A perfect home needs a lot of appliances to get some specific job done. Good and durable appliances can make your life better by worrying less. There are so many brands that are offering some of the finest appliances, finding the perfect band for your appliances is tough.

EdgeStar may be the appliance brand you are looking for, so let us find out who makes EdgeStar Appliances. We will also look at everything EdgeStar is offering so that you can find out whether EdgeStar is the brand you’re looking for.

About EdgeStar

EdgeStar started its journey in 2004 and since then the company has worked hard to become the industry leader in the appliance industry. EdgeStar is determined to bring a change to our lifestyle with its products. Koldfront and Avalon are two brands that are under EdgeStar’s management.

One of the best parts about EdgeStar and its brand is its portability and how small space it takes. EdgeStar has also been careful not to sacrifice quality while making those products more flexible. EdgeStar on its website has called its customer family and is determined to give the best. 

EdgeStar at the time of launch was a brand of Living Direct Inc. To ensure the quality of its product EdgeStar puts its product through rigorous testing and the warranty service can ensure you a better experience.

About The Manufacturer

As we have stated before, EdgeStar Appliances is under the management of Living Direct Inc. Living Direct is also the proud owner of some other interesting brands like Koldfront, Avalon, and Landmark. Living Direct is a subsidiary of another company called Ferguson Plc. 

Living Direct operates from its headquarters in Austin, Texas. When the company was founded in 1999 by Rick Lundbom it was known as Richlund Ventures. And the founder’s dream was to bring appliances in more portable options and EdgeStar is doing that with success.

Living Direct is an online retailer that sells its products via multiple websites depending on the brand. 

🔹 Ferguson Enterprise

Ferguson LLC has its headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. Ferguson is the biggest supplier of Plumbing Supplies, PVF, Waterworks, etc. Ferguson is one of the most successful and profitable companies with $18.4 billion in sales at the end of the 2019 fiscal year. 

Ferguson started its journey in 1953 in two locations: Lenz Supply and Smither supply. To diversify more, Ferguson has expanded rapidly. Since 1982, Ferguson began to double every five years with their products becoming more and more available for many people. 

But the growth for Ferguson slowed down a bit in the 2000s because of the recession in the construction market. To fight the issue, Ferguson has moved its focus to become more efficient. Ferguson is a public company and is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Is EdgeStar a Good Brand?

EdgeStar has been working hard and with its innovation, it has become one of the consumer’s favorite brands. Are they a good brand? We will look into everything you want to know about EdgeStar and determine whether this brand offers the deal you deserve.

🔹 General Overview

So, every brand has its magnum opus which has made them famous or a favorite among consumers. EdgeStar is no different from them. EdgeStar made its presence is known with the kegerator, beverage, beer, and wine coolers, ice maker, compact refrigerator, etc 

So, in the next section, we will look at individual products from EdgeStar and find out how good EdgeStar is doing with different products.

🔹 Kegerators

If you are looking for a proper beer dispenser in your home then the Kegerator from EdgeStar is the best choice you can make. EdgeStar offers a diverse selection of kegerators so that you can choose the perfect tool for your home. 

The price is also very reasonable if you are tight with your budget then EdgeStar kegerators are a perfect choice. EdgeStar kegerator has a digital display which can make using these tools easier for most consumers.

EdgeStar Kegerators are also durable too, you can expect one to last for about a year. This kegerator also has stainless steel body so you can expect it to withstand most of the heavy impacts.

🔹 Ice Makers

Another fan favorite product from EdgeStar is the Ice Maker. You can expect reliability, cost-effectiveness, and a fast way to make ice. The automatic shut-off system is excellent, when the weather is too hot outside or the water supply is not enough the machine will shut off. 

This automatic shut-off system can be a great energy saver, which can also reduce your cost. You can expect to get 26-pound ice a day from EdgeStar Ice Maker. Ice from the EdgeStar ice maker is also durable, you don’t have to worry about ice melting before you finish your drink. 

The ice from EdgeStar Ice maker is also professional looking and high-quality. We think this is a great tool to show some bartending skills to your friends.

🔹 Wine Coolers

EdgeStar Wine Cooler for many is the best wine cooler you can get. With excellent durability and performance, this wine cooler from EdgeStar is ruling the market. You will get the best performance from an EdgeStar wine cooler.

The best part about Wine Cooler is it does not take up much space in your home. You can fit a wine cooler anywhere and get your wine within your hand’s reach. The “reverse-cycle technology” can work with both the air conditioning and heating section.

🔹 Parts

After prolonged usage, EdgeStar Appliances Parts can wear off. But the good news is parts for EdgeStar Appliances are easy to get so you don’t have to get a new product just for a parts problem.


Living Direct Inc. had a dream to make the best portable appliances for everyone. EdgeStar Appliances is that dream comes true for Living Direct. Consumers all over the world are praising EdgeStar Appliances for their quality and durability. 

If you are looking for the best value for money with the best quality then EdgeStar Appliances is the best choice for you.

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