Always wanted a lawnmower that is easy to use and comfortable while riding? Then John Deere’s mowers can be the best fit as this comes with different extensions which are meant to make your work simpler. 

On top, they are quite durable and if you ever think of reselling them, you will definitely get a good value. They also come with different models for you to choose from.

So, are you wondering about who makes John Deere Lawn Mowers? Let’s get started! If so, you have landed in the right place because this write-up will let you know all the necessary information about John Deere’s lawnmowers.

Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mowers?

John Deere is a well-known American company that manufactures a variety of heavy-duty machinery and equipment. The company’s founder and the president were John Deere. John and Charles Deere created the company. He was an agricultural equipment developer and producer from the United States.

Since 1962, John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors have been commercially accessible. John Deere was created to make it simple for anyone to improve the aesthetic of their lawn, garden, or yard.

However, over time, they have introduced innovative commercial tractors and other outdoor power equipment to cater to many customers, including farmers, homeowners, and landscape professionals.

Are John Deere Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Yes, they certainly are and along with that they are long lasting, can be a good investment which also does your work. Just make sure to maintain them well so that they can serve you well. Also, opt-out for buying them only if you have a larger area or have a tough terrain. 

Coming to the pricing, they can be quite costly. You can find mowers from their competitors with much less price but we can’t assure you with the quality in that case. 

Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mowers Engines?

Since 1949, Deere & Company has produced diesel engines under the John Deere brand name, primarily for big, commercial-grade agricultural lawn machines.

Their diesel engine and tractor production operations have expanded abroad, with facilities located in France, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, China, and India.

The Best John Deere Lawn Mowers in 2022

Here is the list of The Best John Deere Lawn Mowers in 2022, which you don’t want to miss.

🔷 John Deere 100 Series Lawn Mowers

This is a 100 series introduced in 2021. With a sleek bumper at the front and a spacious back seat, this design is one of the best ones that are currently available in the lawnmower market. They have pedals that work forward, reverse, and side-by-side manner. 

If you are worried about changing the engine oil, this one has the perfect function for you which has a 30-second oil changing technology, saving all your time. 

Additionally, their rear baggers can be installed without the help of any tools and will take a maximum of 5 minutes of your time. Mulch cover and kits are also there. Another best aspect is its MowerPlus app which allows you to see the battery level, fuel state, and many more. 

🔷 John Deere 200 Series Lawn Mowers

Then comes the next series of 2021, which is the 200 series featuring great engines and all the excellent functionalities that you could ever think of getting from a lawnmower. When you mow at a high speed, their technology allows you to get extreme quality cuts. 

The functions do not stop here, you will get many connectors and kits that are compatible with this series. Also, the 200 series comes with many of the functions from 100 series and more. Under the 200 series, you will also get a few other models namely S220, S240, etc. 

You will be delighted to know that, you will be getting a 200 hours/three years warranty which is bumper-to-bumper with this model.

🔷 John Deere X300 Select Series

Yes, you are reading correctly. They also have a 300 series which was introduced in the same year 2021 with the name X300. This is designed for individuals who already have some experience in lawn care and are looking for a few extra features. 

If we want to talk about the horsepower, they come with a greater range of it along with the MulchControl kit for exceptionally good cuts. 

This series features a new type of seat made with extra padding, vinyl and ensures a greater range of safety, comfort.

John Deere Commercial Mowers

Here is the list of some John Deere commercial mowers:

🔸 Z900 E, M and R Series Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers
🔸 E, M & R Series QuikTrak™ Stand-On Mowers
🔸 M & R Series Commercial Walk-behind Mowers
🔸 Front and Wide-Area Mowers


Where are John Deere mowers made?

John Deere recently completed the 5-millionth unit of Riding Lawn Equipment production at the Power Products facility in Greeneville, Tenn.

Does John Deere make their lawn tractors?

John Deere makes all John Deere.

Does MTD own John Deere?

MTD is known to make John Deere tractors which are mainly low-end and non-commercial.

Are John Deere lawn tractors easy to use?

Yes, John Deere lawn tractors are easy to use.

Are John Deere lawn tractors zero turn?

Some of their models are exceedingly best for zero turns. John Deere Z375R-54 is one of them. There are some other models having this feature and as a result, many call John Deere one of the best brands for zero turns.


That’s all there is to it. Do we hope we were able to clear up any confusion about who makes John Deere Lawn Mowers? Check our website for further inquiries. So, if you find this article well, don’t waste your time and book your desired machine. We are always here to help you.

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