Undoubtedly, one of the most popular snacks is peanut butter. Every age group enjoys the silky, delectable flavor of nuts. In the typical American home, there is one jar of peanut butter.

There are a ton of excellent peanut butter brands because it gets so widely consumed. And they deliver superb peanut butter flavor.

Peter Pan is a well-known company that manufactures premium peanut butter. The purpose of today’s discussion is to learn about the process of making Peter Pan peanut butter as well as its composition.

So let’s discuss who makes Peter Pan peanut butter and other pertinent details to satisfy your curiosity.

Where Is Peter Pan Peanut Butter Made?

Peter Pan has a long history of disseminating magic as the country’s first branded peanut butter. In honor of the J. M. Barrie character, Peter Pan, an American peanut butter brand, bears his name.

It gets produced by Post Consumer Brands, a branch of Post Holdings. As a result of Swift & Company’s “Derby Foods” subsidiary, the product was originally introduced in 1920 under the name “E. K. Pond” and renamed in 1928.

There are currently ten flavors of Peter Pan Peanut Butter available. Post Holdings will acquire Peter Pan from Conagra on December 8, 2020. Upon completion of the transaction, it took place on January 25, 2021.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Ingredients

Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter provides the only option for the better PB&Js because it has a generous amount of the delicious peanut taste you absolutely adore and a sleek, rich, and creamy mouthfeel.

To find out what is inside, let’s look at the ingredients.

• Roasted peanuts

• Sugar

• Salt

• Hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed and rapeseed) 2% or less

• Oil from hydrogenated fats cottonseed

• Free of gluten

• No Artificial Colors

• No Artificial Flavors

• No preservatives

• Kosher (OU)

Also, remember that none of the Peter Pan peanut butter varieties contain xylitol.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Review

If you want to try Peter Pan’s classic peanut butter, then try Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Spreads are sincere, authentic, and healthy treats that will have you licking your lips. These enormous 40-oz jars of deliciousness will sate the appetites of your friends and family.


• Contains one 40-ounce jar

• Accredited by Kosher

• It contains only four basic gluten-free ingredients

• Each serving contains 200 calories and 0 grams of trans fat.

• HFCS is not present

• Mellow and creamy flavor

Is Peter Pan Peanut Butter Discontinued?

Making the decision to relocate the production of peanut butter to a different facility was not easy for Peter Pan. Despite the fact that it was a difficult choice, it will enable them to continue operating more effectively and produce Peter Pan peanut butter for several years to come.

In spite of the fact that Sylvester will no longer be the site of manufacturing, they will continue to encourage the hard work of our local employees. The following peanut butter is no longer available from Peter Pan.

• Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter

• Simply Ground Honey Roast Peanut Spread by Peter Pan

• Creamy peanut butter with just peanuts Peter Pan

• Crunchy peanut butter from Peter Pan Just Peanuts

• Creamy Honey Roast Peanut Spread by Peter Pan Just Peanuts

• Peter Pan Natural Crunchy Peanut Spread

• Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter

What Is Going On With Peter Pan Peanut Butter?

With Peter Pan, there is a lot happening. They got engaged with a lot of controversies.

An American consumer packaged goods manufacturer called Post Holdings has acquired the Peter Pan peanut butter brand from Conagra. Neither company has provided financial information about the transaction.

In December of last year, it got first disclosed that Conagra Brands would be purchasing the Peter Pan peanut butter line.

In the current Peter Pan line, all the products get manufactured by 8th Avenue Food & Provisions, a Post subsidiary.

Why Does Peter Pan Peanut Butter Taste Different?

Peanut butter has experienced a spectacular increase in popularity in the US. Peter Pan has been a staple of the peanut butter industry since 1928. 

Peter Pan’s peanut butter has a lot of sweetness, which is its primary problem. It’s not an enjoyable amount of sweetness, which makes things severe. In its place, an artificial sweetness dominates the peanut flavor completely.

However, this peanut butter is spreadable and sure to satisfy your sugar craving. Peter Pan peanut butter, for instance, might not be as healthy as you think it is, especially if you are craving sugar instead.

Moreover, the presence of sugar in peanuts is unavoidable; 100 grams of raw peanuts contain 4.7 grams of sugar. A 2-tablespoon serving of Peter Pan contains 2 grams of added sugar and 1 gram of natural sugar.

What Happened With Peter Pan Peanut Butter?

Salmonella-tainted Peter Pan peanut butter was sold ten years ago by a company that pleaded guilty to federal charges and agreed to pay the largest criminal fine ever in a food safety case. An executive of a ConAgra subsidiary pleaded guilty.

Peter Pan peanut butter will now get included in Post Holding’s assortment of cereal brand names.

The two companies announced in a joint statement that Post Holdings will acquire Conagra Brands’ Peter Pan peanut butter in exchange for an equity stake. The transaction gets expected to close in the first quarter of 2021.


Our discussion has now come to a close. Throughout this article, we have promised to provide as much information about Peter Pan’s peanut butter as possible. Details can get found above.

In addition to who makes Peter Pan Peanut Butter, we also discuss the controversial topic surrounding the brand. Hopefully, you will get everything you need.

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