Peanut Butter may be one of the most popular breakfasts, especially among kids. Even professional basketball player thinks peanut butter and jelly sandwich can give you a massive boost in your game. Healthy peanut butter is a priority for all parents. 

When there are so many brands providing some excellent peanut butter, it is hard to find the perfect one for you. So here we will discuss who makes Great Value Peanut Butter and find out whether it is good for you or not.

About Great Value

Great Value is a Walmart private brand that first went into production in 1992, but the name only gained widespread recognition in 1993. Great Value has a solid reputation because of its excellent items, and consumers consider its offerings to be on par with those of national brands. 

The lower marketing advertising costs allow Walmart to sell its product cheaper than other competitors. Although Walmart is the parent company it does not means Walmart is responsible for producing all of Great Value’s products. 

Great Value products are mostly manufactured by other corporations. So, who produces Great Value Peanut Butter? ConAgra Brands Inc., mainly known as ConAgra food has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Great Value peanut butter. 

About The Manufacturer

Walmart keeps an eye on each item from Great Value. They manufacture some of the Great Value products themselves, but others are manufactured by third parties. Walmart owns the brand rights to Great Value peanut butter, while ConAgra produces it.

🔹 Walmart

You won’t find any who haven’t heard about Walmart. The store that saves us a lot of money, Walmart has been doing its service since 1962 founded by Sam Walton. Walmart also maintains Sam’s Club retail warehouse. 

According to data from April 30, 2022, Walmart has more than 10,000 stores in about 24 countries. Walmart manages to keep the price low because they sell a huge amount of products with smaller profits.     

Although it is most well-known as Walmart in the USA and Canada they operate under a different name in different countries. One example can be Flipkart which is Walmart’s Indian division. Great Value is just a brand of Walmart to sell their products rather than other brands. 

🔹 ConAgra Brands

Formerly known as ConAgra Foods and currently, ConAgra Brands Inc. is an American consumer package goods holding company from Chicago. ConAgra is responsible for manufacturing various products that can be found in different stores under different brands.

ConAgra’s origin can be dated back to 1919 when Frank Little and Alva Kenny started Nebraska Consolidated Mill. In 1917, this Nebraska Consolidated Mill became ConAgra foods. The company has been through lots of ups and downs and eventually moved on from its downsides.

Is Great Value Peanut Butter Good?

When you are looking for peanut butter you may want to get one from Walmart. As Great Value is true to its name and provides cheaper peanut butter than most companies. But should you get a Great Value Peanut butter? 

Here we will deep dive into the Great Value peanut butter and try to understand whether it is a good idea to buy one for yourself or not.

🔹 Ingredients

Before we start to analyze a Great Value peanut butter let us check out what is inside a great value peanut butter. According to the packaging, Great Value Peanut Butters’s ingredients are  Peanuts, Sugar, Soybean and other vegetable oil, Salt, etc.

🔹 Nutrition Value

Again, Great Value peanut butter contains 180 calories per serving, according to the box. We refer to two teaspoons or 32 grams as one serving. You will get 15 gm of fat with no trans fat in every 32 gm.

So, it would be wise not to consume Great Value Peanut Butter too much, it can cause obesity.

🔹 For Dogs

Can the best boy in your home have a peanut butter sandwich if you are using Great Value? Yes, As Great Peanut Butter does not contain any xylitol it is completely safe for your dog to consume. Just be careful that your dog does not eat too much Great Value peanut butter. 

🔹 Gluten

So, Is Great Value Peanut Butter Gluten-free? The answer is yes, when we bought one Great Value Peanut butter there was a gluten-free sign on the packaging of the product. So, if you want something gluten-free then Great Value is the one.

🔹 Vegan

Is Great Value peanut butter vegan? In our check, we did not find any animal ingredient in Great Value peanut butter. Even from Great Value’s side, they claim their peanut butter is vegan.

🔹 Taste

It will be hard to talk about Great Value peanut butter taste as taste is subjective. Many people have complained about its taste so it is important to point out. We have checked multiple opinions about how Great Value peanut butter tastes. 

Great Value peanut butter is ok at first bite. You won’t find any problem at the first bite of a Great Value peanut butter. Great Value loses its value when the aftertaste strikes. According to a lot of consumers, Great Value Peanut Butter does not have the feel of peanut butter too.

Great Value Peanut Butter Review

Great Value has multiple products in its catalog. So for this segment, we will discuss Great Value Creamy Peanut Butter. This review about the Great Value Peanut Butter is based on what consumers think about the product. 

So, who makes Great Value Creamy Peanut Butter? Like every peanut butter, the Great Value is also made by ConAgra Foods. Reviews about Creamy peanut butter are mostly positive by the consumer. 

Based on our experience, the Great Value creamy peanut butter can be a great value for you.


Great Value has been an excellent budget-friendly brand for the consumer. If you are a bit tight with your budget but want to taste a good peanut butter sandwich then maybe Great Value is a great value for you. 

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