The Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, is made by Georgia Pacific.

Made with premium quality materials, these toilet papers are one of the best products by Georgia Pacific. Without any further ado, let’s look into the details regarding who makes quilted northern toilet paper.

Where is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made?

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper is made in the USA or the United States of America. The toilet papers are made from 100% domestic and imported materials. 

It is primarily made in the North American region of the United States.

Georgia Pacific, the manufacturer of quilted toilet rolls, is one of the primary manufacturers of toilet tissue in the USA. They are headquarted in Atlanta Georgia.

Sustainable Practices

What makes Quilted Northern bath tissue so environmentally friendly? To begin with, wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® certified forests and other environmentally conscious sources. 

Second, patented technology assures efficient energy and water utilization throughout the production process. Finally, three trees are planted for every tree utilized to create the product.

So, is Quilted Northern really sustainable? Yes, quilted Northern is really sustainable.

Partnership With Arbor Day Foundation

The Quilted Northern® team has teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation® to help fulfill the promise of “three new trees for each that is used to make toilet papers”. The Arbor Day Foundation® planted two of the three trees, while Georgia suppliers Pacific’s planted the third. 

Through a collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation®, over 2 million trees were planted throughout the United States by the end of 2021, with further plantings planned in subsequent years. 

The plantings will take place in a variety of locations, but will be limited to forest restoration projects in the United States and will not include places such as tree farms.

Features of The Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

Premium toilet paper is built from two robust layers that are incredibly flexible and engineered to hold up thanks to the exclusive technology.

It’s made with a soft, durable, and comfy embossed design. The quilted northern toilet paper is designed for regular sanitary and sewerage systems as it made to be easily flushed. 

The double toilet paper ensures that you get twice the number of sheets compared to a standard roll of toilet tissues. Moreover, the strong and durable features of the toilet tissue guarantee that you can have clean usage every time. 

For over a century, the brand has ensured that users experience the best of both worlds- comfort, and quality when they use these tissues.

Every roll of toilet tissues comes with 164 sheets to make sure that there need to be fewer roll changes. The rolls are designed in such a way that they can easily fit the standard dispensers.

More About The Sustainable Practices of The Quilted Northern Toilet Papers Brand

Sustainability is at the core of Georgia Pacific’s activities, from the procurement of raw materials to producing and distributing goods. 

For example, the corporation continues to try to safeguard high-value forests, such as through a ten-year program to identify 6.6 million acres of vulnerable forests and special places in the 19 states where it obtains wood. 

On its estates, the business has also set aside around 7,400 acres for the planting of fragile tree species such as Longleaf Oak and American Chestnut, which are important for maintaining animal habitats.

Further Details About Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific and its affiliates are among the world’s major makers and distributors of bathroom tissue, hand towels and wipes, tableware, paper-based products, cellulose, specialty fibers, nonwoven textiles, construction goods, and associated chemicals. 

Georgia-Pacific has historically been a major supplier of construction items to DIY warehouse stores and timber and building material merchants. Georgia-Pacific Recycling is one of the world’s leading paper, metal, and plastics merchants. 

More than 150 sites are operated by the firm, which directly employs over 35,000 individuals and indirectly employs roughly 89,000 people.

Where is Georgia Pacific headquartered

Georgia-Pacific is headquartered in Atlanta. Quilted Northern®, Brawny®, enMotion®, and Vanity Fair® are among the well-known consumer brands of toilet tissue. 

More About Arbor Day Foundation

With over one million individuals, benefactors, and valued partners, the Arbor Day Foundation, founded in 1972, has evolved to become the biggest nonprofit community organization committed to planting trees. 

Over 300 million Arbor Day Association trees were planted in neighborhoods, villages, cities, and woods throughout the globe in the previous 45 years. 

Their mission is to help people understand and view trees as a solution to many of the world’s problems, including air and water pollution, deforestation, global warming, unemployment, and hunger.

The Arbor Day Association, is one of the world’s biggest operating conservation nonprofits who teaches and involves stakeholders and communities throughout the world in their purpose of planting, caring, and celebrating trees via its members, partners, and initiatives.


Will Quilted Northern Toilet Paper be Discontinued Permanently?

No, quilted northern toilet paper has not been discontinued. The quilted northern facial tissues have been discontinued, not the toilet paper. 

Is It Safe to Use Quilted Northern Toilet Papers For a Septic System Toilet?

It is safe to use quilted northern toilet paper for septic system toilets because the tissue papers are completely biodegradable. 

Final Words

When it comes to the comfort of the consumer, what matters is how much effort is being put into the craftsmanship of each roll of toilet tissue and how much it costs. What kind of choices you make also determines the environmental footprint that you have on the planet. 

When it comes to opting for a clean and green source for toilet tissue, you should choose this brand without thinking about anything else. So, that’s all! We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed knowing about who makes quilted northern toilet paper.

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