Choosing a mattress can be a difficult job. The reason is a mattress will provide you with relaxation during your sleep and without a good night’s sleep, we don’t function at our best. A good comfortable mattress is a vital component to ensuring a sound sleep.

Every customer will have different preferences. There is no one best mattress. It all comes down to what you like.

When most people think of mattresses, they usually think of Simmons Beautyrest. For many years, Beautyrest mattresses have been among the best-selling in the market.

This article will go over who makes Beautyrest mattresses as well as provide further details on a few mattresses.

Who Makes Beautyrest Mattress?

Zalmon G. Simmons, the firm’s owner, started mass-producing mattresses in 1876, and the company has been a bedding market innovator ever since.

The company debuted Beautyrest mattresses in 1925. Simmons was also the first major company in the 1950s to make King and queen-sized mattresses.

Mattresses from Simmons Beautyrest have continued to thrive since then. In addition, Innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam mattresses are all manufactured by Beautyrest.

Best Beautyrest Mattress

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress range is one of the most opulent in the business. Beautyrest beds are aesthetically pleasing, extremely comfortable, and made to last.

Additionally, there are many models to choose from as well. Various products are available in stores across the country, while others can only be purchased online.

Their two top-selling mattresses among the range are Beautyrest Black Original and Beautyrest Hybrid. Both come with great built in quality and comfort.

However, we will introduce you to their products down below to get a more clear vision on whats on offer.

1. Costco Beautyrest Mattress

Costco members get access to a large selection of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses, adjustable mattresses, and air beds are among the mattresses available at Costco. The retailer offers many well-known mattress brands.

As a response, they’re a terrific spot to go if you want to buy a mattress in person. Beautyrest is one of the mattress brands that Costco sells.

Further, Costco has a lot of amazing selections that are well worth the money. They announced innovative producers and more affordable yet comfortable elements; the prices are reasonable, and almost anybody can afford to sleep well with some of their bedding products.

2. Black Beautyrest Mattress

The four-pronged BLACKICETM 4.0 innovation in the Simmons Beautyrest Black Series is designed to keep sleepers chilled. The Black line’s biggest-selling factor is this chilling option!.

There are several wonderful alternatives in the Blackline if you’re searching for a luxury and comfortable bed that will allow you to achieve your best sleep ever.

Regardless of whatever Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress you pick, it will have the ideal combination of sturdy springs and plush foams.

Black Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

They carry roughly a dozen Beautyrest Black mattress selections in various shops and online at any particular time. Let’s start with the Beautyrest Black L Class.

Their Beautyrest Black L-Class offers improved extra comfort, necessary cooling, and great service.

It comes with Zoned T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology, which absorbs energy and reduces motion transfer while delivering tailored support. You’ll also get up to 18 percent more cooling ability to keep you cool while you sleep and throughout the night.

In addition, the SurfaceTouchTM Gel Memory Foam also works exclusively under the sleep surface to provide superior pressure relief. No matter what position you sleep in, the Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam will assist you.

Is Beautyrest Mattress a Good Mattress?

They are popular for their premium quality products. It’s been a decade since Beautyrest mattresses in this business. Thankfully, it remains the same still now.

Beautyrest mattresses provide stability, relaxing muscles, and cooling technology options and improvements. You can easily get all sizes, including twin XL. From twin to California King, all are available.

Beautyrest mattresses even have CertiPUR-US certification. They offer a sleep trial for 100 nights with a refund. It has the most frames, bases, and flexible foundations that are compatible.

Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Here, we will talk about some of the Beautyrest mattress reviews. Continue reading to learn more in detail.

1. Real Black Mattress

  • Queen Price: $2,699
  • Options: 13″ wide is the standard.
  • Materials: Beautyrest Gel memory foam, packed coils, luxurious foam, moderate pleasure foam, Power foam.

The Beautyrest Black Original is a fantastic bed in every way. It has the BeautyEdge coils around the bed’s edge, making it ideal for partners. The bed’s cushion layers provide ample pressure alleviation and spinal alignment advantages.

The most important benefit you’ll gain from this bed is assistance, which you’ll get in spades. It’s accessible in the same variety as the rest of the series; you get to choose which model better serves your sleeping requirements.

2. Beautyrest Hybrid

  • Option: 13.5” wide is the standard
  • Material: Transition foam, gel memory foam, and a BlackICE cooling layer are among the features of this mattress.

The Beautyrest Hybrid mattress is a well-made mattress that is suitable for almost any sleeping pattern or body type. That’s why hybrids are so popular. They’re comfortable for everyone.

You’ll only find them online. This bed uses memory foam and coils to provide a stable and pleasant sensation that reacts gently to pressure.

3. Beautyrest® Harmony Lux Carbon Series

  • Queen Price: $1599.00
  • Option: 13.75 inches is the standard
  • Type: Hybrid

The Harmony Lux Carbon mattress comes with three firmness levels and a pillow top update. It has a 4.25-inch gel and relaxation foams to relieve pressure and provide pleasure.

Besides being a cooling mattress, this one has an environmental twist. It gets covered in a long-lasting, sumptuous fabric produced from ocean trash.

Beautyrest Mattress Warranty

The Beautyrest mattress gives a 10-year limited guarantee.

It will cover production issues, including compressions deeper than 3/4″, slumping, faults in the foam that cause it to break or fracture, and cover issues like unraveling threading for orders.

Moreover, any ordinary structural damage, conditions, or usage that go beyond the authorized use of a mattress—namely, reclining and sleeping won’t get covered.


Now you know who makes the Beautyrest mattress as well as their top-notch products. However, the majority of Beautyrest mattress reviews are positive. It may be beneficial for customers to check reviews before buying one.

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