Summertime can be a lot of exhausting moments for the excessive heat of nature. An air conditioner is a must for exhausting weather like summer. For obvious reasons, you should go for a brand whom you can trust.

AC pro air conditioners can be a great choice for you in this regard. Now, who makes AC pro air conditioners? We will try to learn about their manufacturer and what makes an AC pro unique and better than other products available in the market. 

If you made up your mind to get one for yourself then we will explore some of their notable products and try to learn what consumers and critics have to say about them.

About The Manufacturer

AC Pro is a  family-owned heating and air conditioning distributor. They serve in many locations like Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Arizona markets. AC pro offers trained associates thousands of products in stock from hundreds of the industry’s top brands.

Ac pro was founded in 1984 by AC pro owners. Now you may ask who owns AC pro air conditions? Dion Quinn dreamt and established AC pro. He found his love Petra in 1984 and they are now married. Both Quinns are now the owner of the AC pro brand.

Where is AC Pro Air Conditioner Made?

AC Pro has two manufacturing plants, one in Fontana, California, and another in Las Vegas, Nevada. They can also offer custom metal products with a next-day delivery system. Also, AC Pro is capable of producing products of any size space, and type of your need.

AC Pro has a training facility for both consumers and employees and they provide year-round classes on topics ranging from product training for technicians to in-home sales training for comfort advisors.

They have great customer support for their products. You can talk about your need with them whenever you want. AC Pro is here to serve you with its services. AC Pro has received many awards including the Inc. 5000 Award and the Affiliated Distributors HVAC Member of the Year Award.

About God’s Kids

Besides providing great air conditioners AC Pro has its charity program too. It is called God’s kids. Owner of the AC pro air conditioner Dion and Petra Quinn has established this charity.

Their main goal is to provide financial, strategic, and training support to international orphanages in India, Liberia, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines. Since their foundation, they have been provided with various necessities, such as warm meals, drinking water, medical care, educational assistance, and a place to call home.

Types of AC Pro Air Conditions

Depending on consumers, AC pro products provide a different kind of air condition.

🔸 Air Conditioner Unit

Typically made for domestic usage, an air conditioner takes the hot air from inside your home and replaces it with colder air. They are generally installed on the roof.

🔸 Package Unit

Typically installed outside for ground level, a package unit used the same mechanism as a split unit. Most of the compositions are in one cabinet.

🔸 Heat Pumps

Used for cooling a controlled system, heat pumps consist of two parts: an air handler and a heat pump.

🔸 Mini-Splits

Air conditions make some annoying noises. It can be very disturbing if you are in a small space. Mini-splits are made to solve this issue. You can use this in smaller spaces and no need to worry about some annoying sounds.

Are AC Pro Air Conditioners Good?

Ac Pro air conditioner has been doing this business for a long time and by this time they have provided some of the finest products in the American market and became a household name. All of their products are made in America and they have some finest manufacturing services.

Another part that makes them great is their warranty system. AC Pro has some of the finest class-leading warranty systems. So, you don’t have to worry about your warranty. An AC pro air conditioner is always determined to provide you with fresh air which can be helpful for your health. 

It doesn’t matter where you are planning to use an AC pro air conditioner, they can offer you according to your need. They have fully customized services. No need to worry about not finding the proper air conditioner of your choice.

Consumers are very much satisfied with their products. You can check a lot of videos on youtube, various websites, eCommerce sites like Amazon. You can notice a lot of positive reviews by both customers and critics. So yes, AC pro air conditioners are a good brand.

AC Pro Air Conditioner Review

AC Pro has provided a lot of air conditioners at various times. Here are some of our recommended AC Pro air conditions.

🔸 A-Series Heat Pump Condenser 12.2 EER 8.2 HSPF

This product offers a full metal louvered construction to protect the coil. It doesn’t make an annoying sound because of the heavy-duty sound blanket. Ac pro provides 10 years of warranty with their product!!! For maximum heat transfer, they offer lanced fin.

🔸 N-Series Heat Pump Condenser 10.5 EER 8.2 HSPF

With galvanized steel with a polyester urethane coat finish, A heavy-duty PSC motor for long-lasting reliability and quiet operation, and a 10-year parts and compressor, a 1-year dependability warranty has made this product one of the best in the market.

Besides, it has a field-installed liquid line filter drier and the microchannel coils provide high corrosion resistance. That makes this product one of the best selling in the market.


AC Pro with their great customer service has made them one of the best in the market. With proper 5 star reviews and industry-leading customer service anyone who wants to buy an Air conditioner can easily choose AC pro as their first air conditioner.

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