We all can agree that computer gaming is at its all-time peak now. Many video games have changed how we viewed gaming as a whole. League of Legends is one of the inventions in this field. They have revolutionized the eSports market. 

So why not find out about who makes League Of Legends? In this article, we will discuss briefly this game and what you want to know. If you are looking for an online game to play. This may be the one.

About League of Legends

Before we go any further, let us talk about the game. They are an online multiplayer battle arena. This game started its journey in 2009. Now, what company makes League of Legends? This game is made by the excellent Riot games. 

League of Legends is not the first game in this genre. They took inspiration from a custom map of Warcraft III and the defense of the ancients. This game is free to play and available for Windows, macOS, and Android. 

It is a 5V5 battle where players try to occupy each other’s half. Each player controls ten character’s known as “champions”. Each champion has unique abilities, players are encouraged to use those abilities strategically. The first team to destroy the other team’s “Nexus” is the winner.

🔹 System Requirements

Now if this game sound interesting to you then why not check out League of Legends system requirements to see whether your device can handle it or not. The minimum requirements are

✔️ A 2Ghz processor with a supporting SSE2 instruction set or higher
✔️ 1 GB ram but 2GB for windows vista or higher. 
✔️ Minimum 8 GB free hard disk space
✔️ A GPU capable of shader version 2.0 or higher
✔️ Resolutions up to  1920×1200
✔️ Directx supports for v9.0 or higher

The recommended requirements for the game is

✔️ A processor with 3Ghz processing power with dual-core or higher
✔️ 4GB ram or higher
✔️ Free space of 16 GB in the Hard drive

In this day and age of online patches and updates, you may worry about League of Legends’ size. As in patch 11.21, the total game file size is 14.2 GB. Riot games have recommended players have a minimum of 16 GB of free space for a smoother experience.

In the next section, we are discussing the company that makes League of Legends, the excellent Riot Games.

About The Developer

Riot Games, officially known as Riot Games inc is an American Publisher, Game developer, and eSports organizer. They have its headquarters in West Los Angeles, California. Riot Games started its journey in 2006 from the mind of  Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill. 

Riot Games started its journey by creating League of Legends and later they diversified and went developing several spin-off games. One of the most famous spinoffs that came out is the Valorant. In 2011, Riot Games were acquired by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent. 

Riot did not stop by just making games. They took many steps to popularize their game and bring some new players. Riot games are still sticking to its free-to-play model. Both League of Legends and Valorant are free to play and they earn from the microtransaction of their in-game purchase.  

🔹 Success and Controversy

Riot Games is currently operating 14 League of Legends international eSports leagues, the League of Legends world championship, and the Valorant Champions Tour. All of them are successful in their respective field. They offer the highest prize money in the eSports genre.

Currently, Riot games have 24 offices globally. They sell merchandise, corporate sponsorship, and streaming rights for its leagues. 

Unfortunately, Riot Games has faced some lawsuits regarding toxic workplace cultures like gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Also, they were criticized for the use of forced arbitration in response to the controversy.

League of Legends Cinematics

Riot Games has done a lot of things to popularize and reach out to the masses. One of them is their cinematics. Cinematics are movie-like entertainment. Riot games every year share some amazing cinematics with beautiful music.

The League of Legends cinematics is very popular with people who haven’t even played the game for once in their life. Now, who makes League of Legend cinematics? The talented team from the amazing Trizz’s studio is handling these projects. 

Check out one of their latest cinematics “The Call”:

This cinematic provides much more backstory to some of the League of Legends Champions and often fills up the lore. The unique art style and the character design are so adored that they perfected this art style in their latest animated series on Netflix, “Arcane”.

Arcane: League of Legends

League of Legends is a genius when it comes to amazing animation and cinematics. One of their biggest achievement is their latest animated series on Netflix. The unique art style of the Riot Games shows perfection in this series. 

Even if you’re not familiar with anything about the League of Legends, you can still enjoy the show. This series has something for both gamers and non-gamers. It has released in only one season with nine episodes and received great critical reception from both fans and critics.

Check out the trailer for Arcane here:

Now, who made Arcane? The Fortiche production took the responsibility and we must say, they nailed it. The League of Legends even got a massive spike in its player counts after the release of that series. Riot games deserve a pat on their back for this amazing work.


Gaming was known as a hobby but nowadays some people make their living by playing games. The eSports and the streaming has taken gaming to another level. Riot Games have also worked hard to make eSports great. 

The League of Legends has the best eSports competition in the market. You can see the crowd and their enthusiasm for the game. So, if you want a great game to have a good time then why not try League of Legends? It’s free anyway. We hope you will have a great time with that.

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