Headphones are one of the essential accessories in our day-to-day life. For the best experience in music, you want fabulous headphones. Traveling without good headphones feels empty. Also, good headphones can give you a slight advantage during an online multiplayer game. 

Whatever your necessity is, finding proper headphones for your necessity is tough as there are a lot of companies manufacturing headphones. Beats headphones can be a perfect choice for you. So let us find out who makes Beats Headphones?

In this post, we’ll look at the company that makes Beats headphones and some of their most well-known items. If this is your first time using wireless headphones we will guide you on how to use them. Later we will share our thoughts on how good Beats headphones are.

About The Manufacturer

Beats Electronics LLC owns the manufacture and distribution rights to the Beats Headphone. The company is known as Beats by Dr. Dre or simply Beats by Dre. They are an American audio device manufacturer. 

Famous music producer Dr. Dre and record company executive Jimmy Lovine started Beats Electronics in 2006. Since 2014, Beats Electronic is an Apple subsidiary. They are mainly known for their premium headphones and speaker. 

Dr. Dre was not satisfied with the quality that plastic earphones were providing back then. Being a music producer he wanted to provide a pleasant experience to his audience. With that in mind, he started this company in Culver City, California.  

Beats Headphones became a successful company with its amazing sound quality. According to NPD Group, Beats Headphones has a 64% market share in 2011. Despite Beats Headphone’s price being more than $100, the Brand value crossed billion dollars in 2013. 

Are Beats Headphones Any Good? 

Beats Headphones are not only pleasing but also the best in the market according to some. They are a luxury brand that provides an elegant design with premium quality. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Lebron James, Kylie Jenner, etc use Beats Headphones as their daily drive. 

In this section, we will discuss briefly Beats Headphones. To better understand the situation, we will divide this section into smaller sections.

🔹 Pricing

Unless you’re Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, we all check our wallets before purchasing something. Nevertheless, if you are curious about Beats Headphones’ pricing, you should know that they are ridiculously high.

The Beats wireless headphones start from $299.95. According to some, its headphones are 10 times more than the production cost. So, if you are planning to buy one then make sure your wallet is ready.

🔹 Bass

Dr. Dre specializes in hip-hop and if you’re a music enthusiast then you may know that hip-hop sounds better with more bass. The Beats headphone is made in a way Dr. Dre feels better. So you can understand Beats headphone provides high bass. 

This level can be too high for someone. Therefore, if you are looking for something with high bass then Beats headphone is just what you need. Otherwise, you should look for some other brand.

To us, the best Beats Headphone for bass will be the amazing Beats PowerBeats Pro. This can provide the best bass option for you.

🔹 Durability

The build quality feels ok in most cases. The design does not suit some as they are flimsy. If you have one then you should handle it with care. The build material does not allow this product to be durable. Beats headphones can break easily if you are using them little rough.

🔹 Sound Quality and Battery

In short, Beats provide one of the best sound experience compared to other headphones. They offer active noise cancellation(ANC) with about 40h battery backup. If you want to change your music experience then Beats headphones can be the best choice.

🔹 Connectivity

Beats headphones are user-friendly and easy to connect with your laptops or phones. Beats headphones use the latest Bluetooth technology (currently 5.2) for connectivity. However, how to pair beats headphones? 

The procedure is straightforward; depending on the brand, turn on the headphones first. The matching procedure should begin right away. Later, turn on your device’s Bluetooth. They should make contact.

🔹 Gripping

When using a headset during a workout, you want a firm but comfortable hold on your ear. Beats headphones include soft, comfy earpieces that keep your ear in place. As a result, the headphones will not slip off during exercise or other activities.

Where to Buy It?

If you are looking to purchase your first pair of Beats headphones, the best place to go is their official website. You may get fast and free shipping here, as well as official warranty service.

Beats Headphones Review

Are you looking for the best Beats headphones according to your need? Let us talk about some of the best Beats Headphones.

🔹 Beats PowerBeats 4

These headphones may be the best Beats Headphones for working out. This is for you if you are seeking a low-cost alternative to the fantastic PowerBeats pro. The PowerBeats 4 has a 15-hour battery life and is a fantastic fit in your ear. It does not, however, support NFC.

🔹 Beats Powerbeats Pro

Because Beats Headphone is an Apple subsidiary, it was designed to work with Apple products. So, are they good with android phones? For us, the PowerBeats Pro is the best Beats headphones for android.  

You can get better sound quality than AirPods from this device. A true premium product at heart.


Dr. Dre has blessed us with his amazing hip hops over the year. To give us the pleasure to hear music the way it was meant to be the Beats Headphone has become one of the best in the market. To get a premium music experience you should go for Beats headphones.


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