Everyone is busy nowadays, we always have to do something because modern society needs everyone to keep moving forward. Coffee has become a fuel for many of us. The push of the caffeine gives you a fresh boost that can give you the motivation for work. 

McDonald’s is the perfect place to get a quick meal for many. Most of us have some kind of memory of McDonald’s. Besides fast food, McDonald’s also offers coffee. So let us talk about who makes McDonald’s Coffee and how good they are doing compared with others.

About McDonald’s

Probably one of the most common American icons is McDonald’s even you’re grandpa can leave a review on them. This multinational fast food chain started its journey on 1940 as a single restaurant by Richard and Murie McDonald. 

Initially, the enterprise operated as a restaurant, which later evolved into a hamburger stand. Later, after gaining the public’s attention, McDonald’s expanded into franchises. In 1953, McDonald’s distinctive Golden Arch emblem made its debut.

With 69 million daily patrons across more than 100 countries, McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain in the world. About 37k McDonald’s locations are open as of 2018. Since 2018, McDonald’s corporate headquarters have been in Chicago.

McDonald’s has become a fan favorite with its tasty hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries. You will be surprised to learn how different each of the McDonald’s outlets is. If you go outside your country I bet you won’t even realize that you are in a McDonald’s. 

About The Manufacturer

So who is behind the McDonald’s coffee? McDonald’s tries to harvest its own coffee beans and a significant amount of McDonald’s coffee beans comes from themselves. 

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain Coffee, and Seattle’s Best are some of the notable coffee manufacturers for McDonald’s and among all of them, Gaviña has been the longest-running provider of McDonald’s since 1983.  

🔹 Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee is a California-based coffee importer and roaster and the producer of Don Francisco’s Coffee, Gaviña, and La Llave coffee brands with their private brands. Gaviña has been one of the successful coffee brands that have been the top-selling coffee beans in Los Angeles.  

Gaviña became more famous when they partnered up with McDonald’s in 1983. Gaviña has focused on improving coffee and to earn that in 2005, Gaviña introduced a stronger coffee blend that skyrocketed the company’s growth. 

Gaviña became a giant by selling almost 40 million pounds of coffee per year with $114 million in revenue. This family-owned business has earned the customer’s trust and Gaviña’s products can be found almost everywhere.

Is McDonald’s Coffee Good?

There are much fast food chains providing coffee, there are also some dedicated shops like Starbucks offering premium coffees. Among many of these brands, how is McDoland’s holding on? Here’s everything you need to know about McDonald’s coffee.

🔹 Menu

McDonald’s offers various forms of coffee for you to enjoy. So no matter what your coffee preference is McDonald’s is something for you. Here are our top 5 picks on the best McDonald’s coffee.

🔸 Coffee

There are a lot of people who just want to enjoy a regular good coffee and McDonald’s is also offering a good regular coffee. And I think for every coffee enthusiast this is a heavenly drink. The Smooth, deep, soul-warming flavor has added a perfect combination to it.

🔸 Latte

A perfect morning needs a perfect drink to start with and Latte is here to make your morning better. If you are looking for a perfect combination between coffee and frothy milk then a Latte from McDonald’s is the drink you are looking for.

🔸 Americano

Before you pick up your pitchfork and start attacking me, I know I’m talking about something controversial. Many people hate Americano but trust me if made well then Americano is the most refreshing drink you are looking for. 

My recommendation, visit McDonald’s and grab an Americano, I can guarantee you this drink will change your perspective about Americano.

🔸 Iced French Vanilla Coffee

For me, this is the best iced McDonald’s Coffee. Just look at that color, I mean! Just the color of the iced French vanilla coffee alone can make you feel refreshed and reenergized, and one sip in the heat of the day can do the same. 

This is our recommendation on McDonald’s coffee. If you want to look at all the drinks available for you at McDonald’s then the official website is a great place to visit.

🔹 Nutritional Value

It is not possible to provide a definitive answer in this regard, as McDonald’s has so many variations of coffee drinks. McDonald’s coffee calories can be between 0 to 140 calories per cup depending on the drink. 

Therefore, if the nutritional value of a drink is important to you, consider checking it out on McDonald’s website before placing your purchase.

🔹 Sizes

McDonald’s coffee sizes are the same for both hot and cold coffees. There are three size variants of McDonald’s coffee:

  • Small – 12oz with about 100mg of caffeine,
  • Medium – 16oz with about 150mg of caffeine, and 
  • Large – 21 oz with about 185mg of caffeine.

🔹 Prices

McDonald’s coffee price is a more affordable option. Depending on the flavor and size the price will vary but you can expect to get a McDonald’s coffee for between $1 to $3. 

Check here to see what other people think about McDonald’s coffee:


Many people have known McDonald’s for a very long time, and the fast food restaurant chain has advanced significantly. McDonald’s consistently launched a variety of foods to draw in more customers.

The coffee from McDonald’s is no different; many people have been faithful clients of its coffee for a long time, and new people are also regularly testing them. McDonald’s will likely offer more variety in the future.

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