At a time when all of our vital devices run on electricity, load shedding or another form of electric discontinuation/power cut can be problematic. Generators can be your best friend during those crisis times. In a market filled with generators choosing the perfect one can be exhausting. 

The Craftsman Generators are one of the fan-favorites on the market. You may want to consider them as your next friend in a crisis!. Before you get one for your home, why not find out about who makes Craftsman Generators? 

We will also talk about the product in detail. If you have made up your mind to get a Craftsman Generator then we will talk about some of the notable Craftsman generators on the market.

About Craftsman

Craftsman is an American Manufacturer of tools, lawn, and garden equipment. It was initially a house brand established by Sears. Currently, Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. We will discuss them in a later section. 

Sears has always manufactured their product via other manufacturers. The same happens when Sears owned Craftsman. Craftsman products were manufactured via other companies under contract. After the Black & Decker acquisition, Craftsman manufactured the product themselves.    

Previously, Craftsman products were only exclusive to the Sears retail stores. Later when Sears and Kmart merged, Craftsman products became available in the Kmart stores and several other retailers. In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired Craftsman.

🔹 History

Sears registered the Craftsman trademark in 1927 by the head of the company’s hardware department Arther Barrows. To get this trademark Barrow reportedly bought the rights to this name from the Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for $500. 

The Craftsman initially targeted farmers as their prime customers. After Mr Barrows, Tom Dunlap succeeded him and became the head of the company’s hardware department. He diversified the company by upgrading the tools as America moved into the automobile age.

🔹 The Acquisition deal

Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand for $900 million. Sears will hold a royalty-free license to the company for 15 years after the deal is done. After 15 years Sears will receive a royalty for each Craftsman sale.

Now, what company makes Craftsman Generator? As we mentioned Craftsman are owned by Black and Decker but Craftsman has a manufacturing plant in Cheraw, South Carolina. They manufacture their products there but some of their products and parts are manufactured by other companies under contracts too. This is pretty common with any large manufacturing operations these days.

Are Craftsman Generators Any Good?

To understand if Cratsmen generators are good or not we need to look at various aspects of the generators. In this section, we will discuss Craftsman generators in detail and we hope this section will help you to make a choice.

🔹 Build Quality

The craftsman generators are beautifully built. The lightweight nature of this device allows you to carry this anywhere. They have a solid durable feel to their build quality. A lightweight and premium-looking craftsman generator can be a good thing for the garage!

🔹 Backup

A generator can be used for various reasons. Whatever the reason is, you want your generator to provide sufficient power according to your needs. So, how good is a craftsman generator in such a case? 

Craftsman generators are a great tool during emergencies. You can get power back up for a couple of days with a craftsman generator which can be life-saving. You can also use a craftsman generator as a backup power source, for construction or mining. 

No matter in what case you want to use your generator, Craftsman can be a reliable generator and when suitably sized can provide sufficient power for your needs.

🔹 Oils

Oil is the life blood of your generator. It is necessary to add oils before starting a new machine as sometimes gas or diesel generators are not shipped with oils. Craftsman uses 10W30 oil and the generator is gas-powered. 

However, does Craftsman Generator comes with oil? Yes, you will get the 10W30 with your product during purchase. So no need to worry about that. 

🔹 Pricing

Considering the other generators on the market, the quality and service Craftsman is offering and what they are charging for that is pretty reasonable in our opinion. We think they offer good value for money when comparing their product across the generator market.

Craftsman Generators Review

Craftsman offers a great collection of generators on the market. So, which one you should buy? Let’s take a look and find out some of the best Craftsman Generators in the market.

🔹 Craftsman 2200i

The Craftsman 2200i is a gasoline-operated generator. If you are looking for a steady power technology in an inverter then this machine is for you. You can get approximately 4-8 hours of power backup from this generator. 

The Craftsman 2200i is 46.3 kgs which makes it harder to transport. In terms of noise, the Craftsman 2200i produces 52 decibels of sound from 7 meters.

You can add two inverters to increase your power with the Craftsman’s parallel ready technology. 

As we said before, Craftsman’s products are sometimes manufactured by themselves and sometimes it’s another company. Now, who makes the Craftsman 2200i generator? In this case, Craftsman manufactures this brand in their manufacturing plant. 

🔹 Craftsman 3000i

If you want to get an affordable inverter but also want to get a more affordable and portable generator then the Craftsman 3000i could be the best choice for you. The Craftsman 3000i can be a great choice if you want to power up your RV. 

Whatever device you want to run, you can run using this inverter. Generators sometimes produce Carbon Monoxides which are very harmful to the environment. To keep this in check the Craftsman 3000i has integrated CO monitoring. 

So a reliable and eco-friendly device, the Craftsman 3000i could be a safe choice for your power gen needs!


Craftsman has been around for about a century. In that time, they have provided some of the most memorable products in the market. With great products and amazing customer support, they offer good value for money and seem to be well thought of by users and owners of the product.

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