There are a huge variety of air compressor designs and varieties, as well as a large number of air compressor producers. Compressors designed for the home and workshop come in a variety of brands and versions. Few major air compressor manufacturers control the majority of the commercial field. Craftsman is one among them.

Craftsman air compressors are renowned for their innovative features in the air compressor industry. They have a stellar reputation for professionalism, dependability, and exceptional value.

Today, we’ll tell you who makes Craftsman air compressors, the best-known brand in the industry. Additionally, we will provide information on the manual, the parts, a quick review, and their quality.

Where are Craftsman Air Compressors Made?

It’s difficult to determine the precise location of production for compressors sold under the Craftsman brand because they come from several different suppliers.

A sign that reads “Proudly created in the USA with global materials” or “Proudly made in the USA with global materials in Jackson, TN” may be spotted on some Craftsman compressors’ boxes and the compressor body.

It is essential to bear in mind that the phrase “global materials” in this remark probably refers to the fact that the components were likely manufactured abroad before being put together in the USA.

In conclusion, if you purchase a Craftsman compressor, the majority of the significant parts are probably produced in China or Mexico and combined in the USA.

Who Owns The Craftsman Brand?

The answer is that Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman and DeWalt. When Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) acquired Craftsman Tools in 2017, it made headlines following Sears’ 2015 closure of 235 stores.

American company Sears first introduced the Craftsman brand on May 20, 1927. In 1927, Sears’ department shops began carrying the very first item under this name.

The Stanley Black & Decker Corporation manufactures Craftsman air compressors. The Stanley Black & Decker Company is one of America’s oldest businesses.

Are Craftsman Air Compressors Any Good?

Air compressors are among the many power tools produced by Craftsman. The DIY and professional markets are their key areas of interest. Their compressors are lightweight, accessible, and reasonably priced.

Craftsman air compressors are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a robust, dependable compressor for home use. They are a trustworthy company that produces quality compressors, which many people had actually stored in their basements for many generations without experiencing any significant problems.

Furthermore, compressors come in a wide range of forms and sizes, nevertheless. Buying the wrong size and type of compressor can be frustrating, regardless of the brand.

Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

As we previously mentioned, Craftsman sells tools in addition to air compressors. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you are wondering where to find their air compressor parts. They are conveniently available at the Craftsman store and on Amazon.

For their air compressors, Craftsman mainly produced 170+ parts. Replace any damaged components with new ones right away. Moreover, visit their shop and purchase genuine parts if any of your tool’s components, such as the motor or any valve, become defective.

Craftsman Air Compressor Parts Diagram

Technically, a diagram is an information-communicating image. It is frequently quicker and, consequently, less resource-intensive to describe statistical data and other pertinent specifics, such as how a particular system operates. A diagram is more efficient than a procedure based on narration.

If you are having trouble installing air compressor parts, just follow the diagram that gets provided with each component. You simply need to adhere to the instructions provided in the image. The Craftsman air compressor gets shown in the following diagram, which you can study.

craftsman air compressor parts diagram

Craftsman Air Compressor Review

Since we discussed their parts and other components before, now is the time to look at some of Craftsman’s air compressors and their capabilities. In order to comprehend more thoroughly, let’s look at the Craftsman air compressor review.

🔹 Craftsman 3/4 HP 1.5 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

The 1.5-gallon Craftsman get intended for minor projects around the house. Reduced upkeep is a benefit of the oil-free motor. A 3/4 horsepower motor allows it to provide sufficient power for all of your demands. The steel used in its construction ensures its durability. Moving and storing it are made simpler by its flexibility.

🔹 Craftsman CM 3 Gallon Air Compressor

The Craftsman CM 3-gallon air compressor is a fantastic air compressor with sufficient power to complete your task. Although it is not transportable, it is lightweight to carry around and made of steel for resilience. It is suitable for all kinds of house improvements and auto repairs.

Craftsman Air Compressor Manual

A trustworthy name in air compressors is Craftsman. You can always select a model that meets your needs because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, some individuals can find it tricky to operate.

Fortunately, each air compressor comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, where you can find a detailed explanation of everything. So you don’t need to worry. Alternatively, you could use the internet to search for the manual.

There are a number of blogs and forums where you can find instructions on how to use your Craftsman air compressor. Visit the Craftsman website as still another option. There is also the manual to be found.


Our discussion comes to an end at this point. It was our primary objective to describe who makes Craftsman air compressors to you. Following that, we also made an effort to provide you with a brief description of its components, a diagram showing how it works, and all other pertinent information.

In this industry, Craftsmen have a very solid reputation. They will make sure you won’t regret your decision to purchase their air compressor. This article ought to be useful to you as you conduct more inquiries.

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