Sunlight is a blessing in many ways but sometimes sunlight can be too strong and that can cause a lot of problems. That can be harmful to your skin or eyes etc. A good pair of sunglasses may help you in this case and protect your eye from damage. 

Pit viper glasses may be that protector of your eyes. Now, who makes Pit Viper Sunglasses? Let us find out and check some of their notable products in the market. We will check on what makes them different from the other brand. 

Later we will give our thoughts on Pit Viper Sunglasses. We genuinely hope this section will help you to make decisions in case you are in confusion whether you want to buy this or not.

About The Manufacturer

Pit viper started their journey in the spring of 2012. The owner of the brand Chuck Mumford felt there is a lack of proper high-end sports sunglasses. With that in mind and the motto of Sunglasses that can take a beating. 

For a long time, there were those trendy military-type sunglasses but Pit Viper came to the market and changed the game. They are determined to provide top-quality sports glasses which are not like your average sunglasses.

So, if you want to know what company makes Pit viper sunglasses? It’s Pit Viper themselves. They have the manufacturing and the distributing rights to all their sunglasses. They produce all their products in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About The Owner

Chuck Mumford along with the co-founder of the Pit viper sunglasses Chris Garcin to have some fun. According to the co-founder, Chris Gracin “Chuck (Mumford) and I started this based on our personalities and what we find funny,”. 

They have made their business model by simply not taking themselves too seriously. Where all the products in the market take the product description too seriously and write only the stuff that matters, Pit Viper did exactly the opposite.

What we mean by that is, you can see the product descriptions are just hilarious and cheeky. 

In one of the Pit Viper products if you check the product description you will see the beginning is fine saying the 1993 frame is back but if you keep reading, Pit Viper claims this product will demand respect and authority almost everywhere even in your mugshot. 

Their dad hats are also one of a special kind. One of the dad hats they made fun of people who gag when they smell a fresh cut lawn! These goofy descriptions and design has worked for them very well and brought them great success.

Just check their commercial from their official youtube channel. You will get the idea

Are Pit Viper Sunglasses Good?

Pit Viper has made its name in the market with its uniqueness and goofiness. They kept this goofy marketing policy for almost 9 years and that worked very well for them. The quality of their product also helped them create a cult following. 

Just check their Instagram followers, their product reviews and ask anyone who used their product. People who have used their product once never decided to go back to another product. The build quality is just excellent and makes that product a durable one.

🔷 Looks

Well, as we have established before they market their product in a goofy manner, they make their products in a goofy manner. So, it is obvious that the look of their products is not suitable for everyone. These sunglasses look…a bit different from your regular sunglasses.

🔷 Main Attraction

Pit Viper offers a wide range of gorgeous and unique sunglasses and their line of appeal and accessories. The design is made to last longer and suit extreme sports conditions. So, we can say they offer very durable glasses.  

The “unique” styling of their products creates a new kind of fashion which attracts a lot of people who just want to have fun at the moment. Another great fact is that Pit Viper offers polarized lenses. They have also made their sunglasses safe for people with a Z87+ safety rating.

It doesn’t matter from where you live because Pit Viper offers international shipping and also another great service is their after-pay option. So, you can just enjoy any of their products anywhere. 

Pit Viper Sunglass Review

Well, we must say it was fun visiting their product catalog and even trying some of them. It would be a crime not to talk about their amazing product.

Pit Viper offers a great lineup of silly and amazing products. Here are some of our recommendations. You may love them.

🔷 Pit Viper 1993 Polarized Sunglasses

This is one of Pit vipers’ polarized lineups. These sunglasses have some amazing build quality which makes them strong and sturdy. So just buy one and relax. 

This product comes in two size variants double wide and single wide. You can get the wider one if you want maximum protection. You are sure to get 100% comfort and 100% UV protection while wearing one of them.  

🔷 Pit Viper The Absolute Freedom Polarized Sunglasses

If you are someone who is into extreme sports then this is the perfect glass for you. They provide the proper safety and the amazing build quality you need. These sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. 

The design is stylish so you can show off your skill and also look good in it too. The glass also allows keeping your eyes cool in extreme situations. 


Pit Viper has determined itself in creating something not so traditional for the customer. Their great sense of humor and amazing customer service along with the durable product has earned them a great cult following. 

If you are looking for something to protect your eyes and also look good in the meantime then Pit Viper can be a great choice.

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