There was a period when farming required the employment of domestic animals or manual labor. When it comes to vast farmlands, this is extremely inefficient. Agriculture, like other industries, has been transformed by technology.

For efficient and productive farming, you want a powerful tractor that will get the job done. One of the reliable names of our farmers is the John Deere. So let us talk about who makes John Deere Tractors and are they reliable in the tractor market too?

About John Deere

John Deere is the brand that sells products for the company Deere & Company. They are mainly famous for their agricultural products like tractors, heavy equipment, diesel engines, etc. 

Deere & Company is also one of the most profitable companies in the United State of America. Their amazing performance has led them to achieve 87th place in the Fortune 500. Besides the agricultural goods, this company also provides financial and other related services. 

Based in Moline, Illinois the Deere & Company has been hanging around for more than 185 years. You can recognize them with their famous logo which is a Deer and John Deere written under it. The company is using variants of the same logo since its journey.  

The company is available on the New York stock exchange under the DE logo. Now, Where is John Deere Tractor made? Mainly John Deere maintains their operation in two manufacturing plants. One is in the US and another one is in Germany.

Are John Deere Tractors Any Good?

Before buying any product we often ask ourselves is this brand any good? So, it is normal to think, Are John Deere Products good? John Deere is to some the most reliable brand in the market. 

But we will discuss only its tractors in this article. To understand how good its tractors are we will see this product from different sides and confess what we think about it. The buying decision is up to you whether you think John Deere is the tractor you need or not.

🔹 Reliability

5 Most Reliable Tractor Brands is research done by CarLagos on the most reliable tractor brands. According to their experiment and research, John Deere came out as one of the most reliable brands. To some John Deere is the most reliable tractor.

Although they have achieved this position, unfortunately, nothing from this world is perfect. John Deere also has some of its own but it is still lesser than most brands out there. The number of problems differs for different brands, for example, the 6930 has more problems than others.

But you don’t have to worry much about these problems, as these problems are not regular. With proper maintenance, it is easy to avoid all those issues. Also, you can troubleshoot them as there are many guides available on the internet for common issues.

🔹 Build Quality

The body for a John Deere is made with a high-quality polymer that can withstand the pressure of handling farmland. They have the proper durability and aerodynamics of the product. The durability and aerodynamics can give you the best tractor experience in farming. 

Unless there is a violent impact on the tractor, you can mostly have your tractor in its initial form. 

🔹 Pedal Configuration

The hydrostatic pedal configuration is one of the key features of the John Deere tractors. The forward and backward pedals can be found side by side.

🔹 Parking Stand

John Deere offers a parking stand which is not found in most of the tractors. You use the loader joystick to apply pressure to the bucket, then flip up each spring-loaded bracket from the operator station and manipulate the joystick to park the loader.

When parking the loader, John Deere has incorporated it in such a manner that the stand moves into place when the hydraulics are moved.

🔹 Quick Attach Bucket

This is also one of market winning features that John Deere provides with its tractors. This allows you to mount anything you need like a bale spear, grapple, snow pusher, etc. All of these attachments can be done quickly in your John Deere tractors.

🔹 Better Values

If you are someone who will use a product for some time and sell for a new one then John Deere can hold the best value. Over the year this machine performs better than most products on the market. 

You can get a better value for your John Deere tractors even after using them for a long time.

John Deere Tractors Review

As we have mentioned before, different tractor model suffers from different issues. So, it is important to choose the proper model for the job. We are here to help and in this section, we will talk about John Deere’s one of the finest tractors.

🔹 2021 John Deere 3038E Tractor

Deere’s whole 3E line comes equipped with a four-wheel drive, which is essential while working on (and moving) loose ground. You’ll never be sad it has it, and when the time comes to do serious work, you’ll want it engaged with the gearbox in low range. 

The locking differential, activated by pressing the brake pedal halfway, completes the running gear that aids in the completion of tasks large and little.

Tractors are not like your smartphones that include fun exciting features every year. There aren’t many visible distinctions unless it’s a new generation. That isn’t to suggest you won’t receive something fresh for your money if you buy a 3038E with zero hours.

For starters, John Deere provides a six-year/2,000-hour powertrain guarantee, which means the dealer will repair the 1.57-liter Yanmar diesel engine if anything goes wrong.


John Deere has been a great contributor to our agriculture with its amazing farming-related products. Farmers from various states of the US have had faith in them for centuries. You can also get one of its products and get your farmland ready for the job.


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