Who Is The Manufacturer Of Hobart Welders?

Welders are frequently needed for DIY projects or small-scale vehicle repairs. Hobart is a well-known welder manufacturer, and their product range is made from high-quality components. So, Who manufactures Hobart welders then?

Hobart is known for having some of the best welders available, and they have a wide range of options. Having said that, this article will give you valuable information about the company that makes Hobart welders and a selection of their preferred products.

The well-known Hobart Brothers LLC, a business founded by C.C. Hobart and his family in 1917, is the manufacturer of Hobart welders. Air compressors, aluminum office furniture, and Dynamos (generators) were the initial products of the company. But when you ask who manufactures Hobart welders (or who manufactures Miller welders for that matter) the parent company behind the brands is Illinois Tool Works. So it is Illinois Tool Works who actually is in charge of manufacturing Hobart and Miller welders.

Hobart Brothers History

With the introduction of the first welder in 1925, this business has focused on the supply of high-quality welders. The Hobart brothers continued to support top-notch welding teaching and took a significant step forward in 1930 by founding the Hobart Institute of Welding.

To add to that, this company increased its output significantly during World War II. You might be interested to know that this brand provided the military effort with over 100,000 welders and over 45,000 Hobart welder generators.

Hobart Welders Awards

Hobart Brothers LLC was honored by the Army/Navy with the E Award for excellence and contribution in the war. The company’s 1986 acquisitions of Tri-Mark®, Corex®, and McKay®, as well as 1993 acquisition of McKay®, are other noteworthy accomplishments.

This institute became a non-profit organization in 1940 and had a significant impact on the knowledge of almost 90,000 welders. It is important to know that Illinois Tool Works now owns this company after all of its ups and downs (since 1996).

Where are Hobart Welders Made?

Once more, all items from these brands were produced only in the United States. However, the shift in ownership caused the production facilities to relocate to Taiwan and China. Even so, this company has regional offices in Mexico, Brazil, China, Australia, Southeast Asia, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Please be aware that Illinois Tool Works is currently a global producer of numerous industrial goods.

The welding equipment from this manufacturer might be useful for mechanical construction, automotive applications, and shipbuilding. In light of this, the following are a few of the well-known Hobart welders that are currently available.

Hobart Handler 210 500553 MVP Small MIG Welder

Because MIG welders can be difficult for some people to use, Hobart designed this device to seem very user-friendly. As a result, this Hobart MIG welder is among the best choices available.

It’s interesting that this welder has seven voltage settings and can weld up to 3/8 inches of mild-looking steel. Additionally, this product has excellent compatibility with 230V and 115V.

Hobart Handler 140 500559 MIG Welder

The fact that this equipment is built to enable perfect welding operations makes it a great choice. Please be aware that this product has an interchangeable voltage control selector (5 settings), allowing users to conduct a stable and smooth arc while welding materials with different thicknesses.

A working cable (10 feet) including a clamp, a 10 foot MIG HR-100 cord, a gas pipe that includes a dual gauge regulator, and a material thickness gauge are some of the components of the Hobart Handler 140.

You would discover that this selection is less expensive than various alternatives on the market despite being a MIG welder. The good news is that the brand does not compromise this product’s quality in any manner.

Hobart Handler 190 500554001 Plus SpoolerRunner 100

Excellent characteristics of this Hobart welder include its increased magnetics and unlimited wire feed speed control. You can be sure that the output parameters of the product would be simpler to control as a result.

With up to seven voltage options available, this welder operates more effectively since users may select the ideal voltage with ease for their jobs. This industrial-grade welder also has a spool runner, which lessens the amount of wasted metal.

Miller and Hobart Welders FAQs

Is Miller a manufacturer of Hobart welders?

And who owns miller welders? Please keep in mind that Hobart and Miller welders are not produced in the same factory when comparing them. You might also be interested to know that the two brands’ manufacturing procedures also frequently differ.

Miller and Hobart Welders are essentially two separate brands. Does that mean Miller therefore owns Hobart? Please be aware that the renowned Illinois Tool Works, a multinational manufacturer that offers a variety of welding solutions, appears to be the owner of both names.

Who Makes Miller Welders?

Illinois Tool Works, owns both Hobart and Miller Welder brands.

You can watch a video review of a Miller Multimatic 220 welder here

Which is superior, Hobart or Lincoln welders?

The welders from Lincoln and Hobart are both excellent, and are well respected welders in their own rights. Both firms provide welders with portable sizes, making it simpler to transport the equipment from one location to another.

However, in the event that you are debating which one to buy. In this instance, you should be aware that Lincoln welders might be more appropriate for people who handle more commercial operations (commercial MIG or TIG) while Hobart welders typically seem better suited for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyist welders doing MIG or TIG welding (Hobart mig welder and Hobart Tig welder). They are affordable and sturdy welders for hobbyists.

How good are Hobart welders?

You can rely on Hobart to deliver welders made of high-quality materials since this company continues to be one of the best-known companies in the market that offers outstanding welding solutions.

The excellent thing is that customers may select from a broad range of potent product options from this brand to suit their welding requirements. You can also take into account a number of the brand’s less expensive solutions.

Hobart Welder Reviews

Amazon.com has 4.7/5* ratings for 500 reviews of the Hobart 210 Mig welder. You can check out more Hobart welder reviews here

You can check out a video review of the Hobart 200 welder here


Knowing who makes Hobart tools would be helpful given the numerous rumors around them, in addition to the knowledge about the manufacturer of their various welding machines. Illinois Tool Works produces Hobart tools and Miller Welders (founded as the Hobart Brothers LLC).

This manufacturer offers a large selection of welders made from premium components. You can read this article as it includes a great review of some of the finest Hobart welders on the market and an overview of Miller Welders.

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