Using toilet paper on a daily basis is a necessity. It keeps us clean and preserves our personal hygiene. There are a variety of toilet paper products available on the market. Somebody somewhere makes toilet paper every once in a while.

Meanwhile, for the past year, Angel soft toilet paper has become the most popular option among clients. They are known for selling high-quality toilet paper. The toilet paper from Angel Soft Toilet has a lot of positive feedback.

Today, we will discover more about Angel soft toilet paper. From who makes Angel Soft toilet paper to their best-selling product. Find out all the details here.

Who Makes Angel Soft Toilet Paper?

With $1.2 billion in annual sales, Angel is one of the top ten toilet paper companies in the United States. In fact, they are only second to private-label paper in the top 10 classifications.

Angel Soft is owned and made by Georgia Pacific, a business located in Atlanta that also owns Quilted Northern. Koch Industries owns Georgia Pacific. In thirty states, they operate production and distribution hubs.

Where is Angel Soft Toilet Paper Manufactured?

Angel Soft is a relatively new addition to the toilet paper industry, particularly knowing that the company behind it, Georgia Pacific, was formed in Augusta, Georgia, in 1928.

Koch Industries purchased Georgia Pacific in 2005. Therefore, Angel Soft was created in 1987, and its life span is shorter than that of other Georgia Pacific products.

Although Georgia Pacific owns the entire Angel Soft trademark, Kimberly Clark makes a few of the Angel Soft sheets that you see on supermarket shelves every day.

Because Georgia Pacific has a partnership with Kimberly Clark, this is the case. Kimberly Clark plants also produce Angel Soft toilet paper, which gets distributed under the Georgia Pacific brand.

Is Angel Soft a Good Brand?

Although toilet paper isn’t the most glamorous purchase, anyone who has ever purchased a low-quality roll can attest to the fact that it’s important to consider what you get.

Angel Soft toilet paper has been in business due to the high quality of its tissue. It always provided the ideal blend of softness, firmness, and worth for us.

Angel Soft toilet tissue is very soft to the touch on the back. You don’t need a lot of tissue because the sheets are semi-thick and won’t shred when you wipe them. This tissue is gentle and does not irritate it.

It has a nice smooth feel to it because of the quilted texture. Furthermore, it does the job quite well. Everyone can afford it.

Is Angel Soft Toilet Paper Discontinued?

Angel Soft toilet paper never gets discontinued. They are still in the business and doing very well.

However, in recent years, they have had some issues that have not gone well. Apparently, a small portion of the consumer base was dissatisfied with the manufacturing of the Angel soft tissues. They primarily express disappointment with the durability of the product.

Furthermore, After extended use, Angel Soft is less pleasant than some of the favorite products. It also didn’t last long when wet, disintegrating in just over 30 seconds.

Angel Soft responded to the allegations on Facebook, noting that they are working on the issue and will definitely deliver the best product.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of Angel Soft’s top items. The majority of customers choose these tissues.

🔹 Angel Soft Toilet Paper Bath Tissue, 48 Double Rolls

Angel Soft toilet paper is a perfect blend of lightness and strength. It consistently provides the quality you want at a price you can afford. Each double roll contains 260+ 2-ply sheets and gets intended to fit in regular toilet paper dispensers.


👉🏾 48 double-rolls of traditional white toilet paper (4 packs of 12 rolls each)
👉🏾 Compostable and suitable for normal septic and sewer setups.
👉🏾 Toilet paper of excellent quality for the entire family.
👉🏾 Per roll, there are approximately 260+ 2-ply sheets.
👉🏾 Maintain a sufficient supply of toiletries.

🔹 Angel Soft® Ultra Toilet Paper, 6 Mega Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue

Angel Soft Ultra toilet paper takes gentleness and durability to another level. Each Mega Roll offers 320 2-ply sheets of quality fiber for a nicer, firmer tissue.


👉🏾 Improved delicacy and strength at the Angel Soft.
👉🏾 High-quality fiber to make friendlier and tougher sheets.
👉🏾 Angel Soft Ultra toilet paper dissolves quickly after flushing.
👉🏾 Angel Soft Ultra Toilet Paper is sourced under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) guidelines.

🔹 Angel Soft® Toilet Paper with Fresh Lavender Scented Tube, 6 Mega Rolls

Angel Soft Toilet Paper with Fresh Lavender Smell provides the same tenderness and resilience that your family expects, with a little something extra for scent aficionados.


👉🏾 Each bundle has 6 Mega Rolls, each containing 390 + 2-ply sheets.
👉🏾 Every tube has a trace of lavender fragrance and is calming, like flowing lavender
👉🏾 This Mega Roll is four times the size of Regular Rolls, allowing to refill the roll less
👉🏾 Suits common toilet paper holders in bathrooms.
👉🏾 Flushable and safe for septic systems.


The bottom line is that Angel Soft toilet paper has its own brand recognition. They have been in this field for a very long time. Their toilet papers are a better match for toilet toiletries. They created tissues that are dispensable and environmentally beneficial.

As we began this article, we were curious about who makes Angel Soft toilet paper. I hope this article has given you a better understanding of Angel Soft toilet paper.

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