We need to purchase numerous items that are utilized regularly to keep up with life. One item on which you don’t want to spend an absurd amount of money but still want exceptional service is toilet paper.

Numerous brands produce top-notch toilet paper. The best value for your money is what you seek in a product. One such company with a less expensive product is Great Value. So, who makes Great Value Toilet Paper and finds out what the brand is offering?

About The Great Value Brand

We all know about Walmart right? Our favorite place to get some discounted goods. For a long time, Walmart has been selling products from other brands at a discounted rate. To change their business policy Walmart decided to bring their own brand and Great Value is that brand. 

In 1992, Great Value began producing its goods, and in 1993, they were made publicly accessible. Walmart can sell those things for a reasonable price without sacrificing quality since it does not have to spend a lot of money on marketing and other expenses.

Walmart does not manufacture or produce Great Value products, rather some other big name brands are behind all the Great Value products. It is hard to say which Great Value product is manufactured by whom as many products do not show any label from the manufacturer. 

Besides the USA, you can also find Great Value Products in many countries like Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, etc. All the Great Value product is made in the USA. To make its products more appealing Great Value has to go through many redesigns to make it more appealing. 

About The Manufacturer

As we have mentioned before, Great Value products are made by different manufacturers. So who is behind Great Value toilet paper? A Canadian company named Kruger Inc. is in the charge of making Great Value toilet paper. 

๐Ÿ”น Kruger Inc.

Kruger Inc. has been one of the prominent manufacturers of paper, tissue, and other wood products.  Kruger has multiple manufacturing plants in America, Canada, and different European countries. 

The beginning of Kruger Inc. may be traced to 1904 when Joseph Kruger established a paper company in Montreal. Gene H. Kruger developed the company after taking over from Joseph, making it a manufacturer of tissue, newsprint, and paperboard products.

Geneโ€™s son Joseph Kruger II has also focused on expanding its business and started publication papers, the North American Tissue product, wines, spirits, etc. To maintain the growing need for their product Kruger has divided its manufacturing division into Industrial and Consumer Products.

Is Great Value Toilet Paper Good?

Now Great Value is famous for introducing us to some of the cheapest alternatives for many regular goods in the market. So how is the tissue paper from Great Value is doing? Let us check some of the important aspects that you should know before buying Great Value Toilet Paper.

๐Ÿ”น Price

Price is the main reason why many people are attracted to Great Value products. Great Value toilet paper prices are no different either. 12 mega rolls should cost you around $12 and 18 mega rolls will cost you between $14-$16. 

๐Ÿ”น Septic Safe

For a better toilet, septic-safe toilet paper is mandatory, otherwise, the tissue will need much more water to dissolve which can cause some major issues like clogging. So, what about Great Value toilet paper? Is Great Value toilet paper septic safe? 

According to Walmart, Yes, Great Value toilet papers are septic safe. So, no need to worry about your toilet clogging if you are using Great Value Toilet paper. 

๐Ÿ”น Comfort and Absorption

Strong enough to complete the task is Great Value toilet paper. The Great Value may feel a little hard at first, but it won’t irritate you when using it. Additionally, Great Value toilet paper won’t fall apart easily when it’s wet.

๐Ÿ”น Availability

Where can I find Great Value toilet paper then? Walmart is the only place where Great Value items are offered for sale. If you enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home, Amazon or Walmart’s online marketplace is the best place to get a great offer.

Great Value Toilet Paper Review

We have checked multiple reviews from different eCommerce sites, some subreddits, and our personal thought to provide a better review on the Great Value Toilet paper. So let us share what we found and try to answer should you buy Great Value toilet paper or not. 

๐Ÿ”น Great Value Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue Reviews

Great Value toilet paper reviews are a bit divisive among consumers. According to some people, Great Value is the โ€œGreat Valueโ€ for your money, or to others, Great Value is the worst product they have ever used. 

According to what we could find online, the ratings for this particular tissue brand from Great Value range from 3.7 to 4.2 stars. Therefore, based on consensus, we believe that Great Value is somewhat favorable. Strong and long-lasting, Great Value does the job.

The price also allows you to buy them more frequently, what Great Value is offering at such a cheap price is just mind-blowing. Great Value is also one of the most durable toilet papers that you can get your hands on.  


In this economy where prices are rising quickly, we all need some kind of discount on our regular products. Walmart has been a great place to get the best deals for any product. By opening a private brand like Great Value, Walmart is now offering products at crazier prices. 

Great Value toilet paper is one of those excellent products that can get the job done with more affordable options. Those toilet papers from Walmart are also getting some great reviews on different websites. So if you need something cheap grab those toilet paper from Great Value. 

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