Planet Audio was founded in 1997 by a group of automotive audio enthusiasts. The manufacturer wanted to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. Their idea was that strong, useful, and appealing vehicle audio equipment didn’t have to be costly.

So, who makes Planet Audio? Boss International Corporation makes Planet Audio and other franchises. 

In addition to its fantastic selection of reasonably priced products, Planet Audio takes pride in its ability to provide excellent customer service. They even have an unrivaled extended warranty program for clients who buy from authorized dealers.

History of The Company- Planet Audio

Planet Audio has evolved from a vehicle amplifier and speaker startup to a mobile entertainment service provider. It has had a devoted following over the last 19 years. Planet Audio currently offers numerous speakers, and amplifier series, as well as a wide array of headrest mobile video devices and related accessories.

Planet Audio also offers a strong off-road product range, including the PATV series of amplified ATV speaker systems. It also provides a plethora of Powersports items. Planet Audio has its offices in Chicago, Miami, Oxnard, and even China.


There are several advantages of using the speakers from Planet Audio. The brand aims to focus on its customer service and other aspects, all of which are listed below.

✅ Good warranty period
✅ Great sound system
✅ Wide range of products
✅ Excellent value for money
✅ Great customer service

According to several Planet Audio reviews, there is also a disadvantage of using the brand. This disadvantage has been listed below.


❌ Newer products aren’t great

About The Manufacturer

Boss Audio is the proud owner of the Planet Audio system. The brand aims to provide the best service to its customers by providing a new lineup of products or devices every time. The technologically advanced line of products is offered within all price ranges.

Customer Satisfaction

Planet Audio strives to give the best quality to its customers. It constantly strives to provide only the best quality products at the best price to its buyers. Planet Audio’s speakers have been known to provide the loudest sound and satisfy the needs of the customers.

Types of Products

Planet Audio is a renowned brand that provides a range of products. The company makes speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, Powersports, signal processors, capacitors, and other accessories.

What are The Best Speakers?

Since the start of the company, the brand has aimed to provide high-quality amplifiers, speakers, and mobile video products to its consumers. Its unique line of speakers has the best sound system ever. Read on to find out more about its product line.

🔷 Planet Audio TRQ462 4 x 6 Inch Car Speakers

Planet Audio makes amazing quality 200 Watt full-range speakers. These speakers have a 72 Hz to 20 kHz frequency. The speakers have an injection-molded black colored rubber cone surrounding them. These speakers are surrounded by rubber. 

Polypropylene is a tough and long-lasting synthetic material. It provides maximum versatility, resulting in great-sounding speakers.

Rubber is impermeable to air and can withstand or resist exposure to a wide range of weather conditions. Rubber may be used in a variety of ways. The surrounds in many of the brand’s speakers use it to link the cone to the basket.

Dome tweeters offer better sound dispersion than semi-dome tweeters, and their form radiates sound with a broader dispersion pattern.

🔷 Planet Audio TQ622 6.5-Inch 2-Way Poly Injection Cone Speaker System

One important question that arises about these speakers is that are Planet Audio subs any good? These 100-Watt speakers are covered by a thick coating of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a strong, flexible, and long-lasting synthetic substance. 

This material ensures that the speaker has more flexibility and lasts for a long time. These speakers can even withstand extremes of temperatures. The lower weight of these speakers also makes them portable. 

The special Mylar coating of these speakers makes them stretchable and it is adapted to a special thickness. Its unique dome shape helps to radiate and disperse the sound properly. 

The high-frequency sound waves of the speaker are multi-directional, which means that they spread in every direction.

🔷 Planet Audio TRQ422 4 Inch Car Speakers

This unique speaker has the best quality sound system. It is made from polypropylene which makes it extremely flexible. The speakers are impermeable to air, which makes them durable. 

These speakers are known to withstand extremes of weather conditions. The sound waves spread out in every direction so that loud noise can be heard. The wider dispersion design is accompanied by a semi-dome design which further ensures even sound dispersion.

These great-sounding speakers are manufactured with the customers in mind. 


Is Planet Audio a good brand?

Planet Audio is a great brand because any Planet Audio sub will provide the best quality sound at an affordable price. The products that have been continuously made since the 1990s are exceptionally good.

Which Planet Audio amplifier is the best?

Planet Audio PL2000 Car Amplifier is the best amplifier available. It amplifies sound so well that the sound becomes well dispersed even through a big area.


Overall, Planet Audio is a good brand that shows that car audio devices do not need to be very expensive to work well. Planet Audio’s line of products with a large range of fans is meant to live up to their claims.

The line of products keeps expanding according to the trends, and it delivers the best quality audio devices. Boss Group, the company who makes Planet Audio has definitely introduced a great line of products by making Planet Audio.

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