Every rider requires a helmet. Wearing a high-quality helmet is recommended for your safety. Harley Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturing company that also sells great helmets. If you need to buy one, look into Harley Davidson helmets. 

Are you wondering, “Who makes Harley Davidson Helmets?” This is a common question that many people often ask. In this article, we will do our best to provide all of your answers. 

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Are Harley Davidson Helmets Any Good?

Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer that has a positive reputation among riders. This company not only makes motorcycles, but also a variety of branded items of clothing, helmets, home decor, footwear, jewelry, luggage, and collectibles. 

Harley Davidson helmets use protective garments and they provide protection in all weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain, wind, and time of day. These helmets are of great quality and will keep you safe on the road. 

Harley Davidson helmets have been approved by a number of reputable rating agencies, like SNELL (Snell Memorial Foundation), DOT (US Dept of Transportation), and ECE (Europe).

Who Makes Harley Davidson Helmets?

Harley Davidson owns many helmet brands. These helmets are made by HJC and KBC. HJC Corp. is the world’s largest helmet manufacturer. KBC helmets are also approved for use on the street, off-road, and in the snow.

Where is Harley Davidson Helmet Made?

Harley Davidson helmets are made in Korea and Malaysia by HJC and KBC. HJC also has manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and China. These factories serve as production facilities for high-quality products that are sold to customers all over the world.

Details of The Manufacturer

HJC and KBC are well-known for producing Harley Davidson helmets. HJC Corporation was established in 1971. Hong Jin-Crown Corp. is known to be the owner of the HJC Helmet trademark. The company’s headquarters are in South Korea. HJC makes helmets for motorcycles and motor racing. 

HJC has factories in South Korea and Vietnam. They also have branches in Germany, France, and the USA. HJC is one of the leading helmet manufacturing companies in the market. It captured a 15 percent share of the global market. 

They make helmets with vibrant, colorful patterns, superior quality, comfort, and reasonable pricing. The CEO and founder of HJC is W.K Hong. It is the number one helmet brand in North America. 

Another manufacturer of Harley Davidson Helmet is KBC. The company has started their journey in 1992. KBC provides great quality and stunning graphics. It is a new company but they are rapidly growing in the US. The headquarter of KBC is in Los Angeles and the design and development center is in the UK. 

Along with Harley Davidson, KBC has other clients, including Polaris, Fox Racing, O’Neal, MSR, Answer Racing, Thor, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

Best Harley Davidson Helmets Reviews

We are here to give you some reviews on Harley Davidson helmets. So keep reading, this article will help you to choose which one to purchase. 

1. Harley Davidson Sport Glide 3-in-1 X07

This is the best helmet made by Harley Davidson. If the face mask and rear comfort sleeve are removed, it can be used as a half helmet. The helmet provides a retractable sun shield with UV protection of 95%. It also has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. 

This helmet is compatible with the BOOM Audio 20S Bluetooth, allowing you to stay connected at all times. It combines style, comfort, and modern graphics. This helmet can coordinate with a wide range of clothing, including leather and textiles.

2. Harley Davidson FXRG Dual-Homologated Helmet for Men

This is one of the innovative helmets of the Harley Davidson brand. It has the ability to switch from full to open face. It comes with washable interior padding and is made of high-quality fabrics.

This helmet has thermoplastic resin with an interior visor treatment for anti-fog. It also has a scratch-resistant coating on the outside. The sun visor offers a quick-release mechanism. It has excellent features, such as a soundproof system. The chin bar and visor help with aerodynamics.

3. Harley Davidson Steadfast Modular Helmet with Retractable Sunshield for Women

This helmet includes all the features found in the men’s helmet line. However, there is a slight difference in artistic graphics. Polycarbonate is used in its construction. 

This helmet has a chin strap and a double D-ring system. It also comes with a good ventilation system that can channel the airflow from front to back and it keeps the humidity and heat at a minimum. 

This helmet isn’t heavier than the men’s helmet but rather lighter. It has met all of the DOT requirements. It is available in a variety of sizes and designs.


Who owns HJC?

Mr. W.K Hong is the founder and CEO of HJC. He owns HJC Corporation. He makes HJC the largest manufacturer of helmets.

Does HJC make Harley Davidson helmets?

HJC and KBC is the manufacturer of Harley Davidson helmets. The majority of Harley Davison helmets are made by HJC.

Are HJC helmets good?

HJC is the most famous helmet manufacturer in the world. They make extremely comfortable, stylish, great quality helmets. These are also very reasonably priced.


With Harley Davidson helmets, you can have the best riding experience on the road. You can have great styles while also feeling safe and comfortable. Harley Davidson helmets will provide you both. 

I hope this article has answered your question, “Who makes Harley Davidson helmets?” So, now that you have gathered all of the facts, what are you thinking?  You should purchase helmets from Harley Davidson because they are the best. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

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