What do mothers care about the most? Their babies and their well-being all the way! Hence, different diaper brands take this chance to serve the best quality products within a comfortable price range. 

Member’s Mark has been one of such brands and as a result, customers kept coming back for answers to the questions like who makes Members Mark diapers? So, we forward to answer all the questions about Member’s Mark including who makes them and whatnot.

Additionally, they not only make diapers for babies. As we know many adults also require diapers due to several reasons/sicknesses, they also have a series of well-made diapers for men and women in various sizes. 

Therefore, stay with us till the end to unfold facts about Member’s Mark diapers. 

Who Makes Member’s Mark Brand?

The brand Member’s Mark is an official private labeled brand of Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is one of the subsidiaries of Walmart and all the Member’s Mark products are made in the United States for selling on Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Amazon namely. 

This brand is famous for making tens if not hundreds of products and all in such an affordable price range, yet not compromising on the quality greatly. 

Many customers take Sam’s Club’s membership just so that they can buy Member’s Mark products in bulk with lower prices yet getting one of the most premium qualities that are available in the market.

Who Makes Member’s Mark Diapers?

Paragon trade is responsible for producing Member’s Mark diapers in the United States. Although this brand is owned by Walmart at the root being the parent company of Sam’s Club. 

However, Paragon trade is not responsible for their other line of products such as food, dog food, hygiene products, etc. But the high-quality affordable diapers are manufactured by this company.

Are Member’s Mark Diapers Good?

As a mother, one of the best ways is to know from other mothers how they are holding up with similar issues. So, here is a video for you to watch about Member’s Mark diapers and as a bonus their wipes from a mother to you:

If asked from us, we found them to be as good as this price can offer. The customer reviews also depict the same thing about comfortability, durability, efficiency, and price.

How Much are Member’s Mark Diapers?

Depending on the size, quantity of the pack, and type Member’s Mark diapers can cost from $15 to $33. Make sure to look for the price of the one you are looking for along with the perfect size and quantity of your preference.

Best Member’s Mark Diapers Review

Out of a variety of products, Member’s Mark is quite well known for its baby and adult diapers. And this section is wholly designed so that you can get introduced to some of their best diapers, why wait? Let us get straight into Member’s Mark diaper reviews.

1. Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers Size 6

This line Member’s Mark comfort care diapers come in various sizes and counts for different prices. This one is a 150 count, size 6 diaper that is perfect for babies weighing 35 pounds or more. 

They are designed to prevent sagging, give leakage protection up to 12 hours, are breathable, and feel extremely soft on the baby’s delicate skin. They also come with a soft liner that prevents rashes and other discomfort caused by wearing diapers for long hours.

2. Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers Size 3

Is bulk buying and saving is something that you always look up to? Also, make sure your baby is sized correctly to get hands-on with this big package of diapers with extra counts. They help promote healthy skin and are extremely breathable, silky soft, and hypoallergenic. 

They come with crossover tabs for a comfortable fit around the baby bottom. They are made for babies who weigh from 16 to 28 pounds.

3. Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers Size 5

From the line of Member’s Mark comfort care diapers, this is another one in our list that is so breathable that it gives a soft and silky feeling to the baby all day long. A healthy baby bottom is ensured with this product as keeping the baby comfortable is the main mantra to keep babies from crying all day. 

They come with up to 12 hours of protection from leakage. They are made with such care that Member’s Mark used ultra-soft liners. This is perfect for babies that weigh 27 pounds or more and comes in 168 count packages.


Is Member’s Mark a good brand?

As a brand, Member’s Mark is pretty good. They are giving good services and good products with bearable price ranges for customers. Out of many of their products, they have earned quite a few well wishes for their diapers, baby wipes, and toilet papers

Are Member’s Mark diapers chlorine-free?

Yes, they are chlorine-free. In addition, they are also free from latex, lotions, and any type of chlorine. However, they will not be the best option for babies with extra sensitive skin.

Are Member’s Mark diapers the same as Parent’s choice?

No, they are not the same but they both are comparable to each other in terms of performance and prices.


You came here in search of answers to who makes Member’s Mark diapers. And we tried our best to do deep research to give you all info on that and more. We heartily hope this was helpful for you and your little angel.

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