need now. Trader Joe’s food has been a part of our life for many years and now its ice cream is also one of the most quality products. With their experience, you can have Trader Joe’s as your daily desert.

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