One of the top and most recognizable watch brands in the entire world is Nixon. When compared to other well-known brands, their models and components are the best. There are a few timepieces as refined as this one, but it also has the longest history.

Due to its reputation for excellence, class, and elegance, this watch is very popular. Because Nixon watches are so distinctive, they are on showcase in exhibitions so that viewers can view them whenever they want.

Therefore, it’s important to broaden your understanding of Nixon watches to appreciate their quality. This article will reveal who makes Nixon watches and how luxurious they are. Let’s get into it in depth now without further ado.

Who Makes Nixon Watches?

Nixon is a relatively new business. American-based Nixon Watches is a manufacturer of timepieces and watch gear. After their 1998 introduction in Encinitas, California, Nixon watches and other products quickly gained recognition.

It hadn’t even reached adulthood at the age of 22. People who are young, active, and public personas have always been the priority of Nixon watches.

Up until 2019, Nixon operated authorized merchants and distribution facilities. Seventy nations in all, across all seven continents. By securing approximately $1 million from investment firms, Laats and DiNenna established Nixon in 1997.

1997 marked the first anniversary of the first archive, which featured seven models from 200 distributors.

Who Is The Owner of Nixon Watch?

Among collectors of timepieces, Nixon watches are one of the most popular options. Andy Laats and Chad DiNena founded Nixon. Laats and DiNenna, who both started working in the initiative sports industry, got to know each other through friends of friends in these networks.

DiNenna and Laats first spoke about the Nixon launch while Laats was a Burton snowboard product manager with an engineering degree.

Moreover, the Nixon watch and accessory company named Scott Kerslake as its new CEO. A formal handover took place on August 21, 2017, when he replaced outgoing company director Nick Stowe.

Where Are Nixon Watches Based?

Nixon is an American manufacturer of records, accessories, and watches. Nixon Watches was founded in 1998 in Encinitas, California, by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats. It emphasized breaking into the young fashion industry.

Widely available in 80 different countries. In addition to Bondi, Melbourne, and Kuta in Bali, Nixon also holds independent retail locations in Berkeley, California, Bondi, and Melbourne, Australia.

Is Nixon A Good Watch Brand?

Many different types of individuals relish the Nixon Watches fashion. These watches’ superior craftsmanship and long lifespan make them appealing to other people.

Nixon watches typically combine design and functionality with the goal of making stunning timepieces that can withstand an active social life.

They draw inspiration from many of the most well-liked current fashion trends and offer looks for men and women that cover classic, retro, and unique designs. 

This company’s products are renowned for being of excellent quality, precise, reliable, and at reasonable price. Budget-friendly Nixon timepieces are available.

Is Nixon A Luxury Brand?

In the world of fashionable watches, Nixon is a prominent American company that has recently gained a lot of attention. To suit your uniqueness and apparel preferences, they provide numerous design ideas.

Nixon has a solid reputation for its outstanding innovation and striking, modern design. In addition to some costly designs, Nixon also has a few that cost several thousand dollars.

Nixon gets seen as an approachable fashion watch company rather than a high-end watch brand. They use lower-quality components than those typically found in luxury watches and depend heavily on third-party activities. Additionally, the majority of Nixon watches are less than $1,000.

Nixon Watches Review

Here are a few of the top Nixon watch models.

1. The Time Teller

The Time Teller has a brief appearance. It has a simple appearance that aims to replicate the appearance of vintage watches. For this watch, there are more than two dozen color options, from rich hues like deep blue and platinum to classic colors like black and gold. The price of this watch is $115.

2. Nixon Re-Run A158

In terms of recognition, the A158 men’s digital watch is one of the most popular Re-runs. Although this watch type can withstand 100 meters of water, it is extremely durable.

Switzerland was the source of mobility. There are also designs in other colors besides striking gold, including black, gray, peachy pink, white, copper, rose, and silver.

3. Nixon Sentry Leather

Its features include a stainless steel case, a hardened crystal, and 100-meter water resistance. The leather strap on the watch is surprisingly soft and flexible. It is suitable for everyday wear thanks to this feature. You can step up your style with Nixon Watches Sentry Leather, for $175.

Nixon Watches Price

The purpose of a fashion timepiece is to elevate your look by adding a dash of coolness or elegance. Because of this, fashion watches tend to be relatively cost-effective.

The cost of Nixon watches reflects their standing as an inexpensive fashion watch company. On the company’s official website, men’s watches come in 36 different variations.
 A total of three models cost more than $1,000. The Grateful Dead Diplomatic model, which costs $1,500, is the priciest. The other models all cost less than $500, and none get valued between $500 and $1,000.

Furthermore, The Time Teller Medium costs $100, making it the cheapest. Nixon’s Time Teller is arguably his most famous watch design. A Nixon watch for men starts at $42 on Amazon.


The conclusion of this article is at this point. We’ve given you the information you needed to know about Nixon watches.

We began our discussion by discussing who makes Nixon watches, but now that you know everything there is to know, you might get persuaded to buy one of their watches. Hopefully, you’ll be able to experience the quality and elegance of one of their premium models.

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