In the beginning, the sewing machine was used to control by hand or by foot. Now, mechanical sewing machines have made the job faster and easier. A good sewing machine can be a fascinating tool for your home or your business. 

Now, if you are looking for a sewing machine and not sure about what to buy then let us find out about who makes the Bernette Sewing machine? We will try to answer most of the popular questions about the Bernette Sewing Machine so you can decide on buying.

About The Manufacturer

Bernette is a brand of the Bernina Textile group and they have the manufacturing and the distribution rights to the Bernette Sewing machine. Bernina started its journey more than 125 years ago and became famous for its excellent Sewing and embroidery machine. 

The owner and the innovator of the company Mr. Odette Ueltschi started the brand Bernette in 1989 as an independent brand of Bernina. Under the brand Bernette, Bernina produces helping hands for garment workers like sewing machines, embroidery machines, and overlook machines.   

You can get Bernette products via Bernina’s international network. Various independent shop or authorized setter has their products for sale. Bernina is also a fan favorite for its excellent after-sale support. So, you can have an amazing experience after getting anything from Bernina. 

So, where are the Bernette sewing machines made? Well, Bernina has its manufacturing plant in Steckborn, Switzerland where they produce Bernette products and distribute them globally.

Are Bernette Sewing Machines Good Quality?

For a long time, Bernette has been providing us with some affordable sewing machines of fantastic quality. Unfortunately, not every product is made for everyone. So, we will deep dive into the Bernette Sewing machine and try to find out if it offers everything you want or not. 

Please keep in mind that, product quality differs from model to model. Here we will talk about how the Bernette Sewing machine works.

🔹 The Best Part

The first thing that will catch your attention in the Bernette sewing machine is the beautiful design and build. While working in a sewing machine some common issues are needle breaking, bobbins getting tangled, and thread breaking which is not that much of a common issue in the Burnette. 

Bernette sewing machine helps you to stitch the way you want. It is easy to control, and the easy-to-use speed control allows you to do some complicated stitching too. The lock stitch function of a Bernette sewing machine allows you to have full control of the momentum. 

The Bernette sewing machine also features a needle-down functionality that can be handy during your work. The diverse use case of this machine can be useful so you can do all your work with just one Bernette Sewing machine. 

The Burnette Sewing Machine offers more than 50 different stitches, which means you can do almost anything with this machine. So grab one now and start your work or just have fun with multiple features. 

🔹 Availability

Getting a Bernette sewing machine is easy as you can get them on Amazon or other eCommerce sites. If you prefer to buy from your nearest shop then you can visit Store Locator to find a dealer near you.

🔹 The Not So Good Side

Burnette sewing machine offers multiple stitching styles via its computerized system, this is cool but the problem is input delay. Sometimes the input delay causes the machine to provide an inaccurate design. 

When you turn off a Bernette sewing machine, it resets its settings, so you’ll have to manually adjust your stitching settings and everything every time you turn it on. If you’re in a hurry and need to manufacture something quickly, this might be inconvenient.

For reverse sewing, the Bernett sewing machine has a button, which can be a letdown for those who prefer a lever.  

Should you get a Bernette sewing machine now? We attempted to describe what we discovered to be good and poor; if you believe it provides what you require, then certainly, purchase a Bernette sewing machine. It’s also incredibly beginner-friendly, so there’s no need to be concerned. 

Bernette Sewing Machines Reviews

Bernette offers an extensive collection of products, now whether you are a veteran or beginner you may get confused about what to buy. So, we are here to help and this is our recommendation of Bernett Sewing Machine’s finest. 

🔹 Bernette B35

If you are uncomfortable with too much automation and prefer something manual then Bernette B35 is something you are looking for. According to the veteran user, Bernette B35 is a great starting point for beginners. 

The diversity of this machine will allow you to work with multiple sewing and stitching style. Yes, the B35 is known for being beginner-friendly but it can be an amazing device for veterans and can handle professional jobs. 

Bernette B35 is also offering a pleasing look. So, if you want something that looks beautiful and gets the job done then get yourself a Bernett B35 now.

🔹 Bernette Chicago 7

If you want the latest technology on your sewing table then Bernette Chicago 7 is the best choice for you. Latest Tech and versatile machine, Chicago 7 is packed with the best offer in the market. 

Whatever you’re trying to stitch, the Chigaco 7 can handle it; simply change the needle based on the application. The Chicago 7 is like a dream come true, with amenities including a USB port.


It doesn’t matter what is your preference, the Bernette Sewing Machine offers almost everything for your need. For a long time, the parent company Bernina has been a trustable name among us, and Bernette, its private brand is keeping the legacy going. 

With amazing products and after-sale service, Bernette can be your next sewing partner. 

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