You want to have a great holiday on a rocky mountain or for any other reason you have to ride your way through some off-road, you will need an ATV(All-Terrain Vehicle). To have a worry-less ride on the dangerous road you want some brand that you can trust. 

You may want to consider Kayo ATV if you want to. Now, who makes Kayo ATV? Why are they considered to be one of the best in the market? Let us learn about the history of Kayo ATVs manufacturers.

Later in this article, we will check on some of their notable products. A short review may help you in this regard. So without further adieu, let us discover.

What is a Kayo ATV?

Before talking about who makes Kayo ATV? Let us mention the elephant in the room and try to understand what is a Kayo ATV? We are going to explain what an ATV is, Kayo is just a company that manufactures ATVs.  

The full form of an ATV is an All-Terrain vehicle. These vehicles are specially built to run on off roads. They have four low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires, A seat specially designed to be straddled by the operator, and for steering control they have handlebars. 

You can find 2 types of ATVs in the market. Type 1 ATVs are meant to ride without a passenger. On the other hand, Type 2 ATVs can be ridden with a passenger. For this reason, if you want to buy an ATV, you should consider choosing the size according to your need. 

About The Manufacturer

For a long time, there was a lack of proper well-built ATVs and dirt bikes manufacturers with reasonable prices. With that in mind, Kayo started its journey in 2002 with the help of an ex-HONDA engineer of the China division. Providing the best off-road vehicles to this day.

They started building high-quality ATVs in 2004. Collaborated with well-known Italian suspension manufacturer, Marzocchi, and ProTaper leading handlebar manufacturers from the USA. Also, Kayo started pit bike racing in China. 

Now you may want to know where are Kayo ATVs made? Kayo built the Kayo factory in 2004 in Jinyun, Zhejiang province. Here they manufacture and distribute all the Kayo ATVs around the world. 

Is Kayo ATV Any Good?

Kayo ATV is getting a lot of praise on various websites and almost every user is satisfied with them. Is Kayo ATV any brand? Yes, they are and the reviews on various sites are here to prove it.

You will ride off-road with a Kayo ATV and they offer a 150cc engine to do so. It can be dangerous to use such a powerful engine on not-so-great roads, yet those who tested it were very much comfortable while riding. Even with a passenger, you can expect a comfortable ride.

A Kayo ATV offers an automatic clutch system that offers more comfort in riding. It will start in any gear. The best part is in the recent lineup of Kayo ATV they feature reverse gear. A very welcomed feature if you ask us.

🔷 Reliability

You will use an ATV to ride on very uncertain roads and it is right to ask are Kayo ATVs reliable brands for this adventure? With their great fuel capacity, milage, and comfortable seat. Yes, Kayo ATVs are very reliable in your off-road journey. 

People are usually not confident about the products that are made in China. Yes, a Chinese product has a very low price point and is also low in quality. Don’t let that fool you, in Kayo’s case things are very different.

You can have your perfect journey even with children and elderly people with you. Also, in extreme hot or cold temperatures, Kayo ATV performs great and it doesn’t get uncomfortable at all. With a great fuel economy and an engine that doesn’t make a bad sound Kayo ATV is easily one of the most reliable in the market.

🔷 Pricing

Pricing on a product can be one of the most important aspects before buying a product. How much does a Kayo ATV cost? You can get one of Kayo’s ATVs sports and utility products for 5,000$-10,000$, a full spec ATV for 10,000$, and a basic ATV for 2,000$-5,000$.

So, from the above data, you can understand Kayo’s ATVs are reasonably priced and you can get the best out of your budget.

Kayo ATV Review

Over the years Kayo has offered us some of the best ATVs available in the market. It can be hard to choose which one to get. Here’s what we think about some of the available Kayo ATVs in the market and we hope we will be able to help with your decision-making.

🔷 Kayo Fox 70

If safety is your top priority, Kayo Fox 70 can be the perfect choice for you. With proper caution, a little child can be able to handle this one. Kayo Fox 70 features a 70cc engine with a weight of 160 pounds. It is properly sized and perfect for little children who just want to have some fun.

🔷 Kayo USA 150 Storm

The Kayo Storm USA 150 offers a 150cc engine. It is also very user-friendly and can be used for a teen on his road to bigger quads. You can use this machine and almost guarantee that you will not feel any kind of discomfort or out-of-control type situations. 

They offer a semi-automatic control, fun, and easy controlling system. You can go for this product without hesitation.


Despite being a made-in-China product, Kayo promises durability, is easy to ride, is one of the best choices for off-road vehicles. The safety features are perfect for children to use too. They are one of the pioneers in the quad racing genre too.

With their reasonably priced and high rating from various critics you can easily choose Kayo ATV as your first choice.

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