Ever since the automobile industry took off, there has been an increasing demand for cars. To fix cars and automobiles, tools are needed. This is when Carlyle tools come in handy. Carlyle is a premium subsidiary brand of NAPA.

The great quality and reasonable Carlyle tools are a regular fixture in the garages. With Carlyle Fraser as a founding member of NAPA®, they’ve created a line of high-quality, long-lasting tools. 

If you want to find out more about who makes Carlyle tools, then read on.

What Company Makes Carlyle Tools?

Napa Auto Parts makes Carlyle tools. Napa is also known as the National Automotive Parts Association. Established in 1925, it is known for the distribution and production of automotive accessories and gears throughout North America.

More than six thousand NAPA Auto Parts outlets may be found throughout the USA. Genuine Parts Company owns 1,142 NAPA stores; the others are franchises. 

There are about 15,000 NAPA AutoCare shops in operation, each of which specializes in various auto services.

Genuine Parts Company bought the Exego Group, a major distributor of auto parts and accessories in Australia and New Zealand, in April 2013. In Australia and New Zealand, the firm distributes car accessories and components under the Repco brand.

However, in 2017, the company started marketing with the NAPA banner, opening its first NAPA Auto Parts shop in Logan City, Queensland. This information was meant to enlighten you on what company makes Carlyle tools.

Where are Carlyle Tools Made?

When it comes to NAPA products, the high-end Carlyle brand is what you should go for. Evercraft is a more affordable brand, but Carlyle is a step up in quality. Carlyle is a common sight in American city and county facilities and other locations with access to a tool shed.

Nonetheless, Infar, a Taiwanese company, is responsible for producing Carlyle wrenches. Infar was founded in 1978 and is a leading manufacturer of wrenches for both DIY and industrial applications.

The Taiwanese factory Infar employs 350 workers and can produce 25 million wrenches annually. Through this section, we wanted to inform you where are Carlyle tools made.

Where are Carlyle Ratchets Made?

Carlyle ratchets are made in Taiwan. The company called Infar in Taiwan makes Carlyle ratchets or wrenches. The company Infar, which mainly focuses on hand tools came into being in 1978. The combined production unit of Infar is around 200 square feet.

Chinese authorities established a factory named Kunshan Infar, which now employs 600 people with advanced qualifications. As of its inception in 1993, Kunshan Infar could produce 45 million standard wrenches per year, making it the biggest wrench factory in China.

It wasn’t until 2004 that a second factory was constructed in Taiwan, simplifying the assembly of ratchet handles and tool kits. To summarize, if your question was, where are Carlyle ratchets made, then the answer would be that they are made in Taiwan by Infar.

Do Carlyle Tools Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Carlyle tools have a good warranty period. Tools that are made by Carlyle are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that they have a warranty period in case there are any defects in the products from the date of sale.

However, if the consumer is responsible for the damage after the purchase of the tool, then this limited lifetime warranty may not be applicable. If the tool comes as a part of a set, then the damaged part may be replaced easily.

NAPA AUTO PARTS stores must ship any reported faulty products back to the NAPA Distribution Center. The main takeaway is that we have aimed to answer your query on do Carlyle tools have lifetime warranty.

Are Carlyle Tools Good Quality?

Carlyle tools have a decent quality and good workmanship. In the city and counties of America, Carlyle tools are a must-have as garage fixtures.

Although the availability of Carlyle tools online is poor, it is possible to check their availability at the NAPA stores. Due to the great quality tools manufactured by Carlyle, it is the premium house brand of Napa.

Although Carlyle’s tools are mostly imported, their quality and price are quite affordable. According to the multiple Carlyle tools review, these are hands down the best budget-friendly hand gear you may get for your automobiles.

Carlyle Tools Price List

According to the Carlyle tools catalog, there are different kinds of automobile tools by this manufacturer. There are at least 7,000 gadgets in the hand, air, service, and lifting section. The Carlyle tools price list also suggests that the different tools have different prices.

The price of the Hex Key Hand tools starts from $51. The price range of a 3.5-ton floor jack is approximately $280. The battery or charger or maintainer can be as cheap as $50. Moreover, the cost of the sockets also ranges from cheap to mid-range to high-end.

There are other car gears or tools by Carlyle that range from mid-range to high-end. In your quest to find the best, make sure you keep in mind that quality matters as well as the price. But, we promise that Carlyle provides good quality at a great price.


Who is The Manufacturer of Carlyle Tools?

NAPA Auto parts or National Automotive Parts Association is the manufacturer of Carlyle tools. Carlyle tools have been named after one of the founding members of NAPA, Carlyle Fraser.

Are Carlyle Tools a Good Choice For Beginners?

Carlyle tools are a good choice for beginners as they are affordable and have decent quality. For beginners looking for a budget-friendly option to get hands-on experience with automotive tools, Carlyle tools are the best choice.

Final Words

There you have it! That was our guide on who makes Carlyle tools. Hopefully, we have been able to impart some words of knowledge to you regarding the car gears or tools manufactured by Carlyle, a special concern of NAPA.

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