The Toro Firm is an American company that develops, produces, and sells normal farming tools including lawn mowers, snow blowers & irrigation tools for agriculture purposes. In this article, we’ll provide you some vital facts to help you choose Toro engines that will meet your needs.

Who Makes Toro Engines?

Engines are where the Toro narrative began almost a century ago, and they are one of the reasons they are so successful today. They’ve built a winning reputation based on reliability, durability, and clever design since 1914. 

They assure optimal performance by designing their engines from the ground up. Toro engines are built for durability and sheer power, and they’re perfectly matched to the products they power. When the two come together, you have a formidable ally on your side to help you do your most difficult outdoor activities.

History of The Company

On July 10, 1914, the Toro Motor Company was established to produce engines for the United States’ leading agricultural tractor manufacturer, the Bull Tractor Company. Because of the company’s ties to Bull, the name “Toro” was chosen. With the launch of the industrial-grade Snow Boy in 1914, Toro joined the snow blower market.

The Snow Hound, Toro’s first residential snow blower, was released the following year. Toro established a one-of-a-kind engineering and agronomic research, development, and test center in Bloomington, Minnesota, In 1951-1952. Dr. James Watson joins the firm and performs ground-breaking agronomic research on the property. Watson rises to prominence in the field of agronomics across the world.

Are Toro Engines Any Good?

The most popular Toro engine is the ZX engine which was released in 2015. Since its disclosure, the company has produced over 1400 pieces of this engine. And its exceptional performance has elevated it to the same level as other top-tier engines.

The ZX comes in three versions: 22.5 horsepower, 24.5 horsepower, and 24.5 horsepower with a canister air filtering system. The fundamental engines are the same, but the carburetors and air filter components are different.

Toro V-Twin engines offer the same similar quality engine at a lower cost than Kohler and Kawasaki. They assure tested proven performance. Quality control is taken extremely seriously by them. 

To ensure consistent peak performance, each Toro engine is tested under load and verified for power levels and governor reaction before leaving the production line. To maintain consistent manufacturing, components are kept to precise tolerances. Furthermore, before being authorized, all of their engines go through numerous testing cycles.

Does Toro Make its Own Engines?

Toro had never built its own engine before. However, they are now developing several test version engines that have been used to build its own products. Toro uses this Toro-built engine in their one-reel, three-reel, sickle-bar, and grass roller mowers.

What Engines Does Toro Use?

1. Zero Turn Mower Engines

The Toro single cylinder and commercial V-Twin engines were designed to provide maximum performance in our mowers by matching the torque curve of the engines to the Toro cutting decks they power.

Because of its clever design and precise tolerances, this engine responds faster and provides more power when you need it, ensuring that you’re ready to tackle even the toughest outdoor activities. It’s the ideal match for the work you need to perform, with heavy-duty components and creative features. The Toro V-Twin is also covered by the Toro Commercial Warranty.

2. Walk Mower Engines

When put under load, Toro walk-power mower engines have a unique governor design that produces more usable power faster. The auto-choke feature eliminates the need to choke or prime the engine, and it comes with Toro’s Guaranteed-to-Start guarantee.


a. Overhead Valve (OHV) Design

In comparison to side-valve engines, OHV engines are more efficient and burn cleaner.

b. Maximum Engine Life

The engine runs cooler than other leading engines because of superior airflow and engine block design.

c. Quiet Operation

A low-tone muffler reduces noise.

d. Added Protection

Air filters with dual elements assist to increase the engine’s life.

e. Auto Choke System

Toro engines give a Guaranteed-to-Start guarantee that ensures consistent, effortless starting.

3. Snow Blower Engines

The snow engines from Toro provide the power you need to clear snow fast and effectively. Under load, the large flywheel provides greater inertia to the engine, allowing it to plow through heavier snow.


a. Quiet Operation

Mufflers that have been fine-tuned reduce noise.

b. Built For Demanding Conditions

Under load, a heavy flywheel provides greater inertia to the engine, allowing it to plow through heavier snow.

c. Maximum Life Engine

The engine runs cooler than other leading engines because of superior airflow and engine block design. You can buy these products from their official website.

Toro Engines Dependability

Toro engines are made to last, with a sturdy design that assures years of reliable service. Among the features are the overhead valve design, cast-iron cylinder liner, triple piston rings, die-cast connecting rod, hardened valve guides, automatic compression release, and durable recoil assembly.


Is There a Warranty on Toro engines?

There are 3 years of warranty period.

What is the lifespan of Toro lawn mowers?

With regular maintenance and care, the average lawn mower will last eight to ten years. A lawnmower that isn’t well-maintained may only last half as long.

Are Toro engines made in China?

Toro’s Chinese engines are manufactured by the Loncin Corporation in Chongqing, China.


Every Toro product is supported by more than a century of history, innovation, and long-term dependability. To provide the clients with the most up-to-date features, they never stop investing in research and development. 

That’s why Toro is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the industry – and why you should get a Toro mower for your next lawn mower. By reading this article, You’ll be able to tell anybody where Toro engines are made or other questions about the company.

We hope you have thoroughly read the article in order to have an understanding of the prominent brand and its operations.

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