A sewing machine is not a vital item for many people, but it can be a critical component of some people’s livelihoods. They can be also be invaluable for enthusiasts as well, whether you’re making a DIY Halloween costume and need to repair broken clothing or just want to make your own clothing.

Whether it’s your first time using a sewing machine or you are a pro, there are many options for you to choose from.A Brother Sewing machine is one of those options. So, let’s check out who makes Brother Sewing Machine? We’ll also share our thoughts about the product.

About Brothers Industries

Brother Industries, Ltd. (Japanese: ブラザー工業株式会社, Hepburn: Burazā Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha) are the manufacturer of Brothers Sewing Machines.

So, where are Brother Sewing machines from? They are a worldwide electronics and electrical equipment corporation based in Nagoya, Japan.  

Brother Industries manufactures various computer-related electronics goods such as desktop computers, industrial and consumer sewing machines, printers, multifunction printers, etc. Brother sells its products to other retailers via OEM.

Brother’s origins began in Nagoya, Japan, in 1908 under the name Yasui Sewing Machine Co. Brother International Corporation(US) started its journey in 1955. They started their journey as the first sales partner to distribute the products around the world (aka going global).  

In Dublin, a European regional sales organization was founded in 1958. Brother International Corporation switched its name to Brother Industries in 1962. During its lengthy partnership with Centronics, Brother entered the printer business. 
However, who owns Brother Industries? Brother Industries is currently a publicly traded corporation run by Yoshihiro Yasui, a descendant of the founding Yasui family.

Are Brother Sewing Machines a Good Machine?

Brother Industries, one of the world’s oldest sewing machine manufacturers, has worked hard to create some of the greatest products on the market. So, how do they fare? Or are they even any good?

We will talk about the Bother Sewing machine in detail in this section. This section will help you to make the proper decision on whether you should buy a Brother Sewing machine or not.


Have you ever looked at the pricing of a Brother sewing machine and wondered how much it costs? One of the finest aspects of these well-known models is that they are reasonably priced!

Brother’s mechanical starter sewing machines are priced between $150 and $200. Brother sewing machines with advanced features range in price from $500 to $700. Sewing and embroidery features are combined in the most costly Brother sewing machines, which may cost up to $18,000.

Brother sewing machines are, on the whole, dependable, simple, and economical. The business advertises several models that are ideal for novices or anyone searching for a low-cost option. Brother sewing machines are frequently available for purchase at your nearest stores.

Customer Service

Brother Sewing machine has one of the industry-leading customer services centres. You can get in touch with them with any kind of query regarding their product. You can use their official website or phone line to get in touch with them easily.

Build and Performance

The build materials are perfect considering the budget of different machines. They are also durable. Previous owners of Brothers Sewing machines are satisfied with the performance going on the reviews out in the wild. The stitches are on point and you can just do whatever you can think about.

If you are a beginner then it is easy to start with a Brother Sewing Machine. These machines are designed to make beginners comfortable.

Best Brother Sewing Machine For Beginners

You are now prepared to purchase your first Brother sewing machine. So, what Brother Sewing Machine will be best suited for you as a beginner? If you go through their product catalog, you’ll see that they have a large selection of items. This is a list of things that we think you should acquire if you’re a novice.

Brother XR3774

With 37 stitching possibilities, the Brother XR3774 is a mechanical sewing and quilting machine. It includes 8 feet, including a walking foot, which helps you to feed the fabric in a smooth, continuous way while sewing a huge object like a quilt or blanket. 

Because it comes with a lengthy extension table, this type is an unusual non-computerized starting quilting machine. This would also be ideal for someone who likes sewing big garments such as costumes or jackets!

Because of its popularity, Brother continues to offer this older model. However, the firm also sells contemporary computerized quilting machines. If you pick this model, you will receive a good bargain as a beginner sewer because of the low price. 

This device may also be ideal for an elderly sewer who prefers mechanical equipment over digital products.

Brother XM1010

Consider the Brother XM1010 if you’re looking for a simple sewing machine. Ten stitches and four sewing feet are included in this basic model. It’s small and light, making it simple to store when not in use.

You’ll want to start with something more complex than the XM1010 or any of Brother’s tiny models if you want to sew every day. This model, on the other hand, could work for you if you want a sewing machine in your house in case of garment crises or to hem the occasional skirt.

The disadvantage of tiny models is that their prices are quite high compared to other options. A basic sewing machine should be less expensive than a more capable model.


Usually, when there are too many brands for a product, it gets overwhelming to choose and find the perfect model for your needs. Brother Industries is an industry veteran providing amazing products to consumers for centuries now. 

To this day Brother Industries have everything for you whether you are an expert or novice. With their experience and service, you can trust whatever Brother Sewing machine is offering will be a decent machine!

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