To survive correctly we need the proper amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and a little bit of vitamin. Although we need vitamins in small amounts, a lack of them can cause fatal health problems. Usually, we get the required vitamins from the food we take.

Sometimes, foods are not enough to provide the necessary nutrition then you have to take supplements to fulfill your requirement. Nature Made Vitamin is one of the brands that can help you to provide your required supplements. 

Before you take them as your reliable vitamin supplier why not check out who makes Nature Made Vitamin and find out some interesting facts and commonly asked questions about the product. 

About Nature Made

Barry Pressman and Henry Burdick were not satisfied with the prescription drugs to cure a disease. Both of them wanted a long time solution so that we don’t have to follow the prescription again and again. 

In search of a long-time solution, Barry and Henry established Nature Made in 1971. Nature Made joined Council for Responsible Nutrition(CRN) in 1981. CRN is a trade association and lobbying group that represents ingredients suppliers and manufacturers in the dietary supplementary industry.    

Nature Made has a fantastic collection of products by which they have earned the trust of the customers. As a result, Nature Made became the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand in the USA. They have still managed to hold this reputation for more than 20 years. 

Where are Nature Made vitamins manufactured? Nature made has its operating center in Southern California and has a partnership in Alabama. All your favorite supplements from Nature Made are from there. 

About The Manufacturer

The parent company of Nature Made is Pharmavite. They are in charge of manufacturing and distributing Nature Made products. Phasmative works with the dietary supplement verification program by USP(United States Pharmacopeia). 

Pharmavite was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals in 1989 and now they are in charge of Nature Made products. Otsuka is a Japanese company operating from Tokyo, Osaka, and Naruto.  Otsuka started its journey on August 10, 1964.

Otsuka is a publicly-traded company on the Japan Stock Exchange.  Otsuka has invested itself in different brands to make a versatile business model that made them one of the most successful companies in Japan.

Are Nature Made Vitamins Good?

Nature Made since its arrival has done some fantastic work and provided us with fan-favorite products. For a significant amount of time Nature Made was the #1 pharmacist’s choice in different aspects. Some well-known sectors of Nature Made are: 

  • Sleep Aids
  • Diabetic Multivitamins
  • CoQ10
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Herbal Supplement Brand
  • Essential Vitamins
  • Omega-3/Fish Oil
  • Cholesterol Management (Fish Oil)
  • Mood Health (St. John’s Wort)

So you can say with confidence that Nature Made is a fantastic brand. If you want to know more then this section is for you, here we will deep dive into everything that Nature Made Vitamins are providing. Consider this as a Nature Made Vitamin Review by us.

🔹 Pricing

There are multiple variations for Nature Made Vitamin. Depending on the size and variation you can get a Nature Made Vitamin from $16 to $250. Nature Made Vitamin offers various supplements for different vitamins as well as multivitamins.  

🔹 Nutrition Value and How to Consume

You can have Nature Made vitamins as your regular supplements with your doctor’s advice. Usually, Nature Made recommends you consume only one tablet a day. One tablet of Nature Made Vitamins contains 200mg of DHA. 

If you prefer gummies instead of tablets then Nature Made recommends you have two gummies. Nature Made also recommends you to take the supplements after eating something as vitamins work better with fats. 

🔹 Side Effects

Unfortunately like some supplements, Nature Made Vitamin also has some side effects. Some well-known side effects from Nature Made are tastelessness, upset stomach, and headache. Nature Made does not recommend its supplements under the age of 18.

Also, if you are taking other medications or have blood clotting issues then Nature Made strongly recommends you take your doctor’s advice before consuming supplements.

🔹 Testing and Certification

Now how you will taste whether the supplement is good for your health or not? As FDA does not monitor supplements. You can check the third-party testing to ensure the supplements you are taking are following the safety standards. 

In the case of Nature Made, they are United States Pharmacopeia approved. USP has tested and ensured that the Nature Made supplements are following the safety standards. The scientific advisory board of Nature Made has also ensured the quality and purity of the product. 

Labdoor is another third-party foundation that tastes supplements in FDA approved laboratory and has also tested Nature Made Vitamins. Labdoor has given Nature Made a score of 68.7 out of 100 or a D grade.

According to Labdoor, Nature Made Vitamins are pure but the label has inaccurate data on how much vitamin has in each tablet. 

🔹 Availability

Say you want to buy a Nature Made Vitamins now, so the question is where to buy them? Nature Made Vitamins are easy to find, you can get them from your nearest pharmacy, or if you prefer online shopping then visit Amazon or another eCommerce site. 

Nature Made also has its online service where you can buy supplements directly from them.

🔹 Doctor’s and User’s Opinion

As there are too many brands providing Vitamins and supplements that are not regulated by the FDA, doctors usually do not recommend one specific brand. But Doctors do recommend consuming something that contains Folic acid, Irons, and many more nutrients. 

People who have consumed Nature Made Vitamins are also satisfied with the service, as Nature Made Vitamins has 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 


For many years, Nature Made is providing us with safe and healthy supplements that are helping to fulfill what our body needs. With your doctor’s recommendation, you can have Nature Made Vitamins are your regular supplements if your body requires so.

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