The biggest name in the tech industry is Apple. Whenever Apple launches a new device in the market, the tech industry gets hyped. The majority prebuy their newly launched device. Not only for personal use but also for big enterprises who trust Apple’s products fully.

A greatly optimized eco-system, user-friendly operating system, and most importantly, their chips are responsible for this user’s trust in their products. In this article, we’ll talk about who makes Apple chips and will explore the secret behind their success.

About Apple Chipsets

Apple became the most prominent tech manufacturer globally because of its innovation. They have provided their customer with what the time demands.  You can also find apps that are more optimized in their ecosystem. The big reason is Apple always provides a powerhouse in their chips. 

Apple has introduced a lot of chips over the years. All of their chips are divided into different series to keep track of them. A point to be noted, Apple chips manufacturer are different depending on which series we are talking about. Let us have a look at the Apple chips series.

👉 A Series

Before the A-series, some Early series were also made for iPhone and iPad. The A series primarily focused on the original HomePod, the Apple tv digital, and the media player. Recently, this chip has been in the iPhone 13 and other phone variants. 

This series had an ARM series processor and a GPU inside it. Most of the A-series chipsets were manufactured by Samsung. The Latest iPhone, iPhone 13, uses the A15 Bionic, which Apple inc designs. 

However, who makes Apple Chips for iPhone? The latest iPhone chip A15 Bionic is designed by Apple inc and manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. We will discuss this company later in this article in a different section. 

👉 T Series

T Series chipsets were available in the Intel-based Macbook and iMac Computers. This chipset became available in the 2016 and onward models. T Series chips introduced the most famous touch id in their products. 

T Series also protects cameras and microphones from hacking. This chip runs bridge OS, which was a variant of WatchOS.

👉 M Series

Apple’s M series is their latest chipset in their big lines of chips. This series has three chipsets, currently M1, M1 Pro, and M1 max, the newest incarnation the M1 max. M series chips are used in the 2020 or later series MacBooks. 

iPad Pro tablets included M series chips from 2021 or newer releases, and iPad Air tablets started to use them in March 2022. Who makes Apple Mac chips? Similar to their A-series chipsets, the M-series chipsets are also made by TSMC. 

We will add short notes about some M series chips. To understand the power of these chips in detail, feel free to check out the Apple event, where they have described a lot about these M series chips. 

👉 Apple M1

Intel previously made MacBook chipsets, but Apple wanted to become independent to create more powerful and power-efficient chips. The Apple M1 is the first chip that Apple designed. This is a 5 nm chip manufactured by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company.

👉 Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max

Apple did not stop by just introducing the M1 chip. After a few days, they introduced M1 Pro and M1 Max, which are slightly more powerful than the Apple M1. This chip was introduced in October 2021 inside the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

This chip offers two efficiency cores, 16 Neural Engine cores, 14 to 16 GPU cores, 32 GB unified RAM with 200 GB/s memory bandwidth, and more than double the transistors. It offers 70% more performance than the Apple M1, which is already insanely powerful. 

On the other hand, M1 Max is the larger version of the M1 Pro chips. The M1 Max offers two efficiency cores, 16 Neural Engine cores, 24 to 32 GPU cores, up to 64 GB unified RAM with up to 400 GB/s memory bandwidth, and more than double the number of transistors.

👉 Apple M1 Ultra

We saw M1 Max as the most powerful M series chip so far. Do you know what can be more powerful than the M1 Max chips? Two M1 Max chips. This is what the Apple M1 Ultra is. This chip is nothing but two Apple M1 Max chips joined together. 

And this chip can provide double the performance that M1 Max delivers. This chip is an optional upgrade for Apple’s latest device, the M1 studio. 

If you want to know who makes Apple silicon chips? Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Let Us check some interesting info about them.

About TSMC

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited, commonly known as Taiwan Semiconductor. They are a contract base chip manufacturer. After Apple started to design their chip themselves, they signed a contract with TSMC to produce M series chips. 

They are the most critical company in semiconductor manufacturing. They are also the most prominent independent semiconductor company. They have their headquarters in Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu. Foreign investors own the majority share of this company.

Morris Chang started this company in 1987. They were the world’s first semiconductor factory, and to this day, they are the leading semiconductor company globally. Morris Chang retired in 2018, and Mark Liu became chairman, with C. C. Weigh as the chief executive.  


Apple is constantly challenging itself to create the best chips for their customer so that everyone can enjoy the best performance for their money. Apple decided to design its chip by itself with the help of the TMSC, which makes Apple Chipset.   

Together Apple and TMSC have made a new benchmark for what a computer chipset can be. Apple is not stopping. They have promised their consumers that they will keep making Apple’s chips more efficient. We’ll wait and find out what they have to offer. 

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