One particular thing that we noticed with all the moms these days is that they want to know every detail about everything that is related to their baby. When put in similar places, we were not different and this content is the result of all those concerns related to our small angels. 

Let us make it more clear to you. Here we will discuss every titbit of one of the renowned baby accessory brands named Parents Choice and especially their diapers. 

You will get to know everything including who makes Parents Choice diapers, who owns the brand, some of Parents Choice diapers reviews, and so on.

First off, Parents Choice products are mainly Walmart’s private label and as a result many moms wonder whether they are worth buying. This video review of Parent’s choice baby diapers is for them so please consider watching it and know what you will be getting:

What Brand is Parents Choice?

Parents Choice is a baby accessory private brand that makes its product in the USA and sources most of its raw materials from the USA too.

Who Owns Parents Choice?

The big retail company Walmart is the owner of the brand Parents Choice. This brand is one of the fastest-growing baby brands that gets sold in almost all stores of Walmart. However, consider finding them in other stores as well, as more parents are starting to rely on them. 

Nevertheless, Walmart does not manufacture them in house (they are a retailer not a manufacturer after all). They get them produced by other established Diaper manufacturers and make sure they are maintaining the quality standard in all their products.

What Company Makes Parents Choice Diapers?

A pharmaceutical company named Wyeth is the manufacturer of most Parents Choice products. Hence, there is a great chance that your baby’s diapers from Parents choice are manufactured by this pharmaceutical company in the USA. 

Please note that most people assume Parents Choice products are made by Walmart itself. Is Walmart a manufacturing company? No, they are retailers who own many of their home brands whose products are produced by other famous manufacturers and later get supplied to Walmart for selling. 

What are Parents Choice Products?

Apart from diapers, there is a huge range of other products that are sold under this brand’s name. Namely Parents Choice wipes, Parents Choice baby food, Parents Choice bottles, toddler formulas, training pants, safety nail clipper sets, diaper bags, infant first aid kits, and whatnot!

Just name any baby accessory and they have it. Their biggest catch is that they are super economical and fit perfectly in most people’s budgets.

Parents Choice Diapers Reviews

Walmart Parents Choice diapers can also be found on other platforms like Amazon which is quite good news for many. Let’s hop onto this section and know them better with prices.

🔷 Parents Choice – Diapers (Sizes Newborn)

Can you tell what is one of the most important body features for a newborn? It is the umbilical cord. Talking of this, Parents Choice newborn diapers are designed and given a special shape for the cord so that the newborn feels no discomfort at all. 

They also have a wetness indicator with color-changing features and are known to keep the baby dry throughout. They are an excellent choice if you keep comfort in mind. The material is almost clothlike and soft.

🔷 Parents Choice Diapers Size 7

Were you looking for something for your infant which would also save you some money while buying in bulk? Look no further, give these ones a try. These Walmart Parents Choice diapers won’t leave your baby with red burns and are super comfortable. 

They are great for absorption and leakage. However, there are a few Parents Choice diapers complaints regarding these. Moms are complaining that they rip easily if the baby is being a bit too playful sometimes. That means they might not be a great choice for heavy usage.

🔷 Parents Choice Disposable Diapers – Size 3

These 3 sized diapers from Parents Choice are perfect for babies that weigh around 7 to 13 kgs. They come in big boxes of 144 counts with a more affordable price than its competitors. They use ultra-absorbent technology and give a snug fit to the baby’s bottom. 

They also come with hypoallergenic liners and wetness indicators. With their cotton-like texture, they feel extremely comfy throughout the wear period. On the contrary, consider experiencing a few downsides as lower prices come with their share of compromises as well. 


Parents Choice diapers vs pampers, which is better?

While Parents Choice is known to have outperformed in the dryness test when compared to other big-name brands, Pampers is known to be the fastest absorbing diapers overall. Now, it is up to you which price you are willing to pay to get the best for your baby.

Is there a recall on Parents Choice diapers?

As of 2022, no recalls were found on Parents Choice diapers. However, there have been a few recalls on some of their other products like Parents Choice baby food and mainly cereals.

Are there chemicals in Parents Choice diapers?

Yes, they are free of any latex, lotion, fragrance, chlorine, parabens, etc. This tells how safe they can be on your angel’s skin.

Final Thoughts

Did you get the answer to your query on who makes Parents Choice diapers? We hope the answer is yes and you have got a few other important details on them while going through the content.

Please be sure of one thing before we go, we won’t compromise when it is the matter of your baby! Happy parenting!

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